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Love this one, changed the clam, cuz it was dirty and now put it in a black , almost new clam…looks damn pretty.


German VHS awesomeness

I just came across a little site called


They have gathered a lot of german VHS cover artwork scans, hopefully adding and adding more…

A great trip back to my video store days, when exactly those tapes were on display.

The scans have no watermarks, so you can use them for your own needs, like I do sometimes.

Often enough, the DVD cover art can`t compete with the VHS era artworks.



Highlander bix box clamshell german VHS

Just dropping this, got this today, a nice clamshell of HIGHLANDER. Great artwork,love it!!!


The Prophecy 2-God`s Army 2 Short Shot review



Gabriel returns from hell to Earth to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human. The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by Thomas Daggett, now a monk.

Starring-Chris Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russel Wong, Brittany Murphy (RIP), Eric Roberts and Glenn Danzig


Here I am, writing again..yeehaa.

It really is difficult for me to find the time and frame of mind to write anything at the moment, but I really don`t intend on giving this up. No way-have met way to many great people by doing this.

So here it goes, finally, after a long time I review the second installment in a – so far 5 movies -series.

The first one still is better, for the one or other reason, but this second part has a lot going for it.

First, Christopher Walken returns as Gabriel. In a wonderful scene, he is climbing out of hell, cuz Lucifer couldn`t stand him anymore,lol. Awesome beginning. Reminded me a little of the resurrection scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 4, here we have a dog , too. But he ain`t pissing on a grave, but fire and dog was enough to remind me of that scene from NMOES4.

Well, this time Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a nepihilim. He recruits, as in the first installment, as good as dead people to help him in our world. He can`t drive and doesn`t know how to use a computer, so one of the”monkeys” must help out. Brittany Murphy(RIP) is one of them. Also, I think there is Amanda Plummer as another helping hand , but she is either uncredited on imdb, or it is someone that looks just like her, gotta watch the credits again….great cast, all-in-all. Walken steals the show, but there are some strong actors involved besides him. Walken also is in part 3, part 4 I like for other reasons, part 5 is pretty much a lost cause…but more of that later. If you enjoyed part one, this will satisfy your thirst for more, especially Walken. He seems to have much fun with this character, for us it`s nice to see more of him in a role he totally owned and delves in further in this second part. For any Walken fans-watch the first three Prophecy movies, that should do it for you. I had lots of fun watching this again.


Still alive…

Life has changed for me quite a bit in the last 2 months or so…I´m not single anymore, and that, together with a few things associated with it, makes it hard for me to focus on films and reviews as I have been acustomed to before.

I will try my best to make time for new reviews, it`s not like I have stopped watching movies.

Hope to offer something new soon.

I also started a new job, even if it`s not full-time, that also is a welcome change.

I hope  for me and my new-found love to both work and make a good life for us together.

Luckily, she ain`t the kind of girl that wants to change your life completely, or makes you give up hobbies .

There are girls like that, believe me. Not the case here….hope to return with quality content soon.

It´s only …some things gotta be done first and are more important and time-consuming than my little blog.




The new Van Damme Blu Rays…WTF?

I must say I´m so very dissapointed in whoever greenlit these covers.

Why not keep the old artwork of the movie-posters?

These are hackjobs of the worst kind, the blue and grey makes it look so cheap, but seems like a trend there.

Luckily, there are different artworks, depending on the country they get released in…the french Death Warrant looks halfway decent and actually has a picture from the film..they put a frickin scene out of Lionheart on there and a badly photoshopped face..holy cow that`s a hackjob if I have ever seen one!!

They just don`t care it seems….

The Expendables 2 Review

Hey there..back to writing reviews, finally. I wasn`t in the mood the past few weeks , but

Now I feel the need again.

This time it`s The Expendables 2.

And I must say-this film is truly expendable. I wanted to like it, I really did. The first one was a huge disappointment already, I was hoping that it gets better. But in my opinion, it didn`t.

Again, the story is something everybody could write down in a minute on the toilet.

When I have the feeling, that I could have written a better story, that`s when I begin to feel cheated. It is not a low-budget crap`s some of the biggest names of action cinema!  With that amount of star power, how can you let it become such a poor movie? And that twice, holy cow.

It feels like the last writer`s strike never ended. I was kinda excited for Van Damme as the villain, and for a few minutes I tried to sugarcoat it…but I gave up soon.

His accent , which I normally have little problems with, eventhough he should`ve gotten a few lessons to improve his english, he never did, and here he makes it only worse. The way he says challenge there is just so terrible. Why did nobody say: “ Hey JC, it`s challenge, not challANGE!” Please try that again. And all the shit about the goat and satan and all that..WTF? Terrible. Plus the respect and honor crap, when it`s crystal clear that he doesn`t have any of that?  And killing off the “character” with the weakest background and oh so heartbreaking Afghanistan story?  In the beginning I thought they might kill Rourke`s character, even without actually seeing him, since he obviously didn`t return, it would`ve made more sense, revenge-wise. Opening with a huge onslaught of action that doesn`t mean anything for the following “plot”? What a waste. Even the finale didn`t provide that much action. They surely shot a lot of people, but it wasn`t the same scale as the opening.

Chuck Norris comes outta nowhere, making no sense. And the Chuck Norris jokes were lame.

Also, the I´ll be back and forced and not funny. You might say” It was never intended to have a good story  etc..”..maybe. If so, this kind of  retro-action-parody isn`t for me. I have no desire to watch this again anytime soon. It just has no rewatchability for me.

Just a bunch of missed opportunities. I could think of several scenes that would`ve made a difference. Make Stallone box Lundgren, even in a training situation-you got a nod to Rocky 4. Make Van Damme split and punch someone in the nuts-nod to Bloodsport..and so on.. Even the final fight of Stallone and Van Damme was too short and one-sided. Universal Soldier 4  kicks more ass than this one. Simon West delievered decent action, but all pieces together, it didn`t tickle me much. During the movie I really only waited for the final fight and it was too short.

In the end, maybe it was too silly for my taste. If I want silly, there is always Jackie Chan or Adam Sandler…doesn`t work for me with the action stars of yesterday. The action is decent, but to me felt aimless and uninspired. Ok, enough of the bashing.  I couldn`t invest my feelings into this one, it felt ..well..expendable. The Expendables movies will never find the way into my collection, because I see no long-time value here. I rather  watch me some originals, which even after 20 years or more, are far better and left lasting impressions.

Thoughts on the Robocop remake

By now, everybody should know about the Robocop remake, right?

Well, just want to write down my thoughts on it quickly…

While I don`t doubt that Padhilla can make a good action movie, I cringe at the fact that someone thought it a good idea to remake/reboot Robocop. Instead of coming up with something new, Hollywood is drowning in remakes and reboots.

I don`t need to write much about that, it`s evident for everybody.

In case of Judge Dredd, it was a good idea, cuz the Stallone version was a watered down desaster.

Can`t wait to see it.

But Robocop? A cornerstone of Sci-Fi? A masterpiece like that needs no remake or reboot.

What an if Robocop 3 wasn`t enough.  While I certainly will watch the new Robocop(not in the theatre), I `m sure I won`t be able to shake the dislike of something so unnecessary.

There were a lot of cheap knock off DTVs, at least they didn`t call themselves Robocop. Knock offs of populat films are to be expected and some of them are fun. Variations of a basic idea. I get that. But to insult a classic like Robocop should remain untouched..move on, try to show me something else.  I know it`s tough, after 100 years of cinema, to come up with original material, but please..leave a few icons alone. I´m curious  to see how it does at the box office.

Will teens of today embrace a new Robocop? How many of the older generation will pay to see a new Robo?

Hope it tanks, bad.

Let`s hope  nobody will try this with the Terminator.

My head hurts!!!

At the moment, I don`t feel focused when it comes to reviews, dunno…my head is allover the place.

The daily things keep my head so busy, it`s hard for me   to focus on reviews and films, I don`t even watch that much anymore since a few days…weird.

But I can`t fake it and  don`t want to deliver mediocre stuff, just to post stuff. Yet I have found time to paint, which als relies on how I feel, very much so.

I think, at the moment I have so many ideas and things in my head, which means frustration , since some of those plans are impossible to act out without the funds..Im very short on cash,which naturally slows things down. I had two canvases donated, so it was about time to put them to use..hence the painting…I also plan to draw more stuff…at least that isn`t connected to money.

Somehow, running a blog, you feel the need to post often and much stuff, as to keep the interest afloat, sure. But life gets in the way sometimes. I don´t make money with this, its just for there should be no pressure. Just post, what and whenever you like, right?  Since I am not a horror, or action-only blogger, I don`t even have a target group set in stone…

I do notice, though, that Van Damme still generates the most clicks, and I shall work on JCVD`s catalougue a bit more, still a few awesome movies to write about. I will try to write as free as possible, direct from my heart n mind , I can`t say I have a structure to my writing anyway,lol…I don`t pretend to be a good writer. But as long as it comes from the heart, some of it should translate to the reader.

I will be back soon, making up for lost time and throw the stuff at your eyes that I love and hold dear..or just flat out hate,lol..Don`t write me off just yet…I´?ll be back..with a vengeance!!!

The Boneyard 1991 short review

Directed by  James T. Cummins

Children turned into zombies wreak havoc in a coroner’s building with just a burned-out psychic, an experienced cop and two coroners to stop the madness.

Recently I got  a few gifts from a friend who is moving to the US soon,

Everything from games to posters, VHS tapes and a few DVDs…

One of the DVD titles was The Boneyard. Sadly it was just the german version.

But I got hold of the original version in English soon after, simply cuz the german dubbing

felt wrong for this one.

Some veteran actors and zombie kids, plus a zombie poodle peeked my interest.

It is a Video title, and probably didn`t get much attention. And it surely is not a great film, but interesting it was.

It starts out pretty slow, but picks up in the second half.

It reminded me of a lot of other flicks, only that some of those flicks came out even later.

It has an 80s feel to it, despite the fact that it was made in 1990, or 1991.

But close enough still…there are quite a few early 90s films that still had the 80s feel to it.

The direction or cinematography is nothing to write home about, but I found quite a few things I enjoyed. It is one of those films that I feel could have been much more, if you would`ve tweaked it a bit. The atmosphere saved the first half for me, and it only got better with time. I didn`t expect much, but enjoyed it for what it was…low-budget fun with some weird things  in there. I forgave the flaws it has in pacing , acting and story-wise.

It just was the right film to end my day. Phyliss Diller, I found out later, was a very well-known actress in the US, she only died this year , on August 20th 2012.

She plays the night desk clerk in the morgue, her name ? Miss Poopinplatz. Probably as funny for you as it is for me, somehow a mix of English and german. I think…Dunno if that does exist as a real name, probably not.

Anyway….If you wanna see something weird, yet charming, and have the hots for a zombie poodle that looks like something out of Braindead ( Dead Alive) then maybe you wanna give this a chance. The director is better known for his FX work, found a really interesting interview with him here.

Trailer below: