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THEY LIVE DVD and Blue Ray from SCREAM FACTORY !!! artwork revealed!

That is the kick-ass cover art for the upcoming release of THEY LIVE on DVD and Blue-Ray.

I personally always vote for the original cinematic poster artworks, but since those can differ from country to country, maybe this ain`t such a bad pick. If you want a poster of this, you must pre-order your  copy of the Blue-Ray or DVD!!

via Scream Factory:

“We’re especially pumped to reveal to you our official key art of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE! The DVD & Blu-ray streets 11/6 (yes, on Election Day).

SPECIAL OFFER: If you preorder from us you’ll get a limited edition 18″ x 24″ poster of this kick-ass design not available anywhere else.

Extras are still in progress but we can now fully confirm that we’ve already shot an interview with Carpenter himself. More specific details on special features to follow in the next couple of months. Till then, keep chewing bubblegum and kicking ass!”


Some Noomi Rapace ….Daisy Diamond and Babycall short reviews

I recently looked up what Noomi Rapace did before the Millenium Trilogy and was reminded by a friend about her new movie.. Daisy Diamond  was interesting , cuz it seemed to have a lot of nudity going on…and yeah, it does.

The new one, Babycall doesn`t have that, but it`s not like she is a porn star, right?

Anyway, I got those two films, watched them…and boy was it depressing.

Not even the nudity in Daisy Diamond was able to cheer me up, cuz in the context of it all my boner faded fast.

In Daiy Diamond she plays an actress. She goes to Denmark to find work in movies. But she is not alone, she has a  little girl, 4months old. She is unable to cope with both child and the tough auditions she goes through. She is getting rejected, time after time, sometimes the baby is to blame, since she is forced to take it with her as the single mom that she is. She is totally stressed out, it all becomes too much, the baby is crying almost all of the time. Alone and overstrained , she makes a terrible, terrible decision….can`t tell you much more, it would spoil most of the film.. it is a well-made film, her acting is fearless and not easy to forget. I can see why she was chosen as Lisbeth Salander after seeing this. It is not a fun ride, only if you`re in the mood for something dark and artsy you should give it a shot. It is well worth seeing.

Babycall is a dark movie as well.

Plot via imdb:

After escaping an abusive husband Anna and her 8 year old son move to a secret location in a giant apartment building. Terrified that her ex-husband will find them she buys a baby monitor to keep in her son’s room at all times. But strange noises echo in the baby monitor from elsewhere in the building. As she witnesses the sounds of what she believes is another child being murdered she fears it is her own. Reliving the nightmare she recently escaped Anna will need to figure out what’s real and what isn’t before she loses her sanity and her child.

This , to me, was not much fun to watch, as it is one of these psycho drams, not my kind of topic, unless it is presented in a more entertaining fashion. It also concerns a kid, not as young as the baby in Daisy Diamond, but still…these 2 movies won`t cheer you up, especially if you are a parent. Here, she also takes drastic measures to escape something.

Well, if you are interested in serious drama stuff, try it. Me, I can do without.

I prefer her as Lisbeth so far, and I hope she gets a few good roles in the future that don`t involve that much depressing, disturbing themes and roles. Judging from the movies I have seen her in, she could have a brilliant career. I really hope that she lasts in this tough business  and the call from Hollywood isn`t just a short fluke.

Batman rises…and I`ll go see it, too..soon

So, TDKR starts soon here in Germany, and that is going to be one of the few films I am willing to go to the cinema for. I already missed the Avengers, cuz I didn`t wanna go alone, and there was no one who would  come with me..which is weird…isn`t it?… Batman starts here on Thursday I believe. I am so glad we have one or two cinemas, which  do show it in OV, meaning in english language, I am so used to that by now, I simply prefer it. Very sad, that the movie will always be associated with the massacre that took place.

Again, it started a totally overblown reaction regarding security and all that. It is impossible to protect us from stuff like that. School shootings and the like will happen again and again, regardless. There is no guaranteed security, not on the street, not in the air, not in space ..nowhere. Hope you have a good time with Batman in the cinema, may you all return home unharmed. Have fun!!!!

Hangmen 1987 VHS GERMAN BIGBOX Clamshell

Intercontinental Home Entertainment VHS FSK 18- uncut german

Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen

RAGE (2010)

Directed by Chris Witherspoon

Ok, I just finished watching this, and I must say-WOW!

A  great thriller that  kept me glued to the screen til the end.

PLOT: A man in his thirties drives downtown to split with a girlfriend, cuz he realized that he loves his wife and wants to return to a monogamous relationship. He crosses paths with a biker he assumes to be the jealous ex of his affair.

A cat and mouse game begins…

I got interested in this flick while surfing the site of the ever-awesome Son of Celluloid.

Without giving too much away, he wrote an awesome review. It made me really curious. SOC REVIEW HERE

He was nice enough to send me his copy of the screener( and a few other awesome titles)-thanks for that!!!

You can always and again ask for my help, finding flicks that are hard to get or whatever…

I am lazy today and can only say that I pretty much have to agree on all counts regarding his review.

A tense 90 minutes, a high quality , low budget thriller I can only recommend


Did you know? I didn`t!!!




Directed by Jack Perez

Some Guy Who Kills People is about Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, who sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.

Ok, so I went into this film believing it to be just another fun, trashy slasher. But i was veeery wrong.

(Mind you, I didn´t even watch the trailer-the poster with the icecream was enough to sell it to me, which made me believe its a fun slasher, simple and trashy…)

Before my eyes unfolding was a near perfect combo of   psycho-drama -slasher-dark comedy.

I didn`t mind  that what I was watching was nothing like what I was expecting to see, rather surprised and happy to stumble upon a little gem unexpectedly once again, as it happens once in a while.

The director is known for quite some trashy stuff, only this time he got a great script and great actors together and managed to make a tight film that is funny, engaging, dark and twisted in places.

I can`t say enough good things about the actors, everybody did a damn good job, there wasn`t a single one to complain about.   Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwich, Karen Black, Ariel Gade especially.

I haven`t seen a movie in some time-(dunno , let`s say weeks, cuz I`m watching quite a lot of stuff) that left me so satisfied like  this one.

I won`t  spoil anything. Just pop it into your player or watch it on netflix or wherever, if you wanna see a tense, dark, funny and engaging story all rolled into one-this is your ticket!

The poster artwork and DVD cover are both misleading I think…one hints at a fun slasher, the other one makes the impression of a much darker movie than it ends up being.

LOCKOUT Review (2012)

Directed by James Mather & Stephen St. Leger




A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.



Imagine the one-liners from all Bruce Willis movies in just one 90 minutes actionfilm.

Sounds good? Not really, it`s way too much. The effect of such a one-liner gets simply lost when they are there every other minute.

Guy Pearce is an ok action star in this, but it`s all played so comical, you can`t take anything serious. Not that you should, it`s very far from serious, the whole film.

Sure, it isn`t meant to be, but what I mean is, it cheapens the whole experience to the point that I didn`t care anymore, halfway through the film.

The FX are decent, only the bike chase sequence was kinda cheap and very unnecessary.One of the bad guys,  Joseph Gilgun as Hydell, he was so over the top and without any depth that it hurt to watch. The violence don`t match the endless onslaught of one-liners that are coming your way. Not against the violence, but the situations, in which it happened. Most of it where scenes you have seen in other movies countless times and maybe worked there, cuz it didn`t happen every few minutes. We have here multiple executions of staff and hostages, that are played as cool and funny at the same time, but all it does  is to remind you of other movies with a similar scene. It felt like an extremely condensed version of any action film cliche of the last 25 years. Too much of everything.

I never felt anything for anybody in this, not the hero, not the hostages, the president`s daughter or anybody.  It felt like a soulless cluster of any cliché of action films ever.

A lot of plot holes, too, which normally I can stomach, if the rest compensates for it.

There was no character development for anybody, no reason to care for anybody.

Everything that happens in here has been done and done better.

Only a kid who would see his first ever actionfilm could like this and believe it`s awesome. The ingredients are all there, but it is soulless and again, everything happening here has been done to death already. The subplot, that gets Snow ( Guy Pearce) arrested in the first place, gets solved in the end, but didn`t need to be there, at all. All in all a waste of time and a laughable attempt at a high-octane sci-fi actionfilm.

I have never seen a film so full of clichés, I don`t mind a few, but this was horrible…

If you aren`t curious, let me assure you, you don`t miss anything if you leave this on the shelf. Even a bunch of decent actors cannot save this.

This is the worst Luc Besson production I have seen so far, normally he picks good stuff-this he picked right out of the toilet. How this gets such a good rating(6point1 so far) on imdb is beyond me…

Maybe watch Fortess again, or Escape from New York instead.

Dark Angel aka I COME IN PEACE german bigbox clamshell Dolph Lundgren VHS

Lately, this was reduced on ebay from 18 to 9 Euros(incl. shipping), and I couldn`t resist.

Also , I know that Jason, over at robotGEEKS Cult Cinema  is interested in this, and I`ll probably end up sending it to him.

There aren`t  much of these left, at least I´ve seen only very few like this on sale, and sometimes just too expensive.

As beautiful as this is, I wouldn`t spend 20 Euros on it.

It is one of these nice clamshells from VCL, with glued-on cover, its in good shape still.

Covert Action aka Hangmen 2 (1988) Mini-review

Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen

Inside the  Senate Hearing Room, Frank White, professional soldier, Vietnam vet and CIA operative, is fighting the toughest battle of his life: he’s on trial for the assassination of Miguel Rivera, a Central American diplomat. Only two men could have made the shot – White or his friend Rick Burns, ex-military sniper now working as a Mafia hitman. Testimony unravels the intricate web created by Rivera and Daniel Waterman, head of an international cartel dabbling in both Latin American Politics and cocaine. A while back, White and Burns led a commando assault into the Colombian jungle to destroy Waterman’s main cocaine processing factory. After a vicious battle against counter-attacking mercenaries the entire strike team was slaughtered…all except for White and Burns. Burns returned home with a bitter obsession: revenge. But Waterman discovered his plan to assassinate Rivera and set out to stop it by blackmailing Frank White. Desperate, White turned to beautiful WHITNEY TODD, fearless Federal Agent. As they find themselves caught in the crossfire of the courtroom persecution they realize they must fulfill one last mission…to hunt for the truth that would destroy Waterman forever. Written by Anomynous)IMDB plot description


I have seen this around the same time as Hangmen, again with the awful romanian dubbing, later I was pleased to find both of them in a small video store , where I was finally allowed to completely understand what`s going on( my Romanian skills weren`t as developed back then as they are now).

In Germany, this is called Hangmen 2, but has no relation to Hangmen, other than the fact that both Rick Washburn and J. Christian Ingvordsen play the main roles here.

While I completely loved Hangmen, this one lacked the fun I had with Hangmen.

It consists to 50 percent of senate hearings and talking, which gets kinda boring while you wait for action sequences. He should have reduced the amount of talking and instead focus on the action, that way it might have been something. Still, I somehow like the style of the film, it`s so different from what you are used to see . I don`t know how to explain it, the film feels pretty amateurish, but then again has a few really nice scenes. A lot of it feels claustrophobic, the score helps there..its simple , but effective. It`s a kind of feel that works for zombie movies,and somehow he should`ve made one, cuz his style would have fit there completely. I haven`t seen  a whole lot of Ingvordsen`s films, but right now I am planning to track down his filmography. He made some horror movies in the last decade, and while I know that his skills are limited, maybe there are one or two that I could like. But my hopes aren`t that high, he is notorious for using stock footage and scenes from his earlier movies, cutting corners wherever possible, and I am not sure if he evolved over time. But I have a weak spot for Rick Washburn and the director, so let`s see, maybe I am in for another trashy gem or two. Most will turn this off after a few minutes, but maybe there are a few weird people , who can get something out of this…maybe sniper fetishists. To me, its watchable , cuz I like the main actors and the look  of it, plus the trashy feel..somehow I am able to get something from it, a certain feeling I have extreme trouble to put into words…I`m weird..I know…

The US – VHS can be found on, the german VHS on

This beautiful coverscan is taken from VHS WASTELAND, a very good resource for obscure, old or awesome VHS covers from the past!!!! Check `em out -link in the sidebar!!

Rick Washburn is a real life weapons specialist and provides the film industry with all the guns they may need.

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