Cult-Trash-Badass-Cinema -and more…

Still alive…

Life has changed for me quite a bit in the last 2 months or so…I´m not single anymore, and that, together with a few things associated with it, makes it hard for me to focus on films and reviews as I have been acustomed to before.

I will try my best to make time for new reviews, it`s not like I have stopped watching movies.

Hope to offer something new soon.

I also started a new job, even if it`s not full-time, that also is a welcome change.

I hope  for me and my new-found love to both work and make a good life for us together.

Luckily, she ain`t the kind of girl that wants to change your life completely, or makes you give up hobbies .

There are girls like that, believe me. Not the case here….hope to return with quality content soon.

It´s only …some things gotta be done first and are more important and time-consuming than my little blog.




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