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Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993)

Directed by Brian Yuzna

Ok, first of all, it seems that the ROTLD films have no great continuity going on, and that`s fine with me. Aside from the gas that we know from the films before.It`s probably the only thing you`d need to know about beforehand. That is all we need to get this movie on the road, so to speak.The experiments with the gas continue in a secret army lab. The zombies are stored in cans, which also contain that gas.

Colonel John Reynolds is part of this operation.

His son Curt steals his keycard and sneaks into the lab, together with his girlfriend Julie. For some reason,they think that`s a cool thing to do. They witness the resurrection of a dead corpse. They fear to be caught, so they leave. Later, the Colonel tells Curt that they are moving to another city, again. Curt of course gets upset and leaves with Julie on his motorcycle.

They have an accident on the road, Julie gets killed.

Curt is devastated, and in his panic he drives back to the lab, hoping to bring Julie back to life with the gas. It worked on the other guy, right? He just didn`t witness what happend after the resurrection. That former corpse killed a few of the staff and left a bloody mess in the lab. Not exactly what the scientists had hoped for, i guess.He sneaks in, again. Funny, how low the security is at this lab, but hey-it`s just a movie, right?

He successfully revives Julie,  and tells her she was dead. But the can he opened halfway to release the gas frees another one of the zombies. A guard gets killed, and they flee in panic. The security cams have recorded the incident, and now they are on the run. Julie already feels weird and gets hungry..not a good sign.

They stop to buy food, but they get in trouble with some mexicans(no racial profiling intended). From here on out it gets really crazy, in a good way. I won`t type down the whole plot, all of this was just the set up for the rest of the film.

It is really about the love story of Julie and Curt. As she slowly turns into a zombie, Kurt remains in denial and just wants to get away with her. But the mexicans  shoot the shop owner in an argument, and Julie bites one  of them. They escape with the shop owner in a van and get chased by the alarmed cops. But hey, i`m still telling the story frame by frame.

Maybe because there is so much happening here, and the story has quite a few twists and turns. It is one of the best zombie-themed films i`ve seen. It is very colorful, like a Albert Pyun movie or something.

The effects are pretty good and plenty, a fan of splatter does not get dissapointed watching this film. The amount of blood and gore rises every minute. You really feel sorry for the couple, and there isn`t much to laugh at here. It is a gory thrill ride, and when you think it`s over, it gets into gear for another round of zombie action. The one thing standing out is Julie, or should i say Melinda Clarke, who becomes the coolest zombie chick, ever. A wet dream of any horror fan, at least she is to me,lol. I really want a poster of the DVD cover. To me it`s just as iconic as any Letherface or Halloween poster .

If you haven`t seen this, and you happen to like zombie movies and plenty of splatter action -THIS IS FOR YOU!

Is there any hope for these two lovebirds on their way to hell? Only one way to find out!!!!! Sadly, only the R-rated version is available in widescreen, and the unrated is still in fullscreen…why is that? But because this movie is so awesome, i can stomach it in fullscreen, too. But still stupid…i wonder what the reasons are for such things.


also know as: Coyote Moon or Inferno

Directed by John G. Avildsen

Well, it`s a Van Damme flick. Still have a bunch of those to review, but i`m pretty new to the game of doing reviews, so there is a lot to come, and a lot to cover, still.

This is one of my most beloved Van Damme flicks, because it is an allaround fun movie. Pretty unusual , because it isn`t  something you would have come to expect from Van Damme. Regardless of the time it came out, or anything else. It is not big budget, because by 1999, his career was on a decline for years already, after he passed on a 3-movies-deal, that would have paid him 12 million $ each. He was hooked on cocaine by then already, and his ego was so high in the clouds, that he demanded to be paid 20 million a movie, just like Jim Carrey. That`s what cocaine does to you, you lose the ability to be realistic, you think you`re god or something. That`s just what i heard,lol. Seems to be very true.

Desert Heat was his first film that didn`t make it into german  cinemas. That`s too bad, because it is a very entertaining movie, that deserved better. Just my opinion, but i know i`m not alone in that.

Van Damme plays Eddie Lomax, a war veteran, who wants to end his life.He struggles with what he did in the military, and sees no sense in moving on with life.  But before he can end it, he wants the approval of his old friend, Johnny Six-Toes(Danny Trejo), who lives somewhere in the Mojave desert. He brought a bike as a farewell gift, a beautiful Indian motorcycle.

Before he reaches Johnny, he stops in the middle of the desert, to sit down , drinking some whiskey and talking to Johnny, who isn`t really there(which is made obvious later on). He explains his plight and that he needs his ok, to „take the journey“. But then , his conversation is interrupted by some thugs arriving. They soon realise, that he is easy prey, as he is totally drunk and unable to fight them off. He is beaten, and one of the guys gets ordered to shoot him.He pretends to have done it(he simply isn`t as cold-blooded as the rest of the gang).They take the bike and drive away.

A little bit later, he gets picked up by Johnny Six-Toes.  How he found him isn`t really explained, but he is an indian, so he might have had a vision or something.

This first scene in the desert really impressed me, when I first saw it, and it`s still great. It`s filmed pretty well, and Van Damme isn`t half bad  at acting out his desperation. At least i was touched by it, maybe because I was in a bad mental state myself at that time. It was very easy to relate.    But anyway….

Johnny takes him back to his little hut, and treats a bullet wound Eddie suffered from the thugs. During that scene, a coyote appears in the door, and to him that`s a good sign, because:

„In the spring, the full moon shines for the warrior who has lost his way. Coyote is the spirit that leads back to life. If he follows the coyote when the moon is full, the warrior will see the path once more…“ The movie was to be called „Coyote Moon“, or at least the working title. So the Coyote is part of the story. We are by then also introduced to the people living in the small town nearby. A colorful bunch, to say the least.

There is Rhonda, who is a waitress, and a beautiful one , too.

Then there is Mr. Early(Pat Morita), who is alway waiting patiently for his Bertie to come.

An old couple, who is running the only motel in town, and a lot more funny and weird characters. Plus all of the thugs, who are the plague of the town, abusing and extorting the residents. There are two gangs of thugs, who are involved in drugs and anything else, that promises profit. As soon as Eddie is back on his feet, he goes to town, to get back his gun, and most importantly, the bike. It doesn`t take long before he gets into trouble. Actually , it`s the others, who get into trouble, cuz Eddie knows to defend himself very well. He soon befriends  the town people(the innocent ones), and  by fighting the guys who stole his ride, he frees the locals from the oppression of the local gang.He sabotages the gang`s business and makes them fight each other. The process of him doing that is a fun ride, the supporting cast is nothing short of amazing in giving this film a feelgood vibe i have rarely encountered in  other movies.

There is a love interest in the waitress, a few very thankful blondes, who don`t hesitate to thank him with a threesome, and  all the other nice people , who are well worth it to take on the scumbags who ruled them, until now.With the help of Eddie and Johnny, they are fighting to take back their town. And Johnny finds a reason to live again, as he falls in love with the beautiful waitress.

John G. Avildsen , who you might remember as the director of Rocky and Karate Kid, did an awesome job here. As i said before, Van Damme is only as good as his directors.

This is only more proof to my theory.

If you haven`t gotten around to see this yet, you should. It`s a damn good time, it leaves you with a big smile on your face, or so i hope.


Starring Bruce Le , Bolo Yeung

directed by Joseph Velasco

There’s a mysterious Chinese document that’s hidden in the Tower of Death, and evil Japanese occupiers want to get their hands on it. Meanwhile, a Chinese fighter  is training in the forest, only to be challenged by several Japanese fighters as well as , all of whom he easily defeats. Bruce and Bolo meet again in a wrestling ring, where Bruce once again defeats Bolo.

Bruce’s victory impresses the Japanese who want to hire him to go to the Tower of Death. However, Bruce is a Chinese nationalist and refuses. This leads to Bruce being challenged by another group of Japanese fighters in another forest, with Bruce once again reigning victorious. Shortly afterwards, Bruce discovers that a woman he thought was working for the Japanese is actually an undercover Chinese agent. They make a plan to retrieve the document from the Tower of Death. Like in the original “GAME OF DEATH”,Bruce Le arrives at the Tower of Death and ascends to the top level, defeating a different kung fu master at each floor. At the top level, he gets the document. From here on, Bruce defeats the Japanese bosses once and for all.

Now, the plot isn`really important here, is it?

I just watched it again, after it arrived today in the mail. I found it on amazon for cheap, and i felt i wanna have it, cuz to me, it was the best of the fake Bruce Lee flicks i`ve seen. I haven`t seen much, to tell the truth. And i don`t want to see any more . I had this as a VHS back in the day, and thought-“hey, why not get it again, if it`s that cheap”. It`s a fun watch,  and only for the goofy, fake Bruce Lee imitation and Bolo Yeung is it worth seeing. I am totally amazed how they abuse Bruce Lee`s name on the cover and movie titles without any sense of shame. But the chinese never cared for this kinda thing anyway, until this very day. The english DVD title at least doesn`t use BRUCE LEE`s name on the cover, but  the german one does, in all it`s shameful glory.It`s still the same cover they used 20 years ago.

Sometimes, the memory of a movie suggests, that it was way better than it actually is.  This is certainly the case here.  It is not a great movie, at all.  But i don`t mind having it on my shelf.  Sometimes , the mood just strikes for a goofy Bruceploitation flick like this.  The german DVD i got is  cut in a few scenes, the english DVD is uncut, it seems. Don`t know about the american release, but i`d  bet it`s identical to the english release. The american title was THE KING OF KUNG FU, but for the dvd release it seems to be the above title as well.

DRIVE (2011)

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

I still feel like a truck hit me, after watching this 2 days ago.

If i was expecting anything, i didn`t expect this.

I didn`t even see a trailer before I got a chance to see  DRIVE.

I saw the movie posters, and thought they looked cool.

But it didn`t make me wanna watch it instantly, because of the  main actor himself, who didn`t appear in anything big, or at least in nothing i would wanna watch.

Plus, i have so many other things i wanna watch and review.

Only when i looked up the director, i was all up and awake.

Nicolas Winding Refn directed  awesome movies, like BRONSON or VALHALLA RISING(even if that was a bit weird). But he sure was a great director from Denmark, who impressed me already more than once. The unnamed driver is working as a stunt driver and mechanic at day, and as a wheelman for heists at night.

His rules are simple:

„If I drive for you, you give me a time and a place. I give you a five-minute window, anything happens in that five minutes and I’m yours no matter what. I don’t sit in while you’re running it down; I don’t carry a gun… I drive.“

That`s how the movie opens, and right away we get a first glimpse at his work as a heist driver.

He attaches his wrist-watch to the steering wheel, five minutes  the two robbers have, to get in and out. Meanwhile, the driver listens to the police chatter on his  radio, switching to sports inbetween.The robbers come back, just in time, and the escape is filmed so cool and intense, it`s like you`re sitting in the car with them. With  the help of police radio, he tries to evade the cops. This scene alone was enough, to be convinced i`m seeing greatness reveil itself to me. It felt like MIAMI VICE meets THE DRIVER .

There is so much here, that i`d like to describe, every single frame seems to be filmed with so much attention to detail. Maybe that`s not the case, but it all feels very well thought through. After the successful escape, he drives home, the streets of L.A. rushing by. That alone , with music that easily could have played in MIAMI VICE, made me shiver with joy. Awesome retro 80`s stuff, which is planted throughout the film at just the right moments, and lyrics that fit the situations very well. Tailor-made, so to speak.

His boss at the garage, who also prepares the cars for the stunts he is performing for certain movie productions, wants to get into race-car driving, with the driver on the wheel. But he needs money, which he intends to lend from a mobster. You feel the trouble coming already, something must go wrong here, right? But the real trouble comes, when the driver gets involved with his beautiful neighbour, who has a little kid and a husband in jail. I´m so exited about this movie, that i`d love to talk about every detail, but that would spoil it for you just now.I`ll just say „ SEE THIS DAMN FINE MOVIE!“ It already won best director in Cannes this year, and i`ll be damned, if this doesn`t get some kind of OSCAR. Even if i don`t believe in the Oscar stuff too much, but it would deserve the attention that comes with it.Maybe the violence in the movie could keep it from being crowned, we will see.Ryan Gosling is perfect in his role. He is no beef monkey like Vin Diesel, he is a guy who can drive and knows what he wants. And he will do what is neccessary, to protect himself and the ones he loves. The whole film is a hypnotic adventure, sometimes hopeful, even beautiful But the overall menace never goes away, you just feel that this isn`t going to have a happy end.

But  most of the time the suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat, while you sit there and just think“what the fuck“`s so awesome, all the way. And i wanna emphasise , this movie was made on a 13 million$ budget only. So, in my mind, there are no excuses for other movies  at this budget to suck, because Refn shows what you can do with it, when you have the skills. So, im sorry for anything i might have left out, i could write a hundred pages about this….just make sure you watch this!

And to anyone, who thinks that this movie is aren`t even human to me.

Most people are dumb anyway, so i`m proud i`m not with them.


Directed by: Gilbert Adler (1996)

Starring: Dennis Miller, Erika Eleniak, Chris Sarandon, Corey Feldman and more

This ist he second feature film that derived from the Tales from the Crypt TV series. First was DEMON KNIGHT, which i like very much , too. I`m not sure if this had a german cinematic release, but I believe, it didn`t. Which is ok, because the version we got was heavily cut, and whould have been a disgrace for every silver screen.

This is even funnier than DEMON KNIGHT, i couldn`t get enough of it, once I owned the uncut version.

It opens with a scene in the jungle, where a midget and his  henchmen want to reanimate a vampire queen from her grave. Well, actually only the midget wants that, the others don`t have a clue, until it`s too late. She gets back to life, thanks to the blood we all just know too well from Demon Knight. At least the vessel looks just like the one from that movie.

She feeds on his henchmen and returns to former beauty. Then the cryptkeeper introduces us to the movie, just as in Demon Knight: We cut to a small town, where some young dudes  hang out in a bar. Not long before the subject matter gets to sex and some dude cuts into the conversation and promises the best „guuoodamn pussy“ (that scene cracked me up right there) if they`d go to a certain address and ask for the „Cunningham wake“.

Two of them actually take the chance and drive right over. What they don`t know , of course, is that this is a trap by Vampires to get some fresh blood.It appears to be a bordello indeed, but the two boys soon end up food for the vampires.

One of the soon missing boys is Caleb(Corey Feldman-Lost Boys). His sister(Eleniak) goes to the police to file a missing persons report, but they aren`t very helpful. A  private investigator( Miller) , who hangs out at the police office, offers his help.

So far, so good, the whole plot is a bit too much to write down, and in case you haven`t seen it, why should i spoil it?

This is a top-notch comedy,  totally over the top,  add nudity and some serious bloody effects to the mix and you have Bordello of Blood.The funniest thing in this(to me) was the Reverend, played by Chris Sarandon.

He is one of the main characters and at his best when he delivers his speeches in front of a big audience and via live TV. That speech cracked me up so hard. Yessuuhh…

You have lots of beautiful and very naked women, blood in buckets, a smart-ass P:I: and a bunch of  funny characters. It is very hard to explain all this, except-It`s soo much fun. The perfect  „ Guy“movie to sit down, have a few beers  and forget  about work or what else might bother you. Sadly, the producers didn`t come up with more than these two movies. A third one was planned , but scrapped, after this performed poorly at the box office.

Truly sad, beacuse i believe, in the long run they did make some good money. And DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD are awesome horror comedies, if you ask me.

But well, that`s Hollywood for ya.

I can only recommend. this trailer doesnt even show how funny this is…


Directed by : Patrick Allen (his name is mispelled in the opening credits-lol)

Starring : Martin Kove, Bolo Yeung, William Zabka  and Myriam D`abo

Shootfighter is an extremely violent version of the (back then) extremely popular  martial- arts tournament  movies.  You could almost say „snuff movie-version“. It is that extreme and unnecessary brutal.But back then, that was just what i wanted. I was excited for anything extreme, a phase, that has long since  passed.

I`ve seen it all by now, and these days, although i`m not against gore in certain places, I can do without that kind of stuff. That`s why i`m no big fan of the SAW movies and other similar outings. Zombie movies are an exception. There, the gore comes with the territory. ( I love THE WALKING DEAD).

I had to hunt down the uncut version, after i realized, that the normal rental version was cut, and not just a little- a full 10 minutes were taken from the movie to get entry to german video stores. That was a big problem , germany would cut a lot of movies, even if the rating was 18(which was and still is the highest possible rating(although there are still differences, but that would take too long to explain).I had to pay quite some money to get the uncut tape back then.


It starts with a tournament, where the evil Mr. Lee (Martin Kove) kills an opponent, eventhough he already subdued him and was declared the winner. For that, he gets banned from shootfighting in Hong Kong for life.  He didn`t get to fight Shingo(Bolo Yeung) due to his discualification. Later ( im not sure how much time passes between that and the rest of the film), he has his own tournament, and tries to lure Shingo into fighting him, by getting Shingo`s  students into the tournament. This time, the fights are to the death.One of Shingo`s students( Zabka) falls for it and joins the tournament. His friend(Bernado) follows him, only to end up fighting, as well. When Shingo realizes, what his students are up to, the final confrontation between Lee and Shingo cannot be avoided anymore.

This movie offers brutal fights and a rare good-guy role for Bolo Yeung, who played baddies , most of the time. Lots of crazy martial-arts nutcases  await you,in a fight to the DEATH!!!!! If you`re still open to watch films like this(Bloodsport etc.), and you haven`t seen this yet-go ahead! I know, i enjoyed it.

Trivia: William Zabka and Martin Kove once  appeared together  in  KARATE KID …Zabka beeing his student, fighting Ralph Macchio.

There is also a sequel from 1996, also starring Bolo as well as Zabka and Bernardo.


Directed by Phillip Noyce

He came, saw nothing and won!!!!

Rutger Hauer as a blind, sword-wielding Vietnam vet, that sounds awesome, and it is!

After  writing a review of SPLIT SECOND, and reading robotgeeks review on HITCHER, i couldn`t help but looking again at the over 130 movies Rutger Hauer starred in. And i stopped at BLIND FURY, one of those films , that should have a place in every action-geeks shelf. Here is an example of a tough action movie, that also includes lots of humor, and balances both convincingly. It even manages to evoke feelings in the viewer, which isn`t always  the case with movies like this. Phillip Noyce assembled a great cast, from Meg Foster (intense eyes), Nick Cassavetes ( THE WRAITH), Sho Kosugi( yep-that Ninja guy), Randall „Tex“ Cobb(Arizona Junior) and lots more. But Rutger Hauer is the main actor here, and he is awesome as the blind vet. He gets to be funny, tough and all-around awesome.

The film opens with  a massacre in Vietnam, that seemed to have killed all of his fighting buddies, leaving Hauer blinded and believed M.I.A.. But he gets found and rescued by villagers, who nurse him back to health .He remains blinded, but they teach him to adapt  and introduce him to the art of sword-fighting. After some time, he proves to be a very good  blind sword fighter.

20 years later:

Nick Parker (Hauer) wants to visit his old War Buddy Frank in Miami. At the same time, Frank gets forced to work for a crime boss to produce drugs.

After a little „brawl“ in a restaurant he arrives at Frank`s address . His Ex-wife opens the door and invites him in. She tells him, that he is now working as a chemist in Reno. The conversation is interrupted by fake? cops, who want to kidnap Frank`s son Billy, to further pressure him into working for them. Nick can fight off the villains , but Billy`s mother gets killed , Billy gets knocked out. Before she dies, he promises to protect Billy. Now he has to get to Reno and find Frank, and protect the kid from further attempts to kidnap him. Billy is left in the dark about his mothers passing, for now.

He gives Nick a hard time during the ride to Reno, but the relationship gets better in the process. They are still beeing chased by the goons of the crime boss, and there is plenty of awesome action and laughs throughout. Nick even gets to ride a car, as blind as he is.

I leave the rest of the story open, only saying that Sho Kosugi  has a final sword fight with Hauer at the end. When the credits roll, you  have seen one of the best action movies of the  very late eighties. At least that is my take on it.

I`m not sure why it took him so long to seek out his old friend, but that is nit-picking, i guess.

It seems like there is no Blue-Ray yet, which is a true shame, but the DVD i`ve seen, already has pretty good picture quality. And i believe anyway, that you don`t need just any movie on Blue-Ray.


Directed by  Jake West

So, i sat down watching this with my brother, who bought the DVD just recently and urged me to watch it with him. I didn`t know about this movie , i had no info on it, whatsoever. I believe that i once saw the first 2 minutes or so, not sure if it was on TV or in any other form. But i remember that i dismissed it, i didn`t believe that it could be any good.

But it turns out, the beginning, as cheap and stupid it may have seemed to me, are not able to paint a picture of what you are about to get , if you leave the film running.

What you get is one of the most entertaining and fun flicks since  BAD TASTE and BRAINDEAD (DEAD ALIVE), i still prefer the title BRAINDEAD for that Peter Jackson flick. It was altered, at least in Germany, because it was  seized or confiscated  here, -can you tell me the fuck-WHY? It`s a comedy, a bloody one, but a comedy, holy cow…we had something similar happen with DEMON KNIGHT. One idiot is enough, to get that film seized , and leave it VERBOTEN for quite some time..such a ridiculous thing to do.

There are other films, that deserve that, maybe…with A SERBIAN FILM, i can understand it beeing cut. But those movies mentioned above are comedies, for crying out loud…!!!

OK, back to EVIL ALIENS:

The first scene is a couple , they have sex under the night sky and something crashes down to earth…some Aliens appear and abduct them into their ship. They do some nasty, nasty things to them.

A TV channel has a show called WEIRD WORLD, which is all about Aliens and stuff like that. The reports are faker than fake, and the viewer ratings are beyond bad.

The reporter Michelle Fox (goodlooking) convinces her boss to check out the story of Cat, who claims to have been abducted and impregnated by Aliens. They assemble a team to visit Cat and maybe get a story that could boost ratings again. We have a camera man, a sound guy, 2 actors to reenact the abduction story, as well as an UFO and Alien „expert“.

They drive to the island Cat lives on, which is full of stones that remind you of stonehenge and all that. They find Cats house and enter, only to find 3 welsh guys, who seem to be somewhat demented and don`t speak any normal english, but welsh…thank god for subtitles,lol.(don`t worry, they are hardcoded).Luckily Cat arrives before things go outta hand, she was asleep in a back room.

Soon they are setting up things to film and report on the story everybody still thinks is just another hoax.

But real Aliens soon appear, and that`s when things get crazy…

The film continues to become a fun splatterfest galore, with lots of very funny scenes, some characters here could easily carry their own movie, that`s how much fun they are. The effects are cheap, there would be room for omprovement, but it really doesn`t take away the heap of fun this is. Sometimes it reminded me a bit too much of BRAINDEAD, but maybe that`s actually a nod to Peter Jackson, because otherwise it would be a lame steal of  ideas.

But there is also lots of stuff here that`s original  and imaginative.

You get Sex with Aliens(awesome), Body-popping splatter in every way possible. Guns, swords and archery…there are lots of ways to kill an Alien here, for sure.  The Aliens themselves look like Astronauts crossed with Predators, nothing mindbendingly new, but it is good enough. Did i mention this was FUN? I am so glad, my bro bought this DVD and forced me to see it. Sadly, most of the characters get killed, i really didn`t want most of them to die, because they were fun to watch. But ok, you can`t have it all…but lots of fun!!!!!! ( make sure to get the unrated version)

The director also did Doghouse(2009), Pumpkinhead-Ashes to Ashes(2006),and many Horror documentaries and shorts.

Adrenalin: Fear the Rush (1996) directed by Albert Pyun

Ok, second try after my pc froze with half the review finished, niice..watched  COVER UP with Dolph Lundgren inbetween, to let the motherf..of a PC cool down.

In 2007 AD, a virus sweeps across Europe. Many flee to the United States where they are held in quarantine camps. At the Boston camp, police officer Delon (Natasha Henstridge), hoping to leave with her son, has used black-market contacts to acquire a passport. Delon’s partner is decapitated while they are investigating a killing, and another officer, Lemieux (Christopher Lambert) arrives with back-up. They move in on the killer, a psychotic who could infect the entire city within six hours.

Ok, i have to say that i like this movie for some odd reason. Its in no way a great movie, it has more flaws than i have hair in my ears,lol. Let`s see , i took some notes as i just recently watched it, after i found it in the one Euro bargain bin(used i might add).1996 was the year when Pyun also made the waste of a movie called NEMESIS 4-Death Angel.

First of all, the intro…5 or 6 minutes are given to tell us about the collapse of  the world as we know it and blablabla…Because, first of all we need an excuse for the cheap place this thing is filmed at. Still, i somehow liked that. I like post-apocalyptic movies.

The Synopsis above, i took from rottentomatoes btw..doesnt say that this killer looks somewhat disfigured and has ugly, abnormal teeth and whatnot. And he is able to shoot a gun, better than Lambert, but  more about that later. My notes, yeah…i laughed at the police cars, because they look nothing like what you would expect in Boston as police cars, simply cuz this isn`t filmed in Boston.Its filmed somewhere in eastern Europe. It says POLICIA!!! COOL, Huh?

And Boston seems to be looking just as run-down as eastern Europe did , just a few minutes ago..HAHAHA!

But i can ignore that, if i want to. The chase that follows after Lambert arrives as back up, is a pretty slow process. I understand , that it`s not so easy crawling through sewer tunnels, but still it takes up too much of my movie-watching time.But Natasha Henstridge looks great here, even with her clothes on, all sweaty and roughed up.Lambert doesn`t really shine here, but he tries his best with the little he is given.There are quite some good actors in this, Norbert Weisser and Andrew Divoff, who are Pyun regulars and of course the above mentioned. Nicholas Guest was pretty bad here as the chief of police, I don`t remember , if he ever acted better than he did here.

Lambert proved early in the film to be a terrible shot, if he is the best guy they have , they are screwed! Later on he gets shot, more than once, but he doesn`t even try to avoid more bullet hits, very strange.And Natasha? She is right around the corner, watching him getting shot repeatedly, and doesn`t do shit about it. Hmm…i dunno , that sort of thing makes me wanna jump at the screen and take matters into my own hands. Later on, after lots of chasing and some more dead people, a team of  anti-contamination  suits joins the search..will they survive? Will they? Will Natasha get to wherever she wants to go? If you wanna know, im afraid  you have to watch this!

I don`t know why, but despite all those flaws i detected, i`m still  unable to hate this movie. There is something i can`t put my finger on…I´m like that, sometimes just one aspect of a film makes me like it. In this case i can`t be sure what it is. It is simple, with no gimmicks, just Guns , teeth, tunnels. Maybe it `s the fact, that this feels somewhat like  a video game,  with all the tunnels and run-down buildings.Don`t hate me, if you watch this and find nothing to like here.

My taste in movies is strange sometimes.

I have seen both versions, one is 77 minutes short, the other 94. I just saw the 94 minute version.Only the americans are stuck with the short R-rated one. Rest of the world got the longer cut. To see the differences, visit here:

COPKILLER by Roberto Faenza

Original titel : Copkiller – l’assassino dei poliziotti
Alternative titel : Cop Killers
Corrupt Lieutenant
Order of Death

This film was made in 1981, but wasn`t released until 1983

Actors: Harvey Keitel, John Lydon

(Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols, yeess!) and others…

Again a movie i once owned in a pretty decent quality, a Tv recording actually, from arte TV. Back then, i was very happy to have that version, cuz it was already difficult to obtain a VHS original of this. And the internet and ebay wasnt yet as advanced or even available,  i dont remember what year i did that recording exactly…but i owned a great poster  later on, which you see in the pic above. Man, what devil made me sell off all my stuff?The way i was collecting back then, was mostly this way…id pick an actor im interested in, and try to track down all the movies i could possibly find..did that with Lance Henriksen, Van Damme, Mickey Rourke and countless others. Its a pretty good way to go about, even if you pick up other stuff as you go along( on some deals and films you just can`t pass once you see them, can you). This was part of the Keitel collection , which started out with the awesome BAD LIEUTENANT.

So, the film… it stars Johnny Rotten and Harvey Keitel, dude!


Someone’s killing drug cops with a kitchen knife. Keitel is a neurotic lieutenant in the drug department. He leads a double life, living in a luxurious (but empty) apartment with another cop.They are shady, no clean cops for sure. John Lydon is a creep, who gets obsessed about Keitel and starts following him. He comes to Keitel and claims he’s the cop killer. Keitel ends up keeping him hostage in that empty apartment. He doesn`t bring him to the station right away, cuz he must fear that his double life could be exposed. A psychological game ensues, that soon gets out of control.

That`s were i stop, cuz the twists i can`t give away.Keitel isnt really as good here, as you might remember him from his later roles. But he sure has a presence about him.The same must be said about John Lydon, who sort of steals the show as the creepy stalker with one or two secrets.This was his only  big role in a feature film, which is a shame, really.The film was made in Rome, Italy, but plays in New York. If you pay attention, you may notice it. But that wouldn`t be the first film to pretend that, would it?The film is uncut about 113 minutes long, but only the italian version and maybe some english tape from Virgin Video is uncut. Seems like they cut out quite some dialogue scenes here. The cut version, most countries got is about 93 minutes long. John Lydons band at the time , Public Image Ltd. , was to provide the soundtrack or score, but there were some problems and it eventually got replaced by a score from the famous composer Ennio Morricone, which was released at least in Germany. ( Gonna hunt that down as well).

This film has its flaws, but its  dark and suspenseful, and the face-off between Keitel and Lydon keeps you watching, despite some shortcomings of the film as a whole. Again, this film has a feeling to it , you can find in some late 70`s , early 80`s films, i can only describe as the “Zombie” vibe…cheap, dirty, and a haunting score.

If you aren`t interested by now, i can`t help you!!!


Sadly, the american market never really embraced this movie, it seems as if there is only a pretty bad vhs to DVd transfer available, on a multitude of DVDs,one cover looking cheaper than the next. I found a german version thats ok, but the better version, my tv-rip is gone  cuz of my stupidity. I will try and find a decent version in english language, and if i do so, ill let you know and maybe , if interested, i can share that with you. One should think that a movie with Harvey Keitel deserves better. Here a link to amazon for the available  english versions on DVD:

trailer link below: