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VHS -rare or beautiful


Love this one, changed the clam, cuz it was dirty and now put it in a black , almost new clam…looks damn pretty.


German VHS awesomeness

I just came across a little site called


They have gathered a lot of german VHS cover artwork scans, hopefully adding and adding more…

A great trip back to my video store days, when exactly those tapes were on display.

The scans have no watermarks, so you can use them for your own needs, like I do sometimes.

Often enough, the DVD cover art can`t compete with the VHS era artworks.



Highlander bix box clamshell german VHS

Just dropping this, got this today, a nice clamshell of HIGHLANDER. Great artwork,love it!!!


ROBOWAR VHS ROBOMAN-german Scala VHS bookstyle clamshell

This just arrived  with the mail-Robowar-or Roboman, as its known in Germany.

Sadly, the clamshell has seen better days, its a bit ripped and torn, but I didn`t pay much, so I guess it`s ok. I just wished, the sellers would describe their items more in depths and with better photos  that allow you to judge the clamshell seriously.

The cover art is ridiculous, but it`s a bookstyle cover clamshell, something no japanese tape can offer.

Well, here are the pics of it:

Hangmen 1987 VHS GERMAN BIGBOX Clamshell

Intercontinental Home Entertainment VHS FSK 18- uncut german

Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen

Dark Angel aka I COME IN PEACE german bigbox clamshell Dolph Lundgren VHS

Lately, this was reduced on ebay from 18 to 9 Euros(incl. shipping), and I couldn`t resist.

Also , I know that Jason, over at robotGEEKS Cult Cinema  is interested in this, and I`ll probably end up sending it to him.

There aren`t  much of these left, at least I´ve seen only very few like this on sale, and sometimes just too expensive.

As beautiful as this is, I wouldn`t spend 20 Euros on it.

It is one of these nice clamshells from VCL, with glued-on cover, its in good shape still.


Today was a big film flee market in town, happens every few months, and there are awesome deals to be had.. my budget was well limited, but I managed to get 29 VHS and 5 DVDs.  Lots of big box VHS releases, a few are really nice bookstyle covers and the best? I finally found the GOD´S SECRET ARMY- VHS  I was rambling about in the Prophecy review…yeah..this is the version that came out first, and it`s the version I like best. Can´t believe my luck!!! Here are some pics…

Here the deal of the day, my long soughtafter VHS of GOD´S SECRET ARMY.

And a few more….

Australian VHS of THE SOLDIER with Ken Wahl

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK- german VHS bookstyle hardcover

I posted this on my personal facebook, then I forgot to add it -here you go!

I´m bidding on Return of  the Jedi , too…should be mine, if all works out. Same seller for all three, so I´ll expect the same

awesome condition for it like the first two.

NEAR DARK German VHS clamshell

I bought two of these, sadly both had minor misses a corner, the other one has a scratch on the front cover.

The front cover is a great example of 80`s cover artworks. The NEAR DARK title is embossed, which makes it even more awesome.

VHS buys:RAMBO 2- FIRST BLOOD part 2 german VHS bookstyle cover

This cover is part of my childhood… beautiful, in good shape for beeing 27 years of age. Got this pretty damn cheap.

Iconic image of Stallone, forever associated with the Rambo character. Here, instead of  paint finish on cardboard, its more of a PVC  plastic surface,very smooth.