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Thoughts on the Robocop remake

By now, everybody should know about the Robocop remake, right?

Well, just want to write down my thoughts on it quickly…

While I don`t doubt that Padhilla can make a good action movie, I cringe at the fact that someone thought it a good idea to remake/reboot Robocop. Instead of coming up with something new, Hollywood is drowning in remakes and reboots.

I don`t need to write much about that, it`s evident for everybody.

In case of Judge Dredd, it was a good idea, cuz the Stallone version was a watered down desaster.

Can`t wait to see it.

But Robocop? A cornerstone of Sci-Fi? A masterpiece like that needs no remake or reboot.

What an if Robocop 3 wasn`t enough.  While I certainly will watch the new Robocop(not in the theatre), I `m sure I won`t be able to shake the dislike of something so unnecessary.

There were a lot of cheap knock off DTVs, at least they didn`t call themselves Robocop. Knock offs of populat films are to be expected and some of them are fun. Variations of a basic idea. I get that. But to insult a classic like Robocop should remain untouched..move on, try to show me something else.  I know it`s tough, after 100 years of cinema, to come up with original material, but please..leave a few icons alone. I´m curious  to see how it does at the box office.

Will teens of today embrace a new Robocop? How many of the older generation will pay to see a new Robo?

Hope it tanks, bad.

Let`s hope  nobody will try this with the Terminator.

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  1. Got to agree with you here. Robocop is one of the few films that I think was absolutely flawless. There were no scenes I wish were cut, no performances I thought were shoddy, no effects I felt need updating. When a film is that perfectly put together – why bother making it again?

    September 28, 2012 at 10:38 AM

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