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CLASS OF 1999-the substitute (1994) Pray you only get detention!!!

The sequel to the ( i suppose) well-known Class of 1999 is a film

I have a special place in my heart for.

Class of 1999 – part 2-the substitute

Starring Sasha Mitchell, Caitlin Dulany and Nick Cassavetes, among others….

Directed by Spiro Razatos (cool name)

Sasha Mitchell is probably most famous for his funny role in “ Step by Step” and his Dallas role as the son of J.R.

He also did a few Kickboxer sequels, which I watched at the time, but they didn’t really leave a lasting impression on me.

But this movie DID!

Its very hard to write something that doesn’t give away half the story.

But since trailer these days have no problem to show half the movie, why the hell should I care?

Well, I try to keep some elements out, so you can still enjoy this, if you haven’t seen it yet!

There are a few twists i must keep to myself, so you have some fun left watching.

Sasha Mitchell( John Bolen) gets introduced right in the beginning, as he disciplines a few rowdies, who don`t seem to have much love for school.

They way he does that is  extremely cool, at least to me.

Lets just say he kicks some ass with a coolness, that I admire. Did I mention he is funny as well?

Needless to say, his somewhat violent methods aren’t going over well with the principal.

The principal is wondering about his incomplete file( application? ) -Solution? Kill the principal-pure logic!!LOL.

Nobody stops him from teaching!!! Inbetween that, we see some agent, that has his eyes on Bolen.

Seems he was looking for him quite some time.

John Bolen believes he is a battle droid.

Sasha Mitchell is just great in this role, acting cool and rational, as a supposed android should, he is almost Forrest Gump-like in his behaviour,

Some very funny moments come out of this clash with “ normal”people.

Bolen gets to class and  runs into a young, beautiful teacher( Caitlin Dulany), who seems to have trouble keeping her class in check…

John Bolen takes over and shows them  who is boss!

Most of the story is about the beautiful teacher, who wants to testify against a student, but she gets pressured, not to do so.

John tries to convince her to testify, despite the attacks she suffers from the gang this student is in.

Even her friend and other teachers wanna keep her from testifying.

Of course, John Bolen cant have that-” If you allow the students to gain control of the situation, the result is anarchy!”

Now, I could go on recapping the whole movie, but instead I`ll tell you what makes me love this movie.

It has some nice action, lots of kills, some very creative.

Sasha Mitchell plays his role cool and creepy, its just fun to watch him.

Before and inbetween kills he is reciting from a war poem, which stuck in my head since I first saw this movie.

Goes like this:


“The enemy is before me, around me, but yet no fear will I have.
My mission is met, death is my mission, my mission is met.
The Night will bring so much death, So many horrors born, on a river of blood, called duty, by men who compassion has scorn.
The life I have, wasn’t mine to chose, but death, will always be the shoes I walk in.
I will stride the path, in death’s shoes, until the mission I conclude, death is my mission, my mission is met.”

I also think, its quite beautifully shot, I like the colors of the film and the location, which appears to be a  small town setting, with a small town sheriff, really laid back atmosphere, a total change in regard to the first part, which was a  futuristic , big mess of a city.

So, I left enough of the story to discover for yourselves.

Thank you, Spiro, for this little gem of a b-movie….I love it!!!!

the film is out of print, but there are a few copies left to find online, there is also a Laserdisc ,and of course if you wanna go oldschool( it?) there´s  the VHS for ya! There never was a Region 1 DVD , i just don`t understand -why?

So, if you`re from the USA or Canada, you have to import it, either Region two or zero.

At last,  a link to a site for screen capture/quality comparisons …in case youre in doubt which version to get.

I only have these two versions, there are a few others, german and korean versions, im happy with my greek one, as it seems to be the best yet.

Cyborg – Directors Cut/ workprint version

Something we fans of Van Damme or Albert Pyun have wanted for a long time is finally here…

still not the ultimate Directors Cut, just the reworked last cut of a workprint that was used by T. Riparetti to score the film, its a new take on the film CYBORG.

First of all, the famous intro is missing-the Fender speech(i like this world), simply  because it doesnt fit the changed story anymore.

There are a few scenes which Pyun dropped due to quality issues, namely the village massacre scene and a rumored uncut/different cut of the Ralph Möller death scene. That aside, the whole movie is quite different from the offically released version, the biggest difference being the fact that the scientists arent working on a cure to save mankind, but rather seek to re-establish electricity and the means to use technology for their own good(control over the population ). Fender and his gang would like  that tech as well, but for their very own purposes.

So, Van Damme is actually being misled …a  good set up for a possible sequel, but its unlikely Van Damme would star in that. Pyun however, plans to do a few more movies in this universe he created , including a prequel and sequels…lets hope they turn out well….the actors he wants to star in those coming films( wants!!!!) sound promising, but a lot can change til those movies actually materialize.(This is why i wont name any actors).

So, back to the movie….it features a lot voice-over monologue by the Van Damme character, spoken not by him, but somebody else, cuz Van Damme was already working on the next movie… showing his pain and existential plight, asking almost philosophical questions..there are a few new scenes, different cuts and a different version of the final fight( a lot shorter than the one we know). I liked the extra time that the Hayley character got, a lot of scenes truly make the movie better . The score is a new one, something i could`ve done without, really. Its a guitar-driven score by Tony Riparetti/Saad, which to me, doesnt work for the film too well.

You can find it here: -it kinda explains the guitar themed names, the characters have been given.It was dropped, after Cannon went to rework the movie into the version we all know.

The film itself is cut together from 2 videotapes, there is fullframe and widescreen material cut together, which is sad, but we must be happy that this even exists.

I could go deeper, but i wont spoil all the new elements, this version offers. Its a darker vision, and in many respects(for better or worse) much more Pyun.

In the end, im happy this version exists, im happy i do own it, but its not a 2 hours-full uncut dream version some might have expected. The quality of this version is pretty decent, given its taken from 2 old vhs-tapes, recorded in 1988, and shelved for over 2 decades.

You can contact Albert Pyun(  if you wanna give this a shot.

…first impressions can be found on youtube…

Hellford667( 2011)