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The Prophecy 2-God`s Army 2 Short Shot review



Gabriel returns from hell to Earth to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human. The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by Thomas Daggett, now a monk.

Starring-Chris Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russel Wong, Brittany Murphy (RIP), Eric Roberts and Glenn Danzig


Here I am, writing again..yeehaa.

It really is difficult for me to find the time and frame of mind to write anything at the moment, but I really don`t intend on giving this up. No way-have met way to many great people by doing this.

So here it goes, finally, after a long time I review the second installment in a – so far 5 movies -series.

The first one still is better, for the one or other reason, but this second part has a lot going for it.

First, Christopher Walken returns as Gabriel. In a wonderful scene, he is climbing out of hell, cuz Lucifer couldn`t stand him anymore,lol. Awesome beginning. Reminded me a little of the resurrection scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 4, here we have a dog , too. But he ain`t pissing on a grave, but fire and dog was enough to remind me of that scene from NMOES4.

Well, this time Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a nepihilim. He recruits, as in the first installment, as good as dead people to help him in our world. He can`t drive and doesn`t know how to use a computer, so one of the”monkeys” must help out. Brittany Murphy(RIP) is one of them. Also, I think there is Amanda Plummer as another helping hand , but she is either uncredited on imdb, or it is someone that looks just like her, gotta watch the credits again….great cast, all-in-all. Walken steals the show, but there are some strong actors involved besides him. Walken also is in part 3, part 4 I like for other reasons, part 5 is pretty much a lost cause…but more of that later. If you enjoyed part one, this will satisfy your thirst for more, especially Walken. He seems to have much fun with this character, for us it`s nice to see more of him in a role he totally owned and delves in further in this second part. For any Walken fans-watch the first three Prophecy movies, that should do it for you. I had lots of fun watching this again.


God`s Army aka The Prophecy (1995)

Directed by Gregory Widen

Man, that`s like 17 years ago, damn. I`m old, it`s official.

First of all, I love this film, and at least part 2 as well. Actually I like all sequels, eventhough they get less and less good after part 2.  It has Chris Walken, you can never go wrong with him, in my humble opinion. Also Eric Stolz, who played some amazing roles as well.

Then, it has angels , demons, the devil and whatnot. Good and evil angels in a fight to the death.

Well, nowadays that may seem very common, but in 1995, that kind of approach was pretty new, at least as much as I remember. Now we are overfed with vampires, werewolves and angels, too. Life is faster and the media overfed with all of this.

Before I get into the plot, I wanna say that I came across this first at my local hardcore video store, the one with all the extreme stuff, a good place it was. It was a tape from maybe Denmark or Sweden, not sure which.  It was titled God`s Secret Army, and the cover looked menacing and cool. And it had Chris Walken-sold. I rented it right away and loved it.

Later, don`t know how much later, must`ve been a few months at least, it came out in german video stores, with german dubbing-the official release. My special video store imported from allover, and they were very up to date with movies, always ahead of the german releases.

I am not sure about the exact timeline, but a bit later I got wind about Skid Row(the rockband) making  a video for the american version, called”The  Prophecy”. By then , a few months at least must`ve passed since I`ve seen God`s Secret Army. I read a bit about it in magazines and at least now I know that the american version has a slightly different cut, with improved FX and so on. The god`s army cut opened with a different scene, focusing on Koteas` character, while the Prophecy cut gives Stoltz`s character the intro sequence. I´m more used to the first one, and think it was a great way to open the film. Again, not sure about the timeline, but it felt like ages, this was already an old film to me by then. Never ceases to amaze me how films are changed and held back in certain countries.In my opinion, there should be one version, and that`s it.Maybe a director`s cut, but stop editing the movies for each continent differently. Every company is fucking with the film , the way they see fit. Annoying, to say the least. There should be a non-alteration act or something like that,lol. But money and idiocy rules in their world.

The Plot: Angels are fighting over a dark soul, which the evil side wants to use to bring down heaven. The good angels wanna hide that soul from Gabriel( Walken). A priest-turned cop gets between the frontlines of that fight and must face his own demons in the process.

Christopher Walken is great as the evil, gone rogue arch-angel  Gabriel. Sniffing for souls like a dog, arguing about god and heaven, calling humans monkeys etc. He is just f´n great in this role.

Eric Stolz has a way too short role as one of the good angels, looking a lot like he did in Pulp Fiction(which was made shortly before this).

Elias Koteas as the cop and Virgina Madsen as the teacher are a bit pale in comparison, but in the end, it is all about Walken. He is the center of the movie. You forgive the weaker parts, as soon as he is back on screen.

There are a few nice gory parts in this, a good amount of action and a great, small appearance by Viggo Mortensen as the devil. The ending is not the greatest, but that also can be forgiven. The main attraction is the basic idea of it all, and Walken just steals the show. In the end, I wanted more of it, and luckily there were several sequels.

Now we have Supernatural, which developed..over time, a similar storyline. ( I enjoyed that, too)

Can the good angels and the devil keep Gabriel from fulfilling his plan? Only one way to find out!!!

I will watch part 2 soon, expect a review for that also, hell I may even do èm all. ( 5 parts so far)

Here a link to a comparison of the two cuts..sadly some of it is held in german, but its a german based site, so there you go,lol. But its shows the differences very exact, and the dialogue at least is written in english.