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The FP ..something I had to share….

So, I came across this film just by accident, browsing my bookmarks.

Haven`t heard anything about it before today…but it looks amazingly insane and fun. After seeing the trailer, I have to see it! ASAP. Hope the DVD release ain`t that far away.

press release:

Drafthouse Films, the film distribution arm of the world-famous Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, announced THE FP will open on March 16 in select cities and will have its red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on February 25. A ferocious nod to big-budget studio action fare and underdog sports dramas of the 1980s, THE FP is a high-concept comedy set in a dystopian near future where a relentless turf war rages. Two rival gangs feud for control of rural wasteland Frazier Park in the deadly arena of competitive dance video game “Beat-Beat Revelation.”

THE FP will premiere at The Cinefamily on (611 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles CA) at the historic Silent Movie Theater on February 25at 10:00pm and will open theatrically on March 16 in the following theaters and markets:

New York City, NY – The Village East Cinema
Los Angeles, CA – The Cinefamily
Orange County, CA – AMC Orange
Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar, Alamo Drafthouse Village
San Francisco, CA – The Roxie Theater
Seattle, WA – The SIFF Theater
Portland, OR – The Hollywood Theatre
Chicago, IL – The Music Box
Cambridge, MA – The Brattle Theatre
Houston, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
San Antonio, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (locations TBA)
Denver, CO – The Denver Film Center
Washington DC – AMC Hoffman
Dallas, TX – AMC Arlington
Dallas, TX – AMC Mesquite
Phoenix, AZ – AMC Arizona Center
Phoenix, AZ – AMC Westgate
Tampa, FL – AMC Veterans
Miami, FL – AMC Aventura
Atlanta, GA – AMC South Lake
Baltimore, MD – AMC Owings
Philadelphia, PA – AMC Cherry Hill
Pittsburg, PA – AMC Waterfront
Detroit, MI – AMC Forum
San Diego, CA – AMC Mission Valley
St. Louis, MO – AMC West Olive
Minneapolis, MN – Lagoon Cinema (opens 3/23)

Showtimes and ticketing information will be available at

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) David Fincher

Ok, out of curiousit only have I watched this…I was sure that this couldn`t hold a candle to the original, and I was right.How could Fincher agree to make a remake?  That , I think, is below him, really.

But ok, what the hell…Hollywood is robbing good ideas from Asia and Europe for a long time now…every Euro-Hit, you can be sure , they will make a version for the US-market. Because subtitles or dubbing is something the american market has never really warmed up to, but is very common in Europe and other parts of the world.

Since you can buy the rights easily with the big pockets of Hollywood, that kind of  modus operandi won`t change in the near future, I`m afraid.

I won`t go too deep into it, because that would need some serious work, which I am not willing to invest here.

I`m sure somebody else will take on that challenge or it  has already been done.

First of all, Rooney Mara is outright ugly here , in the role of Lisbeth Salander. Noomi Rapace looks beautiful, even with a mohawk. She has eyes to drown in and a presence about her, that is captivating. Mara looks like an ugly , half-dead china  doll, with no  sexual appeal I could detect.

She and Craig had no chemistry , whatsoever…Nyqvist  may not be the sexiest man alive, but at least you could understand  that he was attracted to Rapace. Rapace was very likeable and believable, something that Mara was not. She was acting the part, but I didn`t believe it for a second. It is like the Nightmare remake, same story, different actor…not working. The opening sequence was a music video, like you would expect from a James Bond movie….I was thinkin..”What is This?”- For your Oil only? Totally unfitting, uncalled for opening. I guess, they wanted to open the movie in a cool way, paving the way for a cool, gothic-looking Mara, but it had nothing to do with the story-at all.

When you have seen the original trilogy, you can`t help but asking”Why?”…why remake it…it was perfectly done the first time around…why a lukewarm remake…but that`s Hollywood these days, money…no other reason.

Do yourself a favour and watch the originals, the long version….haven`t read the books, but I am sure they rule….and there is plenty that was left out..but that is normal when adapting for the screen.

I couldn`t find info about the budget of the originals, but I `m sure it was just a small portion in total, of what they spent on the first remake….will there be more, are they doing all three? Or is this it? I don`t know and I don`t care, cuz it won`t  be able to make me forget the originals… I didn`t like the score, either….the whole film was boring, of course..partly cuz I knew the story already….no more surprises or moments of  awe….it is just a little different, trying to be even darker. But that cannot be achieved just through the dark images, Fincher is known for…

In the end, once I`ve seen Rapace as Lisbeth,I wasn`t  able to warm up  to another actress plaing that part.

Plus, the sequels of the swedish trilogy came out fairly quick, which helped  a lot….if they are doing all three parts, it will take at least a year , til a second, and another year for the third part to arrive at cinemas. I am sure, the buzz will be lost by then. This isn`t LOTR. But most of all…



Watch the originals, subtitles ain`t that  bad….and keep in mind, it was  made for TV, only the quality of it made it go to theatres. The great Noomi Rapace  and the great cast in general  makes  this so much better, money and A-list stars cannot undo this.

The original swedish title of the first novel was ” Men who hate women”.

A title, which describes the story of the first book very well, and also the whole backstory for Lisbeth Salander.

We are subjected to domestic abuse, rape, murder and human trafficking. A dark, disturbing trilogy, best comsumed in its original form.

Deadly Surveillance TV (1991)

Directed by Paul Ziller

With: Michael Ironside, Christopher Bondy, Vlasta Vrana, Susan Almgren and David Carradine

I recently bought this on VHS,  it is a real beauty…20 years old, but still looking almost new. I remember this from watching it on TV, some late night in the nineties.

It isn`t exactly breathtaking or anything, but Michael Ironside is in it, and I like watching him. He is a cool-looking fella, ain`t he? A blend of Van Damme and Bruce Willis, if you think about it….lol. I also watched NEON CITY a while back, I may do a review on that one as well at some point. He is just cool as hell.

Ironside plays Fender, a detective, who comes across a load of heroine, after beeing called to a burglary in progress. They restore the apartment back to  the state it was in before the burglary , in order to stake out the apartment without the knowledge of its inhabitants, in this case a young and beautiful woman,

who happens to be the girlfriend of  Nickels, a former friend of Fender, also a police detective.

The Lieutenant (Carradine) makes them work together, eventhough they aren`t best friends anymore, since they fell out over a woman.

The Apartment is owned by a wellknown drug dealer suspect by the name of Carlos.  He is suspected of killing undercover cops and trying to control  the drugflow on the streets. Is Nickels girlfriend  involved , or just an innocent subtenant?

I really like this film, for what it is… sometimes it doesn`t need to be all guns blazing, high octane action. It`s a  kind of relaxed cop thriller, which contains humour, some action and a little nudity. The main selling point for me here is Ironside, which as I said , I like to watch.

What I didn`t like was the character of Nickels, who of course  tries to defend his girlfriend, and still hates Fender, for supposedly sleeping with his wife, a few years back. He just acts so dumb in more than one situation, endangering the stakeout and everybody involved. I really wanted to slap him, hard.

But the film picks up speed a little later on and ends rather satisfying.

If they would`ve changed the story a bit and instead of Nickels would`ve focused more on Vrana`s character Palatzo, this would`ve been even better.

But I am pleased, that my memory served me well, and made me revisit this pleasant, made for TV cop movie.

Ironside, the overall atmosphere of this and a decent score by Marty Simon, that reminded me of Jan Hammer and certain martial arts films ( kickboxer-like flutes and Hardboiled -like  jazz-saxophone) made this worth my time and money.

Official pics from UNISOLS-4 -VAN DAMME

JCVD  just released 3 stills from UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 4, bald like Bruce Willis.

Not that I have high hopes for this movie, and I am afraid, it will again feature Van Damme in only half the movie, as happened in part 3 already. Movie stills can be very misleading…I remember being stoked, seeing stills for Lundgren`s DIAMOND DOGS, and it was a really crappy movie. But I am always open for a surprise. This is supposed to be in 3D-WHY? It probably won`t play in theatres, and if it does, its gonna be a limited release like ASSASSINATION GAMES.

Whatever….cannot really judge it before it`s out.

Until then, here are the 3 stills  JCVD released on his facebook.

EX 2 -inspired Ass-Bashing is going to be PG -13

I read about this yesterday, that Chuck Norris allegedly asked to change  some crass dialougue into a PG-13 zone…but it wasn`t yet 100% official.

Today I read an article on WWTDD, which contains Stallone`s affirmation about the PG-13 rumour on Aintitcool News.

Says Stallone:

Harry, the film is fantastic with Van Damme turning in an inspired performance… Our final battle is one for the ages. The PG13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement,  trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and  delivers on every level. This movie touches on many emotions which we want to share with the broadest audience possible, BUT, fear not, this Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing will not leave anyone hungry…Sly

This will probably make the Van Damme fans happy, and some others unhappy.

While a good action movie maybe doesn`t need an “R”  rating to kick ass, it is still sad that they are holding back, just to make as much money as possible.

But I didn`t like the first that much anyway, and the extreme violence didn`t make me like it more….what ticked me off the most was the weak story.

The Expendables 2 (opening August 12)

So let`s hope for the best.Picture from WWTDD

Gettin` Any? Review – Kitano Slapstick 1994

Directed by Takeshi Kitano

A slapstick comedy, about a goofy middle-aged man who is obsessed with the idea of having car sex. While pursuing his ‘dream’, he makes all the wrong moves possible, and ends up enrolling in a number of crazy escapades.

If you know Kitano, you know that there is more to him than just the Yakuza-gangster roles.  In Japan, they know him first and foremost for his comedic talents and his TV shows. He is not just an actor, but also a writer , producer and director.

I know I enjoyed his tv-show, Takeshi`s Castle…and I knew that he was more than the cold-blooded killer or cop he`s played over the years.

But what he puts on display in this film is so over the top silly, that I can`t say  I would`ve expected that from Kitano…I haven`t seen much more of Kitano`s work than what the mainstream washed into our video stores , I have to admit that. After BROTHER, I believe I haven`t seen any more Kitano stuff, be it as an actor or director. There is still plenty to be seen, that`s for sure.

Back to Gettin`Any….It starts out with this guy Asao , who desperately wants to have sex in a  car…CAR SEX-U…right?….first he tries to get the best car possible to achieve his goal,  which doesn`t really work out….after he failed with that plan numerous times, the story changes, he tries to think of other ways to attract women, with certain jobs or even the help of science…with this, the original idea gets lost more and more, it gets from sex in a car to simply sex, or peeping on women in general. His  quest for sex lands Asao in a series of absurd situations, involving robbery schemes, big movie productions, yakuza gang rivalry wars and scientific experiments. During all this, Kitano makes fun of famous japanese figures and culture.If you know a bit about Japan and its heroes and culture, its certainly helpful to get certain jokes…if not, it`s still funny. I know, I laughed my ass off, even if some of the characters are yet unknown to me…it still works.Towards the end, it gets more and more off track, but I guess one doesn`t care anymore by then. There is no solution to his quest for sex, it ends in total nonsense…It is a bit long, running 110 minutes.

This kind of slapstick can be exhausting, and I had to force myself to watch it in one sitting. But since the plot gets lost over time, you could choose to watch it in episodes, since that`s it in the end, a bunch of episodes. But that doesn`t mean I didnt laugh out loud  all through the movie. The parts I enjoyed the most were the beginning and the gangster part, but it is all funny, I guarantee you. There is enough material for two movies in here, and a collection of WTF, as I have rarely seen. I would like to point out certain scenes, but there is so much material, I couldn`t possibly choose just  a few, and the trailer could only hint at what you`re going to get. I am glad I came across this film.

Kitano also plays a part in here, as one of the scientists in the invisible man episode.

The DVD is available on, with english  subtitles.

one scene from Gettin Any?

Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance Trailer #2 US (2012)

I don`t know about you, but i am truly excited for this…I like Cage a lot….Seeking Justice was good, but this….wets my pants. And it even has Christoper Lambert.

Here is Trailer 2:  coming this February, yeahhhh…thats in a few weeks time…

MOTHER ( Madeo) 2009

Directed by Joon-ho Bong

This was a total suckerpunch of a movie…it really was…

Maybe because I haven`t seen a film that truly impressed me for some time.

(Last one of this category was DRIVE).

Don`t get me wrong, I am watching lots of films, and most of them are pretty good, in one way or another.

But when it comes to films like this-truly great films, that you won`t be able to forget easily, that case is rare…maybe i`m watching the wrong films, or not enough? I am truly picky these days, I need some sort of good reason to watch something. I know, some of you stay with certain genres, or certain themes.

I try to pick films that have something special, to me at least.

Be it an actor, director or the poster….the film needs to speak to me, before it is allowed to grace my player. Ok, sometimes it`s just”fuck it-I´m watching this now!”…but most of the time , there is  something that made me do it.

I don`t know what makes me so picky…I am truly afraid to pick a movie that bores me, one that I have to turn off ten minutes in…

And with this film, I can`t possibly write something in depths about this movie.

I still feel I am ill equipt to write, the way certain people write in depth and detail. Part is psychology, I`m fast to belittle my abilities(proof here).

Most of my critique stays within my head-for myself. I hate how long that would take, too,lol.  If I´d do that, it would mean you`d get only one review a week. The motivation simply is lacking.

But before I derail totally, back to the film.

From the director of  THE HOST and MEMORIES OF MURDER, comes a tale about a mother and her mentally slow son.

He basically gets acused of  a girl`s murder, and is stupid enough to sign a confession.

His mother then tries everything and more, to find the real killer.

Thats the basics. But it is much more sinister and complex than it sounds.

I can`t go further, without spoiling everything.

I can only command you to see this film. I just looked up the meaning of Madeo, the other title for MOTHER. It means soaking wet with cold sweat..something like that…I really would like to give more details, but i am sure its even better to go in without too much foreknowledge.

South Korea really puts out some awesome films, as does Asia in general.

And i am not talking about Kung-Fu or martial arts. Ever seen

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War =? That one puts Saving Private Ryan to shame. The only good thing about that was the insane amount of blood n guts.

But it didn`t move me, ok, maybe a little…but all this american hurray shit makes you puke after a while. The view , the US has of itself..or is constantly trying to reminds us of, is making me puke. A little less of that”greatest nation on earth” would go a long way with me…. The Roman Empire had the same attitude..look where it led them….but I guess I am derailing yet again.

Go see MOTHER!!!





sharing an older drawing


This I did in 2001, now I have worked a little magic  to make it look a bit different-I loove photo manipulation.

It is my own comic character”Oliver Stone”(yeah-I know…weird character name..long story).

I did a whole series of drawings that take place in the video store…after my own experiences…this came much later, as stated above , in 2001.

For some weird reason I have pretty much stopped drawing comics, I never got around to revive my passion to the point of past glory…its a writers block, in some way,lol…but I am sure I will do something..someday….

Deadly Surveillance – German VHS Tape (1991)

I just bought this… its a movie I saw on TV, a long time ago.

I love Ironside, and I enjoyed this very much…a made for tv movie, directed by Paul Ziller, who made quite a bunch of DTV stuff

( Shootfighter 2, Bloodfist 4 etc.).

I will review this, once I made a DVD copy of it( I have no VHS recorder)…but my bro has all the tools I need. Never saw a DVD release, so the only way to see it is VHS -sourced. In the states, its quite cheap on ebay or amazon. It may not be the best movie ever, but I love Ironside, and his acting.