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The Prophecy 2-God`s Army 2 Short Shot review



Gabriel returns from hell to Earth to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human. The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by Thomas Daggett, now a monk.

Starring-Chris Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russel Wong, Brittany Murphy (RIP), Eric Roberts and Glenn Danzig


Here I am, writing again..yeehaa.

It really is difficult for me to find the time and frame of mind to write anything at the moment, but I really don`t intend on giving this up. No way-have met way to many great people by doing this.

So here it goes, finally, after a long time I review the second installment in a – so far 5 movies -series.

The first one still is better, for the one or other reason, but this second part has a lot going for it.

First, Christopher Walken returns as Gabriel. In a wonderful scene, he is climbing out of hell, cuz Lucifer couldn`t stand him anymore,lol. Awesome beginning. Reminded me a little of the resurrection scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 4, here we have a dog , too. But he ain`t pissing on a grave, but fire and dog was enough to remind me of that scene from NMOES4.

Well, this time Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a nepihilim. He recruits, as in the first installment, as good as dead people to help him in our world. He can`t drive and doesn`t know how to use a computer, so one of the”monkeys” must help out. Brittany Murphy(RIP) is one of them. Also, I think there is Amanda Plummer as another helping hand , but she is either uncredited on imdb, or it is someone that looks just like her, gotta watch the credits again….great cast, all-in-all. Walken steals the show, but there are some strong actors involved besides him. Walken also is in part 3, part 4 I like for other reasons, part 5 is pretty much a lost cause…but more of that later. If you enjoyed part one, this will satisfy your thirst for more, especially Walken. He seems to have much fun with this character, for us it`s nice to see more of him in a role he totally owned and delves in further in this second part. For any Walken fans-watch the first three Prophecy movies, that should do it for you. I had lots of fun watching this again.


Still alive…

Life has changed for me quite a bit in the last 2 months or so…I´m not single anymore, and that, together with a few things associated with it, makes it hard for me to focus on films and reviews as I have been acustomed to before.

I will try my best to make time for new reviews, it`s not like I have stopped watching movies.

Hope to offer something new soon.

I also started a new job, even if it`s not full-time, that also is a welcome change.

I hope  for me and my new-found love to both work and make a good life for us together.

Luckily, she ain`t the kind of girl that wants to change your life completely, or makes you give up hobbies .

There are girls like that, believe me. Not the case here….hope to return with quality content soon.

It´s only …some things gotta be done first and are more important and time-consuming than my little blog.