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My head hurts!!!

At the moment, I don`t feel focused when it comes to reviews, dunno…my head is allover the place.

The daily things keep my head so busy, it`s hard for me   to focus on reviews and films, I don`t even watch that much anymore since a few days…weird.

But I can`t fake it and  don`t want to deliver mediocre stuff, just to post stuff. Yet I have found time to paint, which als relies on how I feel, very much so.

I think, at the moment I have so many ideas and things in my head, which means frustration , since some of those plans are impossible to act out without the funds..Im very short on cash,which naturally slows things down. I had two canvases donated, so it was about time to put them to use..hence the painting…I also plan to draw more stuff…at least that isn`t connected to money.

Somehow, running a blog, you feel the need to post often and much stuff, as to keep the interest afloat, sure. But life gets in the way sometimes. I don´t make money with this, its just for there should be no pressure. Just post, what and whenever you like, right?  Since I am not a horror, or action-only blogger, I don`t even have a target group set in stone…

I do notice, though, that Van Damme still generates the most clicks, and I shall work on JCVD`s catalougue a bit more, still a few awesome movies to write about. I will try to write as free as possible, direct from my heart n mind , I can`t say I have a structure to my writing anyway,lol…I don`t pretend to be a good writer. But as long as it comes from the heart, some of it should translate to the reader.

I will be back soon, making up for lost time and throw the stuff at your eyes that I love and hold dear..or just flat out hate,lol..Don`t write me off just yet…I´?ll be back..with a vengeance!!!


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  1. No probs Ingo. I know what you mean – it’s tough doing regular blog posts every week. Take some time out and come back refreshed.

    September 23, 2012 at 1:18 PM

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