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Halloween badass finds…

I went out today , to look for movie-related stuff. Maybe some cheap DVD s or something.

And I was lucky, after I didn`t find anything all too interesting at my first stop, I got lucky at the next place:

German DVD of ” Never too young to die”, fullframe, but it has both german and english audio.

Just 3 Euros, on amazon they ask 15 or so…. had to pick that up!

Then, even more….

Cleopatra 3 disc collectors edition for just 4 Euros

Southern Comfort Steelcase 4 Euros, Mad Mission Steelcase , part 1 to 4-9 Euros.

I have never seen Cleopatra in full, just bits n pieces here n there on TV. For just 4 bucks I had to get it.

(american region 1)

Walter Hill`s Southern Comfort is well worth 4 bucks, even more so in a steelcase.

And that Mad Mission 4-movies  steelcase ain´t bad , either. There is a part 5, but 9 bucks for this is a good price to me.


Taggin my stuff

Since i am pretty new to blogging, i am still learning how to use all of the things that come with the territory.

Like tagging. I noticed that my search doesn`t really work that well, and now I know why. It won`t work properly without tagging my posts. The search term wont show up that easily without it. So I will work on tagging all my posts, for you to be able to find related posts or searching for any main actor, or director.

After finishing that, I hope my site is more fun than it already is.

recently seen..short mentions

Captain Corellis`s Mandolin

Well, I had this lying around, purchased for almost nothing, ehemm, actually really nothing,lol.

It was an american DVD, and my bro just recently brought over his DVd recorder, so I would record something for a friend on TV. This thing is also code-free, so I was finally able to watch some DVDs in Region1.

It was a long night, and I decided to give this one a chance. But it is a love story, hmm…I´m not always in the mood for stuff like that. But I was pleasantly surprised, it was great entertainment. There was even a little tear working its way up my eye, but lets say I was tired, and that makes it easier for my emotions to boil up.

Didn`t know that Christian Bale had a big role in this as well, and he fit the part .

Nicolas Cage can do no wrong in my eyes, I love almost everything with him. That`s almost!

Actually I had absolutely no complaints about anybody in this film. I can recommend it, if you are tired from too much DTV or horror or whatever you watch most. It is drama and feelgood movie in a wonderful package.

The Grand(2007)

A friend came by , with a few movies, one beeing this.

Starring Woody Harrelson and some other fine actors.

This was fun. It is about Woody`s character, who is about to lose his Casino, if he doesn`t win 10 million dollars in

a Poker Tournament, held in his own Casino. Besides a few great funny actors,

it features some famous Poker players  as well.

A fun time, surely helps if one knows and enjoys Poker.

Bunraku (2010)

This was better than I expected.

And it got better every minute. At least that`s what I felt.

It is a sort of Samurai-western revenge story, set in a colorful surrounding. A mix of  theatre feel, mixed with CGI and animation. If you can accept this mix( and I had my doubts at first), it is a fun ride. It is a weird one, but why not?This is just the second feature of the director , who made a  pretty serious drama before this.´Looks like he knows what he`s doing.


Directed by Albert Pyun

This has been given a new DVd release in Germany, under the simple title “SERIAL KILLER”.

It was on my to-watch-list for a few months.

It is a thriller , starring Charlie Sheen as former FBI profiler-turned novelist, who seeks refuge from his nightmares.

But he is forced back into the game by a serial killer, who sends him a  mysterious fax and leaves a murder victim on his doorstep. First he is a suspect, but can eventually clear his name and help the scottish police force to catch the maniac.

Fairly uncommon ground for Pyun(at least until that date), but he delivers a good crime thriller.

If you are familiar with some of Pyun`s work, here his crazy style  is toned down, but still recognizable, especially with the use of color-filters, which result in blurred reds n blues. Sheen is not bad as the tortured profiler, and Michael Halsey seems familiar from somwhere…

Its not a big smash, but if you`re in the mood for a decent , slow crime thriller, this might be worth a watch.

A funny moment sticks out, as the police quarrels with Windows 95 and  its rather slow working computers.

Fred Williamson and the truth about Bruce Lee`s death

Interesting part in an episode of “Durch die Nacht mit…” (through the night with…)

Franco Nero meets Fred Williamson. 2007 Arte TV


CYBORG (1988)


Lance Henriksen Biography – NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN

I thought I was fucked, when a seller on amazon didn`t come through with his obligation to sell me the book I just bought from him. He sold it to someone else, and left me  standing in the rain.

But thanks to a friend on youtube, it was brought to my attention that the hardcover is still being sold, at a normal price and with signatures as well.

So, looks like I still get my book after all.

I can only recommend buying this awesome testimony of Lance`s work.

It is still available through this official website:


The Q stands for Quetzacoatl, a winged serpent from Aztec mythology.

Directed by Larry Cohen

with David Carradine

Richard Roundtree

and Michael Moriarty

Well, for some reason this movie spooked around in my head for the last two days.

I saw this on Television first, but I also remember the posters of it in the cinema displays at a bus station  in the district I grew up in. They had at least two movies displayed there, maybe more. I saw Bambi next to some Zombie movie(guess what I stared at the most) and stuff like that. I remember fondly the discussion we had about Dawn of the Dead, without having seen a single frame of the movie itself.

I am not sure how old I was watching it on Television, but it stayed with me to this day. It includes stuff easy to remember, like the Empire State Building and of course the creature itself. Looking at it now, the creature effects don`t come close to what we are used to now. Of course not. But it was good enough for a 12-year old, or how old I might have been seeing it on TV. These kind of effects have a charm of their own, I rather see that kind of FX over cheap CGI any day. Looking at the uncut version now, I´m sure the TV version was cut, as it does have some pretty decent gore. Heads get bitten off, gnawed off skeletons and  severed limbs on display.


Detective Shepard gets on a case of a window cleaner, who lost his head on the job, and a fully skinned guy in a hotel room, maybe suggestion something as weird as human sacrifice. Meanwhile, the ex-con, ex-junkie(Michael Moriarty) Jimmy Qinn is working with some italian gangsters , aiding them in a raid on a jewelry store. His job is to transport the stolen goods to safety. But he loses the bag when he runs into a car. He panics and tries to meet with his laywer in the Empire State Building. Door is closed, and somehow he triggers a security alarm. He hides from the security guard all the way up, under the rooftop. There he discovers not only a few human skeletons, but also a huge egg. He gets back home, telling his girlfriend everything, about the robbery and the egg. His accomplices come looking for him, and he lures them  to the nest under the rooftop, supposedly having the diamonds hidden up there. They eventually get eaten by the Serpent, Jimmy escapes.(Maybe a weak scene, he couldn`t have known about the big monster being there ).But coming home, police is waiting for him already. Meanwhile, a cult goes on killing people, this beeing tied to the serpent.( I really dunno why they keep killing people , when the serpent is already out there, happily feeding on humans).

Reports of a giant flying lizard over New York amuse the police department, until more and more people go missing from rooftops.Jimmy listens to the detectives talking about the serpent sightings and missing people. He sees a chance to profit off his knowledge about the nest and ends up making a deal with the police. Now the police goes after the nest, killing „little“ baby-bird. That of course angers the big one, and a full-on battle ensues….will they  be able to kill the monster and end the cult`s killing spree?

David Carradine is not the focus in this film, it`s rather Moriarty, who steals the show in this one.I really liked watching him. Richard Roundtree as Powell is ok, but only one of many.

As a whole, I really enjoyed it, it`s not a masterpiece, but keeps you entertained throughout.


Directed by Tony Randal


Clint Howard
Dante Basco
Gary Daniels
Melvin Van Peebles
Downtown Julie Brown
Malcolm McDowell
Nalona Herron
Costas Mandylor
Andre Rosey Brown

Plot Summary:

A post-apocalyptic warrior wages war against the evil overlord who murdered his father and imprisoned his true love.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth is barren and the strong survive by preying on the weak, the series follows the journey of Kenshiro, the successor of Hokuto Shin Ken ( “Divine Fist of the North Star”), a secret martial arts style that allows its practitioner to destroy an opponent’s body from within by striking into their secret channeling points, often resulting in a violent and gruesome death. Kenshiro uses his skills to protect the weak and innocent.

The live –action film FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is only very loosely based on the manga and anime of the same name. The Storyline of the original is way bigger and more complex than this extremely downwatered  version.

Fans of the Manga or Anime will cringe watching this. The manga was adapted into two TV anime series produced by Toei Animation which aired on Fuji TV affiliates from 1984 through 1988, comprising a combined total of 152 episodes. Several films, OVAs, and video games had been produced as well, including a series of spin-offs centering around other characters from the original story. (wikipedia)

So, you see, it cannot hold a candle to a story of that volume. The very same thing happened to Dragonball, how can you try and melt a series of several hundred episodes into an 80 minutes  movie, to ripp off a million kids for their movie ticket money? This film compresses the whole thing into a simple „bad guy kills good guy(almost), takes his girl-good guy recovers , kills bad guy and gets the girl(who also holds the seeds of the future ).“ While the sets, costumes and effects are pretty good, Gary Daniels looks weird(doesn`t he always), the villain was laughable(especially when he tries to make Julia love him), and the fights are mediocre. It`s like you wanna like it, but the fighting looks just plain  silly and  makes you wheep.It looks way cooler in the animated version. The film doesn`t run 103 minutes as noted in imdb, it never was this long and never will be.The uncut running time is about 92 minutes.

So, unless you wanna have a good time with a bad film, this is a train-wreck of a movie, shaming the source material. The  animated feature of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR(1986) is much more fun. Proof, that some things simply don`t translate well into another medium.

more screencaps:

Mickey Rourke Rap from DR3VER game

The game isn`t that great(thats what I read), but the rap he delivers in the credits is funny…reminded me of that thing Joe Pesci did once, even had a video for it… wise guy!

here the mp3 of Mickey  doing his thing…

LIONHEART aka Leon , Wrong Bet, A.W.O.L., Full Contact (1990)

Directed by Sheldon Lettich

This is one of the earlier Van Damme titles, and one of my favourites.

Actually I like his early work better than  the later ones,

because here he is still working to establish himself as the action character we all know . I think he kept repeating himself  too much in his later work, and I don`t even mean the DTV era movies of his.

The Van Damme I still love is the early Van Damme. That were the movies. Later the big productions, while not totally bad, didn`t have the rawness no more, something I think made him popular. The same is true for Stallone, beyond a certain era, it just wasn`t the same anymore.

Van Damme plays Leon Gaultier, a french foreign legion soldier. He took the blame for a crime of his little brother, and instead of jail, he chose to do his time in the foreign legion.

Sadly, his brother didn`t learn much from that it seems, cuz he gets brutally murdered, as he tries to buy cocaine. But the deal is a set up and  the cocaine is nothing but sugar.When he gets upset  about the fake cocaine, the dealer sets him on fire. Arriving at the hospital well-cooked, he screams for his brother. The wife of Leon`s little brother writes a letter to Leon in northern africa, who asks for a temporary leave from the legion, but it gets denied by his  superior.

When he insults him, he is about to be put into the „sweatbox“, a little torture device that is sure to make anybody comply, sooner or later. He fights off his guards and escapes through the desert. He gets on a ship that leaves for the states, on which he works like a slave.When the ship doesn`t arrive in L.A. as promised, he has a fall-out with the  big guy who commands the ship`s workers, jumping into the water and getting ashore. He needs to get to New York, but how? He has no money whatsoever. Soon, he witnesses a streetfight in the harbour. He  fights a big guy and knocks him out cold. Joshua, a former streetfighter and now turned promoter is impressed with Leon, and introduces him to Cynthia“The Lady“, a beautiful woman, who has high society contacts and also promotes streetfights for very rich customers. She likes Leon from the very beginning, but more in a sexual way. A fight is arranged and of course, impresses them as well. He gets enough money to go to L.A., but Cynthia wants him to keep fighting. When he arrives at the L.A. hospital,  his brother has passed already. He visits the widow of his brother, but she blames him for the death of her husband, curses him and won`t accept the money he wanted to give her. He gets drunk, and Joshua arranges a hotel room for him, paid by Cynthia.

She wants him to fight for her, but even more , she wants to fuck him. It is really funny, how fast she goes over the egde, when he refuses her advances.

Fights are arranged, and Leon becomes the next big thing in the illegal fighting scene. Leon and Joshua play a trick on his brother`s widow by telling her about a supposed life insurance, that will be paid in parts, which is desperately needed, as she struggles to pay the rent and support her little daughter, which now gets the bike she wanted so bad. Unbeknown to Leon, the foreign legion sent two soldiers to arrest him.They eventually track him down, but he escapes them. He then visits her again, and when she sees his wounds from his last fight and Joshua explains , that this is all for her, she warms up to him and the relationship turns normal again.

One more fight is all he needs to take them away, into a new life.

But Cynthia is still pissed about Leon`s sexual refusal, so she arranges a fight, she thinks he won`t walk away from alive, or at least, badly hurt.

She gets the most brutal fighter they have to offer. To potential customers, she makes sure Leon looks like a sure bet, so that she can get the most out of this fight, financially.

Leon injured himself in the fight against the french legion guys, but plays it down, so the big fight won`t be compromised.

Cynthia also arranges for the Legionnaires to get Leon, after the big fight is finished.

Joshua finds out about Leon`s injury, and as the time comes to bet on either Leon or Attila, he puts his money on Attila. WRONG BET!!!! Leon punches Attila to mush.

The two Legionnaires are so impressed with it, that they let him go.

HAPPY END. Well, as I said, it`s one of my top 5 Van Damme movies. The cast is great, the story way more engaging than your average martial arts-themed movie and it features  well choreographed fights, tailor-made for Van Damme.

It is a perfect entertainment package, with sad, funny and dramatic moments that left me feeling good, leaving the cinema. I went to see it again the very next day. For Van Damme movies, I always went the very first day it opened, excited like it was x-mas.

The film exists in different cuts. The US version misses a few dialogue scenes, the european version some of the burning brother in the beginning of the film and a few other , small cuts.

Nothing spectacular, but as a fan it can drive you nuts, in search for the ultimate version.

At least the fights are uncut in all versions. I would like to see a workprint of that, but that never showed up. Too bad, I wish there would be more workprints available. As a fan, it is so damn interesting to see.


Jean-Claude Van Damme
Léon Gaultier
Harrison Page
Joshua Eldridge
Deborah Rennard
Lisa Pelikan
Hélène Gaultier
Ashley Johnson
Nicole Gaultier
Brian Thompson
Voyo Goric
Sgt. Hartog
Michel Qissi
George McDaniel
Eric Karson
Ash Adams
François Gaultier
William T. Amos
Drug Dealer
Roz Bosley
Dennis Rucker
Irish Legionnaire (as Dennis Wayne Rucker)
Billy Blanks
African Legionnaire