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The Prophecy 2-God`s Army 2 Short Shot review



Gabriel returns from hell to Earth to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of an angel and a human. The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by Thomas Daggett, now a monk.

Starring-Chris Walken, Jennifer Beals, Russel Wong, Brittany Murphy (RIP), Eric Roberts and Glenn Danzig


Here I am, writing again..yeehaa.

It really is difficult for me to find the time and frame of mind to write anything at the moment, but I really don`t intend on giving this up. No way-have met way to many great people by doing this.

So here it goes, finally, after a long time I review the second installment in a – so far 5 movies -series.

The first one still is better, for the one or other reason, but this second part has a lot going for it.

First, Christopher Walken returns as Gabriel. In a wonderful scene, he is climbing out of hell, cuz Lucifer couldn`t stand him anymore,lol. Awesome beginning. Reminded me a little of the resurrection scene in Nightmare on Elm Street 4, here we have a dog , too. But he ain`t pissing on a grave, but fire and dog was enough to remind me of that scene from NMOES4.

Well, this time Gabriel wants to prevent the birth of a nepihilim. He recruits, as in the first installment, as good as dead people to help him in our world. He can`t drive and doesn`t know how to use a computer, so one of the”monkeys” must help out. Brittany Murphy(RIP) is one of them. Also, I think there is Amanda Plummer as another helping hand , but she is either uncredited on imdb, or it is someone that looks just like her, gotta watch the credits again….great cast, all-in-all. Walken steals the show, but there are some strong actors involved besides him. Walken also is in part 3, part 4 I like for other reasons, part 5 is pretty much a lost cause…but more of that later. If you enjoyed part one, this will satisfy your thirst for more, especially Walken. He seems to have much fun with this character, for us it`s nice to see more of him in a role he totally owned and delves in further in this second part. For any Walken fans-watch the first three Prophecy movies, that should do it for you. I had lots of fun watching this again.


The Expendables 2 Review

Hey there..back to writing reviews, finally. I wasn`t in the mood the past few weeks , but

Now I feel the need again.

This time it`s The Expendables 2.

And I must say-this film is truly expendable. I wanted to like it, I really did. The first one was a huge disappointment already, I was hoping that it gets better. But in my opinion, it didn`t.

Again, the story is something everybody could write down in a minute on the toilet.

When I have the feeling, that I could have written a better story, that`s when I begin to feel cheated. It is not a low-budget crap`s some of the biggest names of action cinema!  With that amount of star power, how can you let it become such a poor movie? And that twice, holy cow.

It feels like the last writer`s strike never ended. I was kinda excited for Van Damme as the villain, and for a few minutes I tried to sugarcoat it…but I gave up soon.

His accent , which I normally have little problems with, eventhough he should`ve gotten a few lessons to improve his english, he never did, and here he makes it only worse. The way he says challenge there is just so terrible. Why did nobody say: “ Hey JC, it`s challenge, not challANGE!” Please try that again. And all the shit about the goat and satan and all that..WTF? Terrible. Plus the respect and honor crap, when it`s crystal clear that he doesn`t have any of that?  And killing off the “character” with the weakest background and oh so heartbreaking Afghanistan story?  In the beginning I thought they might kill Rourke`s character, even without actually seeing him, since he obviously didn`t return, it would`ve made more sense, revenge-wise. Opening with a huge onslaught of action that doesn`t mean anything for the following “plot”? What a waste. Even the finale didn`t provide that much action. They surely shot a lot of people, but it wasn`t the same scale as the opening.

Chuck Norris comes outta nowhere, making no sense. And the Chuck Norris jokes were lame.

Also, the I´ll be back and forced and not funny. You might say” It was never intended to have a good story  etc..”..maybe. If so, this kind of  retro-action-parody isn`t for me. I have no desire to watch this again anytime soon. It just has no rewatchability for me.

Just a bunch of missed opportunities. I could think of several scenes that would`ve made a difference. Make Stallone box Lundgren, even in a training situation-you got a nod to Rocky 4. Make Van Damme split and punch someone in the nuts-nod to Bloodsport..and so on.. Even the final fight of Stallone and Van Damme was too short and one-sided. Universal Soldier 4  kicks more ass than this one. Simon West delievered decent action, but all pieces together, it didn`t tickle me much. During the movie I really only waited for the final fight and it was too short.

In the end, maybe it was too silly for my taste. If I want silly, there is always Jackie Chan or Adam Sandler…doesn`t work for me with the action stars of yesterday. The action is decent, but to me felt aimless and uninspired. Ok, enough of the bashing.  I couldn`t invest my feelings into this one, it felt ..well..expendable. The Expendables movies will never find the way into my collection, because I see no long-time value here. I rather  watch me some originals, which even after 20 years or more, are far better and left lasting impressions.

The Boneyard 1991 short review

Directed by  James T. Cummins

Children turned into zombies wreak havoc in a coroner’s building with just a burned-out psychic, an experienced cop and two coroners to stop the madness.

Recently I got  a few gifts from a friend who is moving to the US soon,

Everything from games to posters, VHS tapes and a few DVDs…

One of the DVD titles was The Boneyard. Sadly it was just the german version.

But I got hold of the original version in English soon after, simply cuz the german dubbing

felt wrong for this one.

Some veteran actors and zombie kids, plus a zombie poodle peeked my interest.

It is a Video title, and probably didn`t get much attention. And it surely is not a great film, but interesting it was.

It starts out pretty slow, but picks up in the second half.

It reminded me of a lot of other flicks, only that some of those flicks came out even later.

It has an 80s feel to it, despite the fact that it was made in 1990, or 1991.

But close enough still…there are quite a few early 90s films that still had the 80s feel to it.

The direction or cinematography is nothing to write home about, but I found quite a few things I enjoyed. It is one of those films that I feel could have been much more, if you would`ve tweaked it a bit. The atmosphere saved the first half for me, and it only got better with time. I didn`t expect much, but enjoyed it for what it was…low-budget fun with some weird things  in there. I forgave the flaws it has in pacing , acting and story-wise.

It just was the right film to end my day. Phyliss Diller, I found out later, was a very well-known actress in the US, she only died this year , on August 20th 2012.

She plays the night desk clerk in the morgue, her name ? Miss Poopinplatz. Probably as funny for you as it is for me, somehow a mix of English and german. I think…Dunno if that does exist as a real name, probably not.

Anyway….If you wanna see something weird, yet charming, and have the hots for a zombie poodle that looks like something out of Braindead ( Dead Alive) then maybe you wanna give this a chance. The director is better known for his FX work, found a really interesting interview with him here.

Trailer below:


Directed  by John Hyams



Yesterday I went to see Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning at my local Cinemaxx.

I was quite excited for it, because it was supposed to be bigger and different from the third part, also directed by John Hyams. I didn`t really like that one, mostly because Van Damme looked so tired and bored to death. For a DTV title it sure was pretty good, but my critiscism mostly was due to the story and Van Damme. The second part was ignored(probably a good thing) and yet the story for the third felt very run of the mill-cheap.

From what I gathered, this was going to be pretty violent and in 3D. Both not really a reason for joy, the third was very violent , but it wasn`t fun, except for Dolph`s final moment there.

Well, I´m happy to say that they achieved fun violence here!

The film opened like a horror film and used the 3D for atmosphere , rather than “in your eye-poking” stuff.It`s also shot completely in first-person perspective for the entire opening scene. Ill try to not spoil anything, cuz I didn`t know anything about the story, apart from a few pics I`ve seen online. That`s the way you should go into this, too. If you are lucky enough to catch it at Fantasy Filmfest in Germany or Actionfest in the US. Otherwise  you`ll have to wait til the end of October for it to appear on DVD and Blue Ray. Maybe it gets a limited run at theatres, too.

I have written some ugly stuff about John Hyams, after I´ve been quite disappointed with his past few outings. To me, it was nothing special. Maybe my expectations are too high, possible.

Most seem to like the 3rd UNISOLs outing, I didn`t. But this time, I have to say: They really did something different. Finally, it didn`t feel like run of the mill stuff.

As I said, it opens like a horror-film and it continues to not be your ordinary action movie. A bit film-noir, thriller elements and medical sci-fi all mixed into one dark, but very entertaining experience. For the first time I liked Scott Adkins as an actor. I couldn`t feel much sympathy for him in his earlier movies. After all, he is the central figure in the film and if you don`t like him, the film is pretty much done, right? He did very well. The action-and blood-metre is pretty high in this film, with scenes you would only come to expect in horror films, this is really hard R, for real! And they managed to make it fun, too. There were several scenes that made us cheer and scream out loud in the cinema. (Btw, it wasn`t really packed, only a hundred people there, tops.) I would love to talk about certain aspects of the film, but that would include all-out spoilers, I guess. For now, I must hold back.

I really have to watch the third part again, maybe this time around I could enjoy it more. Also, I must refresh my memory …the Unisols seem to not need any cooling devices anymore, the body overheating and such seems to be no problem anymore. Maybe that was explained in the third, I don`t remember. Andrei Arlovski gets quite a lot of screen time and fights a lot. Dolph Lundgren has a few good scenes and two fights. Van Damme  has some key scenes and a great fight at the end. He is the leader of his Unisols pack, with an agenda of their own. The suspense is held up til the end, with a major twist I can`t spoil as well.

I wish I could revisit it now, but I have to work from memory of one screening only.

It is a brutal mystery sci-fi thriller, refreshingly different. Fans of the main actors will love it, there is no doubt about that .  John Hyams redeemed himself with this one in my mind. If he keeps doing inspired movies like this he has my full support.

From me, if I`d go by a scale from 1 to 10, I´d give this 8 out of  10.

Brutal, fun action galore, a great genre-mix that`s  thrilling til the end. Some very good fights and lots of blown off heads!!! (some scenes are really out there!)

Written by  Ingo

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Directed by Tony Scott (RIP)

-possible spoilers ahead!

Love this violent love story!!!


Clarence  works in a comic store and loves Elvis and Kung Fu movies.

On his birthday he meets Alabama, a hooker sent by his boss as a birthday gift.

She only reveals herself as a hooker after the fact, but she already fell in love with him.

He feels pretty much the same and wants to help her get away from her abusive pimp Drexl.

This is when everything goes wrong and they find themselves hunted by gangsters and police.


Ok, after the apparent suicide of Tony Scott I couldn`t help but think of his movies, of course. This led me to write a review about one of his greatest films. There are thousands of movies I could write about and sometimes it needs a tragic thing like this to finally take on a certain film. My choice was this-TRUE ROMANCE.

I am not sure if I have seen this in the cinema, I am getting old…I really don`t remember if..

But I do remember the movie, very much so. It`s one of my absolute faves and at one point, had an oversized, awesome poster of the film on my wall. Stupid me sold it at one point. This kinda oversized posters are hard to come by and now I don`t have it anymore..well. Just one of a lot I don`t have anymore. Keep your shit, is all I´m going to say. Don`t sell off your collection of movie-related stuff, unless there is no other option anymore. You will regret it at some point.

True Romance is such a beast , I`m not sure if I will find the right words for it, but I will try:

First of all-the cast is incredible! Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Chris Walken, Brad Pitt,Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, James Gandolfini and more.

There are very few movies that could rival that kind of a cast. Then, the screenplay is from Quentin Tarantino, although it was a bit rewritten, but the core is Tarantino, and I think it shows. There are things in there that scream Tarantino from a mile away.

Like the Streetfighter triple feature at the cinema. It also is full of extremely quoteable lines.

I don`t know if there was improvised dialogue, but some exchanges come across so natural and real, especially the speech by Patricia Arquette on the roof. It is so heartbreakingly romantic, at least to me. And she is cute in this, and sexy. Maybe her best performance ever.

Slater is also on top of his game, pretty much everybody gives noteworthy performances, I can`t think of anybody in this not leaving an impression. Saul Rubinek, Michael Rapaport and Bronson Pinchot, all characters felt pitch-perfect. The story is over the top and full of action, romance and tragedy.  Gary Oldman as Drexl, holy shit, what a performance. Same goes for Chris Walken as Vincenzo Coccotti and yeah, pretty much all of them.

Although running  two full hrs, it never drags, Until the end I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I read a few things about plot holes n such, the note on the fridge etc.

But if you want, that can be explained away, I guess. At the time, it never bothered me.

The violence is pretty extreme, to me it always felt right. As much as most of them overact their roles, the violence followed suit and made the high stakes of it clear and increased the tension. After all, you want the crazy in love couple to get away, right?

When Clarence gets shot and appears dead, I was really bummed..until he got back up!

I was very happy with the happy end after all they went through. This film to me is like a good friend, something I can identify with on a personal level. It feels like a weird, violent dream, complete with a love story…something I think I could`ve dreamed up in one of my epic dreams I tend to have sometimes since I was a young teenager. It is the kind of romance that clicks with me, situations so outrageous and weird. Like a violent fairy tale with happy end. It captures love and the shortsight of youg adults, who tend to think of themselves as immortal, at least they don`t really think about it. And when they do, they brush it aside with a “so be it then!” Does that make sense? Hope so.

I`m not good at explaining the visual aspects of a film, at least not the technical parts…It is beautifully shot, as everything by Scott, memorable scenes and places. What I remember best is the scenes at Drexl`s place. Just what you expect a pimp dungeon to look like, or not?

The score and the soundtrack are also memorable. Especially “I want your Body” by Nymphomania and the Hans Zimmer piece “You`re so cool” are always playing in my head when I think of this film. “You`re so cool” is a cover version of Carl Orff´s “Gassenhauer”, a piece I have heard in variations in a lot of films. Just recently in the movie “LUNAR COP”.

All in all, it`s a must-see, if you haven`t. If so, please close that hole in your cineaste education. There are a hundred reasons to see it, and I don`t know anybody who didn`t like it.

Tony, thanks for this wonderful film. YOU`RE SO COOL!!!!

MILL CREEK DVD-triple feature review – D.O.A., Playing God, Color of Night DC


Finally my triple thriller dvd-set came in today. Mill Creek Ent. was nice enough to send me this for review. Sorry that it took so long to get to me Mill Creek, but here it is : My review of Mill Creek´s  TRIPLE FEATURE DVD-set, containing COLOR OF NIGHT Director`s Cut, PLAYING GOD and D.O.A..

All of these are great on their own, but let`s take it one at a time:


It’s high-voltage thrills as star David Duchovny (The X-Files) and Timothy Hutton (The Good Shepard) square off in an edgy confrontation where the stakes are high – and the action is deadly! Duchovny plays Dr. Eugene Sands, an ex-surgeon lured into a dark underworld by a hip. but lethal, mob boss (Hutton) in need of some unorthodox medical assistance. Before long, Sands is “playing God” – caught in a web of murder and mayhem, and growing far too close to the mobster’s seductive mistress, played by sexy Angelina Jolie (The Tourist).

I rememeber renting and later buying this on VHS, a so-called DTV title.

Duchovny was  doing the X-Files, and inbetween seasons, he still had time to make features.

I really like David, and he didn`t disappoint me here. Together wih Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie, we are treated to a violent thriller that lives off its stars, but also has a few more wellknown faces to boot, like Peter Stormare, Gary Dourdan and so on..

I liked the voice –over narration by Duchovny, that gave insight into his past, current state of mind and whatever he was planning to do next. Hutton delivered a great villain, really enjoyed seeing him. Angelina Jolie was ok, beautiful to look at, but still a  few years away from her big break. Her face wasn`t  as skinny as it is these days, I think she looked better that way. This film has it all, violence, fun and suspense.As far as DTV goes, this was a real treat and a solid thriller with one of my favourite actors, David Duchovny. Defintely worth a look.

D.O.A. – Time is running out for Dexter Cornell (Dennis Quaid – Footloose, Soul Surfer, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra). He has just 24 hours to unravel the bitter truth surrounding his own poisoning. In his desperate search, everyone’s a suspect, even the woman who loves him (Meg Ryan – Kate & Leopold, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle). Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, creators of superstar “Max Headroom,” D.O.A. pulsates with explosive action and sizzling performances by Quaid and Ryan, two people who find themselves suddenly living on the edge. It’s a night on the run, filled with fear, danger – and passion.

This film I haven`t seen since the 90`s, but I remembered it to  be a solid, entertaining thriller.

The end reveal, or the finale grande was a bit on the mediocre side, but all-in all it was very entertaining. It also has a great cast , beginning with Quaid and Ryan, further Charlotte Rampling, Daniel Stern, Brion James and so on. Worth a watch in my book. Both directors haven`t done that much worth mentioning, but this film is a solid effort. Meg Ryan is terribly sweet in this(isn`t she always?).

MILL CREEK offers a Blue-Ray of this, as well.

Color of Night – Witness firsthand never-before-seen footage in a sizzling erotic thriller, starring Die Hard sensation Bruce Willis and sexy Jane March (Clash of the Titans). Haunted by the chilling suicide of his patient, psychologist Dr. Bill Capa (Willis) seeks refuge with a colleague in Los Angeles. But when his colleague is brutally killed, Capa gets entangled in a bizarre web of deception and murder. In the center of it all is the sensual Rose (March), who promises to fulfill all of his reckless fantasies – until she becomes another tantalizing mystery he must solve! From the engrossing opening to the heart-stopping climax, COLOR OF NIGHT delivers action-packed drama you can’t escape!


Here we have the Director´s Cut of Color of Night!

Worth mentioning, cuz it seems to be out of print as a single DVD and there ain`t no Blue –Ray of it, either.

Now, I know that this film has won a Razzie Award, something no director or actor is looking for in this business. But I´d like to defend this film, it ain`t that bad!

I have seen this in the cinema back then, being a Fan of Bruce Willis, and not opposed to nudity on screen. I remembered Jane March from the Lover, a film I really like.

She isn`t the greatest actress around, but she sure ain`t ugly to look at. The film has a certain consistent vibe to it throughout, something, I`d call a plus. It is claustrophobic at times, explosive and suspenseful. The supporting cast is colourful: We have Lance Henricksen, Brad Dourif, Scott Bakula, Ruben Blades, Kevin J. O`Connor and Lesley Ann-Warren.

It is a weird mix of love, crime and psychology, and a lot of people didn`t seem to like it that much. Still I think it`s better than most people would admit. The sex scenes surely feel tacked on, and they are basically what the film was sold with, but I was well entertained and glad I revisited this much-maligned sexy thriller. It`s weird for many reasons, but the Razzie could`ve found a better home that year, I´m sure.

About the DVD set:

It comes in a double disc Amaray case: Disc one features D.O.A. and Playing God, the second disc holds Color of NIGHT in it`s Directors Cut, 15 minutes longer than the theatrical US release. Both are DVD-9, so there is no quality concern, picture-wise.

If you like thrillers,for under ten dollars this is  a 3 movies set worth getting.

Language: English Genre: Drama, Mystery Starring: Bruce Willis, Dennis Quaid, David Duchovny, Angelina Jolie Co-Starring: Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Jane March, Ruben Blades Format: DVD Run Time: 5 hr 59 min Rating: R Region Code: Region 1 Street Date: 06-26-2012

All films come in 1,85:1 Widescreen

link to this DVD set: here

Thank you, MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT, for sending this.

Make sure to check out Mill Creek`s website here

Plenty of great deals , everything from single movies to mega-packs, DVD and Blue-Ray at great prices.

Manhunter 1986 Michael Mann Review

Directed by Michael Mann

A stylish thriller , that reminds me why I love movies!

Ok, after robotGEEK did his review  just recently, I finally sat down and watched it again, after a looong time….must´ve been a few years, but I remember liking it. Now I have seen it again. And it was just what I needed on that night, a really cool, stylish crime thriller.

I like Petersen and remember  Tom Noonan at least from Robocop 2.

Brian Cox was pretty good as Lecktor, but he really isn`t the focus in this film.

It is one of those films that got recognized only with time and thanks to Silence of the Lambs and the following movies about Hannibal Lecter, or Lecktor..what is it?

It was supposed to be called RED DRAGON, like the book, but the producer opted for Manhunter, cuz at that time, too much dragon stuff was coming out, like Bruce Lee movies and the film with Rourke , YEAR OF THE DRAGON.  Mann didn`t like that title, but I think it`s not that bad, cuz this film is all about a manhunt.

It starts rather chliched, with Will Graham(Petersen) being retired from his work as a profiler, but returning to it once more to help catch a killer , known as the “Tooth Fairy”.

He is still a bit messed up from the confrontation with Hannibal Lecktor, but agrees to help, promising his wife he only will look at the evidence and not risk to be physically harmed.

Which, of course, is hard to uphold, as he delves deeper and deeper into the case.

Ok, no more plot, at least not a complete rundown.

I really liked Petersen, and Noonan, who made for a creepy killer, not without human traits, especially when he reacts so terribly jealous at one point. You almost pity him, well, I did..for a moment, really great scene. The visuals are great, the cinematography is just top notch and reminds you of Miami Vice a bit. There is so much great stuff to look at here. When Petersen ran out of the ward or prison, out of this huge, white building , all the way outside, that just fit the situation so perfectly. This isn`t an action film, it’s a gritty, brooding crime thriller, with good old forensics and detective work and characters, who have depth to them.

I initially mistook  the score as something by Tangerine Dream, but it wasn`t, not really. But Klaus Schulze was a member of that band for a short time.  Something of his is played in the screen credits. And for whoever made the Tangerine Dream sounding stuff-it really sounds just like them. I must not forget Dennis Farina, always welcome. He looked a bit very pale and sick I thought. There are a few different cuts of this film, there are several called the theatrical cut and the Dc also has two version, which differ only by one small snippet.

I liked the theatrical I saw, but I can understand when you`re interested in the DC  as well, there is a 2 disc version out there, which contains both versions. I also read that one release has the DC in better quality, but I don`t know right now on what page I read that. If interested , just surf a little around ..I´m sure you`ll find something that leads you to the right release.

All in all, a great crime thriller that won it´s appreciation with time, as many other do, ending up being called a cult classic or something. To me, it surely is the most interesting one from the films featuring Hannibal. Yes, I like this better than SOTL.

Compared to this, all those others feel so mainstream.  I don`t own any of those, and don`t plan to. But of Manhunter, I´d like all versions on my shelf. Or at least that 2-disc edition.

And the german VHS  tape from VCL, which has a nice cover with embossed lettering.

If you haven`t yet, check out Manhunter-I´m sure it`s worth your time.

Here a comparison for the theatrical to DC:


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Directed by Chris Nolan

Ok, this will be short, cuz there is no point in a long review for a film that had a million reviews written already.

First of all, it was too long and it had too many characters for my taste.

I didn`t enjoy Catwoman at all, she felt redundant to me. Bane was ok as the main bad guy.

It just felt too much, all the things they stuffed in this movie, knowing this was the final one for this series of Batman films.

I hate the batsuit, did it look that complicated already in the first one? Batman never had a suit like that in the comics I´ve read (70`s, 80`s and 90`s Batman).

Even the one of Burton`s Batman didn`t look all that easy to move in, although looking better than what followed. He may be the DARK KNIGHT, but does that mean he has to wear a suit that allows for very little movement? And look like a space-suit, too?

The fanfilm variations look way cooler and nearer to what I´d expect Batman to look like.

To this day I haven`t bought any of these Nolan Batman films on DVD, cuz there is nothing about them that would make me wanna revisit. I am much more interested in getting my hands on the comics I´ve read as a young boy.

These Batman movies to me don`t have the flair of the comics…the Burton ones where close, but , as good as Nicholson was as the Joker, the one from the comics looked mean and was skinny. Nicholson`s Joker wasn`t skinny and didn`t look menacing, at all.

And I hated the Penguin in the second one, he may exist in the comics, sure…but it was too silly for my taste. Michelle Pfeiffer was rather great as Catwoman, though.

Well, bottom line is, as much as I like Batman, the films fall short of what I would like to see.

Not bad movies per se , but far from how I would make it, if only I could.

The best so far remains Burton`s Batman, only the first film. He had the coolest Batmobile, too.

Plus the Batwing, just great designs.


Directed by Allan Moyle

Mark is an intelligent but shy teenager who has just moved to Arizona from the East Coast. His parents give him a short-wave radio so he can talk to his pals, but instead he sets up shop as pirate DJ Hard Harry, who becomes a hero to his peers while inspiring the wrath of the local high school principal. When one of Harry’s listeners commits suicide and Harry- inspired chaos breaks out at the school, the authorities are called in to put a stop to Harry’s broadcasts.

Lately I´ve been reading a few reviews on Christian Slater films.

I also have been watching some of his more recent films, to see what he `s up to these days. Sadly he isn`t cast any more in big budget films, or at least that`s a rare occasion lately.

But this happened to a looot of good actors in the last ten years or so. There are new faces who take their places, just the way it is. Christian Slater however had a lot of great films in the 80s and well into the 90s.

Today it`s PUMP UP THE VOLUME, a teen drama, that I deem a must-watch.

If you don`t like Christian Slater, ok…but I do love that guy, there is nobody I could compare him to, he is unique.

I love his way of talking, his gestures and his kind of comedy and drama delivery.

Written and directed by Allan Moyle—-I must applaud you. You have created a teen drama that I haven`t forgotten, 20 years later. Comedy and drama are  well-balanced.(Actually, the comdy bits are mostly the Hard Harry things in here, the rest is pretty much straight drama).

Most teenager issues are touched on, being a teenager is tough, everybody has had their share of things during that period, one way or another. The transition from kid to adult is anything but easy. And of course, the adult world doesn`t always handle them and their issues properly.

The film may not have the ultimate answer..does anybody? –But the message is-don`t give up..high school isn`t the end…it gets better, you will survive…(I think).

These days  there is a lot of talk about bullies and such, it may have gotten even worse, with internet and cellphones everywhere…the humiliation, that once was confined to the school and maybe your neighbourhood, is now available at the touch of a button, on youtube or your cellphone. The problems of teenagers haven`t changed, it hasn`t gotten better, only worse. In that regard, I´m happy I lived in the times of audio cassettes and walkmen, record-players and vhs . I can only imagine the hell some ppl go through these days. But ok, I don`t wanna turn this into a psycho-society stuff class.

Especially good in here, of course Slater as Hard Harry and Samatha Mathis as Nora Diniro.

I think she is hot. I was happy to see them back together in BROKEN ARROW in 1996.

I remembered her well and thought it was a nice déjà-vu.

Important to me also was the music. In fact, this film introduced me to Leonard Cohen. It made me buy his records and I was lucky enough to see him in concert in 2008. I can only recommend this guy to anyone…in my opinion this man is a magician.What a great concert that was, man. I was pissed when his song” Everybody knows” wasn`t on the soundtrack, only a cover version. But I have his original records, so biggie. Judging from my experience, most soundtracks are missing a song or two that you felt should`ve been on there.

Nowadays it is easier to find them, should that be the case still.

Some of the best songs in movies never even made it onto a record and got destroyed or lost, cuz they were merely demo tapes from unsigned bands. I still agonize over a song playing in the beginning of THE CLASS OF 1999-the substitute….impossible to find! Argh!!

Back to the film…I know, I haven`t talked much about what´s going on in there, just watch it, it´s one of the cornerstones in my mind and collection. It´s magic…just my humble opinion. It was very relevant to me when I first watched it…and thats more than 20 years ago.—urgh! A film worth seeing ….feels like they dont make them like that anymore or`s cool, it`s raw, it`s funny.

I´m glad i´ve seen this, it spoke to me and felt like I have seen something that matters.

Some Noomi Rapace ….Daisy Diamond and Babycall short reviews

I recently looked up what Noomi Rapace did before the Millenium Trilogy and was reminded by a friend about her new movie.. Daisy Diamond  was interesting , cuz it seemed to have a lot of nudity going on…and yeah, it does.

The new one, Babycall doesn`t have that, but it`s not like she is a porn star, right?

Anyway, I got those two films, watched them…and boy was it depressing.

Not even the nudity in Daisy Diamond was able to cheer me up, cuz in the context of it all my boner faded fast.

In Daiy Diamond she plays an actress. She goes to Denmark to find work in movies. But she is not alone, she has a  little girl, 4months old. She is unable to cope with both child and the tough auditions she goes through. She is getting rejected, time after time, sometimes the baby is to blame, since she is forced to take it with her as the single mom that she is. She is totally stressed out, it all becomes too much, the baby is crying almost all of the time. Alone and overstrained , she makes a terrible, terrible decision….can`t tell you much more, it would spoil most of the film.. it is a well-made film, her acting is fearless and not easy to forget. I can see why she was chosen as Lisbeth Salander after seeing this. It is not a fun ride, only if you`re in the mood for something dark and artsy you should give it a shot. It is well worth seeing.

Babycall is a dark movie as well.

Plot via imdb:

After escaping an abusive husband Anna and her 8 year old son move to a secret location in a giant apartment building. Terrified that her ex-husband will find them she buys a baby monitor to keep in her son’s room at all times. But strange noises echo in the baby monitor from elsewhere in the building. As she witnesses the sounds of what she believes is another child being murdered she fears it is her own. Reliving the nightmare she recently escaped Anna will need to figure out what’s real and what isn’t before she loses her sanity and her child.

This , to me, was not much fun to watch, as it is one of these psycho drams, not my kind of topic, unless it is presented in a more entertaining fashion. It also concerns a kid, not as young as the baby in Daisy Diamond, but still…these 2 movies won`t cheer you up, especially if you are a parent. Here, she also takes drastic measures to escape something.

Well, if you are interested in serious drama stuff, try it. Me, I can do without.

I prefer her as Lisbeth so far, and I hope she gets a few good roles in the future that don`t involve that much depressing, disturbing themes and roles. Judging from the movies I have seen her in, she could have a brilliant career. I really hope that she lasts in this tough business  and the call from Hollywood isn`t just a short fluke.