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That is the kind of posters I like….


Hardware aka MARK 13 poster

I tried to find a poster for this film, but since it`s a smaller film and there surely wasn`t much advertisment , it seems almost impossible to find an old video store poster from the 90`s.

All I could find was one that had  a completely different artwork from the german cover I was looking for. I decided to make it myself then…found a decent resolution picture online, erased a few things here n there and blew it up to 4 times it`s size.

Thanks to it beeing pretty dark and low on details, it worked pretty damn well.

Recently I got a sort of voucher from my health insurance for a photo online shop,and after checking them out I decided to do this, paying only 5 bucks in plus . Still not the one awesome company I used before to make one of these for my buddy Jason over at robotGEEKS Cult Cinema , but for 5 bucks I took the chance. The quality is decent enough, but just a bit under the standard I`ve seen with  NOw I have one for myself, too. All that is needed now is the frame.

The picture quality of the shot I took doesn`t represent the glory that is this poster, but you get the idea.

If  it doesn`t exist-make it yourself…..

This will look awesome once it hangs on my wall!!!

THEY LIVE DVD and Blue Ray from SCREAM FACTORY !!! artwork revealed!

That is the kick-ass cover art for the upcoming release of THEY LIVE on DVD and Blue-Ray.

I personally always vote for the original cinematic poster artworks, but since those can differ from country to country, maybe this ain`t such a bad pick. If you want a poster of this, you must pre-order your  copy of the Blue-Ray or DVD!!

via Scream Factory:

“We’re especially pumped to reveal to you our official key art of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE! The DVD & Blu-ray streets 11/6 (yes, on Election Day).

SPECIAL OFFER: If you preorder from us you’ll get a limited edition 18″ x 24″ poster of this kick-ass design not available anywhere else.

Extras are still in progress but we can now fully confirm that we’ve already shot an interview with Carpenter himself. More specific details on special features to follow in the next couple of months. Till then, keep chewing bubblegum and kicking ass!”


Batman rises…and I`ll go see it, too..soon

So, TDKR starts soon here in Germany, and that is going to be one of the few films I am willing to go to the cinema for. I already missed the Avengers, cuz I didn`t wanna go alone, and there was no one who would  come with me..which is weird…isn`t it?… Batman starts here on Thursday I believe. I am so glad we have one or two cinemas, which  do show it in OV, meaning in english language, I am so used to that by now, I simply prefer it. Very sad, that the movie will always be associated with the massacre that took place.

Again, it started a totally overblown reaction regarding security and all that. It is impossible to protect us from stuff like that. School shootings and the like will happen again and again, regardless. There is no guaranteed security, not on the street, not in the air, not in space ..nowhere. Hope you have a good time with Batman in the cinema, may you all return home unharmed. Have fun!!!!


Did you know? I didn`t!!!



Things just got a bit more serious…

I am very excited to tell you that I got approved for trial to review Mill Creek Entertainment Movies!!!

A few of the bloggers and Youtubers I am following have good relations with Mill Creek, and so came the idea, to try and ask them for review samples. Try, you must -said Yoda!

I wouldn`t have asked them, if I wouldn`t like what they are offering, so I am very happy to get the chance to do this.

Since they are not shipping review copies overseas ( I am sitting in Germany) , I have to abuse a friend to receive and forward it to me(thanks a million, Jason). That will take a few extra days, but the most important thing is that they end up in my player,lol. But if I do my job well, and I certainly plan to-I think that some releases can find their way to me early enough, before they are officially available.

And even if they decide to send me anything else, what`s a few days, right?

I am looking forward to this, and while the first sample is on it`s way, why don`t you check out Mill Creek`s website, full of great stuff: From single DVD`s and BlueRays to double and triple sets, full seasons or even complete season`s collections, 50 and 100 movie sets, documentaries  and so on…there is something for everybody, I`m sure.

I am planning to add videos to the reviews, too. That way you can see it up close and I can show it to you beyond simple pictures.

CLICK HERE to visit Mill Creek Entertainment!!!!

Here is me-painting stuff-GREEN LANTERN in acrylics

I rarely paint, mostly due to the lack of material, it all costs money in the end…but I had the urge lately to paint something. This time, after I did a Batman one, it felt right to do this-the Green Lantern. Somehow I want to make a few more, also green, like the Hulk and maybe Green Arrow?-That could be called”the green series”then….Hope you like it!!!

Help Video Free Brooklyn !!!

Thanks to “From  The Depths of DVD Hell” , I came across this post on their Facebook page.

NYC film critic Aaron Hillis recently bought with his wife the Brooklyn based video store “Video Free Brooklyn” to save it from being closed down. The aim now via Indiegogo is to raise the $50,000 required renovations to renovate the shop as part of an ambitious plan to save the store, the full details of which you can find here:


I think that`s one hell of a good idea…I´d probably do the same thing if I could…

Video stores have been hit hard by the digital changes and the internet, but that  doesn`t mean a good video store with people behind the counter actually knowing about their movies and caring about their customers  must be a thing of the past.

So I am totally with them, wishing them all the best for this fund-raiser and all the success in the world long-term.

If you like this idea, too…maybe you have a few bucks you wanna give to this good cause. And even if not, maybe just spread the word on your facebook or blog or wherever…


Radioactive Dreams on DVD-plus OST

Ok, this DVD is out since early last year already, and by now not easy to find anymore,if you do, it`s still pricey.

First of all-the quality of the DVD isn`t the best, they didn`t take a good master. I`ve been reading that there is supposed to exist a remastered version, picture and sound, but until that materialises, it`s just rumours.

The small lable JAM put this out, as single DVD and as Special Edition, including the soundtrack.

They were originally asking 35 Euros(roughly 50 $) for it, which is a bit much, especially when considering the poor quality.

And the single DVD sold for 8 or 9 Euros.

The limited (1000) SE has a different cover than the single -disc DVD.

Still, it`s the first officially released version on DVD. But I also read that they forgot to license the DVD logo, which resulted in Amazon and other retailers  pulling it from sale. (Still a few on sale, but not directly from Amazon)

Let`s hope there is a remastered version out there, and somebody more quality-oriented decides to give this film a chance.

After all, it´s one of Albert Pyun`s better ones.

The film comes in two versions, the german cut, which is slightly longer, and the US cut.

It comes in german and english, Deutsch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), Englisch (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo)

And  it`s widescreen16:9 – 1.85:1( still not the original aspect ratio) , even if the intro is fullscreen, but that was intended that way.

You can still find a few of them on



I really love these Resident Evil movies. I´d even watch part 10! I never get enough of Milla kicking ass!!!