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VIDEO STORE memories….the good times

Freddy in Space just linked an article on Facebook, about abandoned video stores. Shows the decline of the oldschool video stores we all spent quite some time at.

Not even big chains are excluded from the decline. They all feel the change that the internet brought upon them.

Access to movies was never this easy. Netflix zooms the film right into your home, with lots n lots of films.

Movies also have never before been this cheap. I remember paying 60 german marks for one tape, or 100 for a Laserdisc.

Now its between 5 and 25 dollars or euros, tops. All easy to access, via  your favourite online retailer, complete with lots of infos about them, like reviews, quality comparisons and such.

I met a bunch of good friends in my local video store, friendships made through the movies. A few of them are my best buddies now. The video store was like a pub, only without was the drug of choice. The  Coffee was free, too. I went thru several pots a day, staying up to 12 hours sometimes…ok, I know thats sick, but it`s true. Must have been a period when I was unemployed or the holidays,lol. Also, we were able to blast some great metal thru the store..Oh , the good times. I even drew a few comics based on that(which I still have ).

Got a story? Let me know your best memories from back then, when video stores were the place to be!


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