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MILL CREEK DVD-triple feature review – D.O.A., Playing God, Color of Night DC


Finally my triple thriller dvd-set came in today. Mill Creek Ent. was nice enough to send me this for review. Sorry that it took so long to get to me Mill Creek, but here it is : My review of Mill Creek´s  TRIPLE FEATURE DVD-set, containing COLOR OF NIGHT Director`s Cut, PLAYING GOD and D.O.A..

All of these are great on their own, but let`s take it one at a time:


It’s high-voltage thrills as star David Duchovny (The X-Files) and Timothy Hutton (The Good Shepard) square off in an edgy confrontation where the stakes are high – and the action is deadly! Duchovny plays Dr. Eugene Sands, an ex-surgeon lured into a dark underworld by a hip. but lethal, mob boss (Hutton) in need of some unorthodox medical assistance. Before long, Sands is “playing God” – caught in a web of murder and mayhem, and growing far too close to the mobster’s seductive mistress, played by sexy Angelina Jolie (The Tourist).

I rememeber renting and later buying this on VHS, a so-called DTV title.

Duchovny was  doing the X-Files, and inbetween seasons, he still had time to make features.

I really like David, and he didn`t disappoint me here. Together wih Timothy Hutton and Angelina Jolie, we are treated to a violent thriller that lives off its stars, but also has a few more wellknown faces to boot, like Peter Stormare, Gary Dourdan and so on..

I liked the voice –over narration by Duchovny, that gave insight into his past, current state of mind and whatever he was planning to do next. Hutton delivered a great villain, really enjoyed seeing him. Angelina Jolie was ok, beautiful to look at, but still a  few years away from her big break. Her face wasn`t  as skinny as it is these days, I think she looked better that way. This film has it all, violence, fun and suspense.As far as DTV goes, this was a real treat and a solid thriller with one of my favourite actors, David Duchovny. Defintely worth a look.

D.O.A. – Time is running out for Dexter Cornell (Dennis Quaid – Footloose, Soul Surfer, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra). He has just 24 hours to unravel the bitter truth surrounding his own poisoning. In his desperate search, everyone’s a suspect, even the woman who loves him (Meg Ryan – Kate & Leopold, You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle). Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, creators of superstar “Max Headroom,” D.O.A. pulsates with explosive action and sizzling performances by Quaid and Ryan, two people who find themselves suddenly living on the edge. It’s a night on the run, filled with fear, danger – and passion.

This film I haven`t seen since the 90`s, but I remembered it to  be a solid, entertaining thriller.

The end reveal, or the finale grande was a bit on the mediocre side, but all-in all it was very entertaining. It also has a great cast , beginning with Quaid and Ryan, further Charlotte Rampling, Daniel Stern, Brion James and so on. Worth a watch in my book. Both directors haven`t done that much worth mentioning, but this film is a solid effort. Meg Ryan is terribly sweet in this(isn`t she always?).

MILL CREEK offers a Blue-Ray of this, as well.

Color of Night – Witness firsthand never-before-seen footage in a sizzling erotic thriller, starring Die Hard sensation Bruce Willis and sexy Jane March (Clash of the Titans). Haunted by the chilling suicide of his patient, psychologist Dr. Bill Capa (Willis) seeks refuge with a colleague in Los Angeles. But when his colleague is brutally killed, Capa gets entangled in a bizarre web of deception and murder. In the center of it all is the sensual Rose (March), who promises to fulfill all of his reckless fantasies – until she becomes another tantalizing mystery he must solve! From the engrossing opening to the heart-stopping climax, COLOR OF NIGHT delivers action-packed drama you can’t escape!


Here we have the Director´s Cut of Color of Night!

Worth mentioning, cuz it seems to be out of print as a single DVD and there ain`t no Blue –Ray of it, either.

Now, I know that this film has won a Razzie Award, something no director or actor is looking for in this business. But I´d like to defend this film, it ain`t that bad!

I have seen this in the cinema back then, being a Fan of Bruce Willis, and not opposed to nudity on screen. I remembered Jane March from the Lover, a film I really like.

She isn`t the greatest actress around, but she sure ain`t ugly to look at. The film has a certain consistent vibe to it throughout, something, I`d call a plus. It is claustrophobic at times, explosive and suspenseful. The supporting cast is colourful: We have Lance Henricksen, Brad Dourif, Scott Bakula, Ruben Blades, Kevin J. O`Connor and Lesley Ann-Warren.

It is a weird mix of love, crime and psychology, and a lot of people didn`t seem to like it that much. Still I think it`s better than most people would admit. The sex scenes surely feel tacked on, and they are basically what the film was sold with, but I was well entertained and glad I revisited this much-maligned sexy thriller. It`s weird for many reasons, but the Razzie could`ve found a better home that year, I´m sure.

About the DVD set:

It comes in a double disc Amaray case: Disc one features D.O.A. and Playing God, the second disc holds Color of NIGHT in it`s Directors Cut, 15 minutes longer than the theatrical US release. Both are DVD-9, so there is no quality concern, picture-wise.

If you like thrillers,for under ten dollars this is  a 3 movies set worth getting.

Language: English Genre: Drama, Mystery Starring: Bruce Willis, Dennis Quaid, David Duchovny, Angelina Jolie Co-Starring: Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Jane March, Ruben Blades Format: DVD Run Time: 5 hr 59 min Rating: R Region Code: Region 1 Street Date: 06-26-2012

All films come in 1,85:1 Widescreen

link to this DVD set: here

Thank you, MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT, for sending this.

Make sure to check out Mill Creek`s website here

Plenty of great deals , everything from single movies to mega-packs, DVD and Blue-Ray at great prices.


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