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Directed by Chris Nolan

Ok, this will be short, cuz there is no point in a long review for a film that had a million reviews written already.

First of all, it was too long and it had too many characters for my taste.

I didn`t enjoy Catwoman at all, she felt redundant to me. Bane was ok as the main bad guy.

It just felt too much, all the things they stuffed in this movie, knowing this was the final one for this series of Batman films.

I hate the batsuit, did it look that complicated already in the first one? Batman never had a suit like that in the comics I´ve read (70`s, 80`s and 90`s Batman).

Even the one of Burton`s Batman didn`t look all that easy to move in, although looking better than what followed. He may be the DARK KNIGHT, but does that mean he has to wear a suit that allows for very little movement? And look like a space-suit, too?

The fanfilm variations look way cooler and nearer to what I´d expect Batman to look like.

To this day I haven`t bought any of these Nolan Batman films on DVD, cuz there is nothing about them that would make me wanna revisit. I am much more interested in getting my hands on the comics I´ve read as a young boy.

These Batman movies to me don`t have the flair of the comics…the Burton ones where close, but , as good as Nicholson was as the Joker, the one from the comics looked mean and was skinny. Nicholson`s Joker wasn`t skinny and didn`t look menacing, at all.

And I hated the Penguin in the second one, he may exist in the comics, sure…but it was too silly for my taste. Michelle Pfeiffer was rather great as Catwoman, though.

Well, bottom line is, as much as I like Batman, the films fall short of what I would like to see.

Not bad movies per se , but far from how I would make it, if only I could.

The best so far remains Burton`s Batman, only the first film. He had the coolest Batmobile, too.

Plus the Batwing, just great designs.


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  1. I agree with you on some levels, though I did enjoy Hathaway as Catwoman. She looked Seeeeeeexy. 🙂 But yea, way too long and full of a ridiculous amount of plot holes. It seemed like they tried to cramp so much stuff into a 3 hour movie, omitting how they got from point A to point B most of the time. We’re just supposed to accept it most of the time. Great review!

    August 10, 2012 at 7:36 PM

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