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Hardware aka MARK 13 poster

I tried to find a poster for this film, but since it`s a smaller film and there surely wasn`t much advertisment , it seems almost impossible to find an old video store poster from the 90`s.

All I could find was one that had  a completely different artwork from the german cover I was looking for. I decided to make it myself then…found a decent resolution picture online, erased a few things here n there and blew it up to 4 times it`s size.

Thanks to it beeing pretty dark and low on details, it worked pretty damn well.

Recently I got a sort of voucher from my health insurance for a photo online shop,and after checking them out I decided to do this, paying only 5 bucks in plus . Still not the one awesome company I used before to make one of these for my buddy Jason over at robotGEEKS Cult Cinema , but for 5 bucks I took the chance. The quality is decent enough, but just a bit under the standard I`ve seen with  NOw I have one for myself, too. All that is needed now is the frame.

The picture quality of the shot I took doesn`t represent the glory that is this poster, but you get the idea.

If  it doesn`t exist-make it yourself…..

This will look awesome once it hangs on my wall!!!


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