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Batman rises…and I`ll go see it, too..soon

So, TDKR starts soon here in Germany, and that is going to be one of the few films I am willing to go to the cinema for. I already missed the Avengers, cuz I didn`t wanna go alone, and there was no one who would  come with me..which is weird…isn`t it?… Batman starts here on Thursday I believe. I am so glad we have one or two cinemas, which  do show it in OV, meaning in english language, I am so used to that by now, I simply prefer it. Very sad, that the movie will always be associated with the massacre that took place.

Again, it started a totally overblown reaction regarding security and all that. It is impossible to protect us from stuff like that. School shootings and the like will happen again and again, regardless. There is no guaranteed security, not on the street, not in the air, not in space ..nowhere. Hope you have a good time with Batman in the cinema, may you all return home unharmed. Have fun!!!!


2 responses

  1. Went to see it yesterday, I found it flawed but magnificent, filmmaking on a scale so impressive at times it took my breath away. Hope you enjoy!

    July 27, 2012 at 2:20 PM

  2. Jason Elizondo

    I have to agree with Martin. It’s not without it’s problems, but for the most part it’s thoroughly entertaining, epic and grande.

    I know we’ve discussed it since you’ve seen it recently and we both seem to be pretty much on the same page, except for the Anne Hathaway issue. lol.

    My biggest beef would be that it was just too damn long.

    July 28, 2012 at 3:27 PM

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