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Directed by Jack Perez

Some Guy Who Kills People is about Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, who sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.

Ok, so I went into this film believing it to be just another fun, trashy slasher. But i was veeery wrong.

(Mind you, I didn´t even watch the trailer-the poster with the icecream was enough to sell it to me, which made me believe its a fun slasher, simple and trashy…)

Before my eyes unfolding was a near perfect combo of   psycho-drama -slasher-dark comedy.

I didn`t mind  that what I was watching was nothing like what I was expecting to see, rather surprised and happy to stumble upon a little gem unexpectedly once again, as it happens once in a while.

The director is known for quite some trashy stuff, only this time he got a great script and great actors together and managed to make a tight film that is funny, engaging, dark and twisted in places.

I can`t say enough good things about the actors, everybody did a damn good job, there wasn`t a single one to complain about.   Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwich, Karen Black, Ariel Gade especially.

I haven`t seen a movie in some time-(dunno , let`s say weeks, cuz I`m watching quite a lot of stuff) that left me so satisfied like  this one.

I won`t  spoil anything. Just pop it into your player or watch it on netflix or wherever, if you wanna see a tense, dark, funny and engaging story all rolled into one-this is your ticket!

The poster artwork and DVD cover are both misleading I think…one hints at a fun slasher, the other one makes the impression of a much darker movie than it ends up being.


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