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Covert Action aka Hangmen 2 (1988) Mini-review

Directed by J. Christian Ingvordsen

Inside the  Senate Hearing Room, Frank White, professional soldier, Vietnam vet and CIA operative, is fighting the toughest battle of his life: he’s on trial for the assassination of Miguel Rivera, a Central American diplomat. Only two men could have made the shot – White or his friend Rick Burns, ex-military sniper now working as a Mafia hitman. Testimony unravels the intricate web created by Rivera and Daniel Waterman, head of an international cartel dabbling in both Latin American Politics and cocaine. A while back, White and Burns led a commando assault into the Colombian jungle to destroy Waterman’s main cocaine processing factory. After a vicious battle against counter-attacking mercenaries the entire strike team was slaughtered…all except for White and Burns. Burns returned home with a bitter obsession: revenge. But Waterman discovered his plan to assassinate Rivera and set out to stop it by blackmailing Frank White. Desperate, White turned to beautiful WHITNEY TODD, fearless Federal Agent. As they find themselves caught in the crossfire of the courtroom persecution they realize they must fulfill one last mission…to hunt for the truth that would destroy Waterman forever. Written by Anomynous)IMDB plot description


I have seen this around the same time as Hangmen, again with the awful romanian dubbing, later I was pleased to find both of them in a small video store , where I was finally allowed to completely understand what`s going on( my Romanian skills weren`t as developed back then as they are now).

In Germany, this is called Hangmen 2, but has no relation to Hangmen, other than the fact that both Rick Washburn and J. Christian Ingvordsen play the main roles here.

While I completely loved Hangmen, this one lacked the fun I had with Hangmen.

It consists to 50 percent of senate hearings and talking, which gets kinda boring while you wait for action sequences. He should have reduced the amount of talking and instead focus on the action, that way it might have been something. Still, I somehow like the style of the film, it`s so different from what you are used to see . I don`t know how to explain it, the film feels pretty amateurish, but then again has a few really nice scenes. A lot of it feels claustrophobic, the score helps there..its simple , but effective. It`s a kind of feel that works for zombie movies,and somehow he should`ve made one, cuz his style would have fit there completely. I haven`t seen  a whole lot of Ingvordsen`s films, but right now I am planning to track down his filmography. He made some horror movies in the last decade, and while I know that his skills are limited, maybe there are one or two that I could like. But my hopes aren`t that high, he is notorious for using stock footage and scenes from his earlier movies, cutting corners wherever possible, and I am not sure if he evolved over time. But I have a weak spot for Rick Washburn and the director, so let`s see, maybe I am in for another trashy gem or two. Most will turn this off after a few minutes, but maybe there are a few weird people , who can get something out of this…maybe sniper fetishists. To me, its watchable , cuz I like the main actors and the look  of it, plus the trashy feel..somehow I am able to get something from it, a certain feeling I have extreme trouble to put into words…I`m weird..I know…

The US – VHS can be found on, the german VHS on

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Rick Washburn is a real life weapons specialist and provides the film industry with all the guns they may need.

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