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Things just got a bit more serious…

I am very excited to tell you that I got approved for trial to review Mill Creek Entertainment Movies!!!

A few of the bloggers and Youtubers I am following have good relations with Mill Creek, and so came the idea, to try and ask them for review samples. Try, you must -said Yoda!

I wouldn`t have asked them, if I wouldn`t like what they are offering, so I am very happy to get the chance to do this.

Since they are not shipping review copies overseas ( I am sitting in Germany) , I have to abuse a friend to receive and forward it to me(thanks a million, Jason). That will take a few extra days, but the most important thing is that they end up in my player,lol. But if I do my job well, and I certainly plan to-I think that some releases can find their way to me early enough, before they are officially available.

And even if they decide to send me anything else, what`s a few days, right?

I am looking forward to this, and while the first sample is on it`s way, why don`t you check out Mill Creek`s website, full of great stuff: From single DVD`s and BlueRays to double and triple sets, full seasons or even complete season`s collections, 50 and 100 movie sets, documentaries¬† and so on…there is something for everybody, I`m sure.

I am planning to add videos to the reviews, too. That way you can see it up close and I can show it to you beyond simple pictures.

CLICK HERE to visit Mill Creek Entertainment!!!!


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