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Help Video Free Brooklyn !!!

Thanks to “From  The Depths of DVD Hell” , I came across this post on their Facebook page.

NYC film critic Aaron Hillis recently bought with his wife the Brooklyn based video store “Video Free Brooklyn” to save it from being closed down. The aim now via Indiegogo is to raise the $50,000 required renovations to renovate the shop as part of an ambitious plan to save the store, the full details of which you can find here:


I think that`s one hell of a good idea…I´d probably do the same thing if I could…

Video stores have been hit hard by the digital changes and the internet, but that  doesn`t mean a good video store with people behind the counter actually knowing about their movies and caring about their customers  must be a thing of the past.

So I am totally with them, wishing them all the best for this fund-raiser and all the success in the world long-term.

If you like this idea, too…maybe you have a few bucks you wanna give to this good cause. And even if not, maybe just spread the word on your facebook or blog or wherever…



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