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The Divide (2011) Review

Directed by Xavier Gens

(some major spoilers-so think twice, if you haven`t seen it yet)

Survivors of a nuclear attack are grouped together for days in the basement of their apartment building, where fear and dwindling supplies wear away at their dynamic. (taken from film page)

I almost passed on this one, cuz I didn`t think I would wanna see a bunch of people locked in a basement shelter, and them going crazy rather fast..and I was kind of right-that aspect of it I didn’t enjoy.

Still, it has a few good actors in there, especially Michael Biehn.

The film shot itself in the foot right at the very beginning, when Lauren German

looks outside , right into an atomic bomb blast. I don`t think that you`d have time to run down several stories, before the blast reaches you-I think you`d be fried right that very second. And that’s the very first scene…

So then some people run down into the basement, where Michael Biehn has prepared his very own bomb shelter, he tries to fight them back, but some break through…I´m sure he didn`t like that, at all. But it is what it is. He explains his rules right from the beginning, nobody is allowed to exit the shelter through the door, or else radioactive dust would come through…and some more rules, I won`t bother explaining. The building over them collapses soon after, as do a few more around them. The arguing starts fast, some try to call relatives(which is kind of stupid after an atomic blast, to expect phones to work). A bit later, some soldiers from outside open the door with welding equipment and storm inside, guns drawn, in really cool looking hazard suits and abduct the little girl of  Marilyn´s character( Rosanna Arquette). For what, we can only guess. That makes the already very bad situation worse, especially for Marilyn, who after that already starts to fall apart, understandably so… They however  take down one of the soldiers, his suit will come in handy later. Again, I am not a big fan of these kind of psycho dramas, more often than not, they annoy the hell out of me. But if you can stand that kind of thing and think it`s interesting to watch, it`s quite solid acting for the most part, and boring it never really gets.

But the film makes no sense to me, once it`s all over. But I`m getting ahead of myself…

They decide to send one of them outside, to see what´s going on and to maybe save the girl.

Outside the door everything is wrapped in plastic tunnels, leading to some kind of laboratory, that inherits children in tanks, no hair, in liquid with breathing apparatuses attached. Some kind of experiments seem to be going on, but it never gets explained.What the hell are they doing that for, just a few hours, or even minutes after an atomic blast?  This was weird and interesting, but as the story unfolds further, never gets explained. That`s my major beef with this film, it could have been awesome , with that part of the story leading to something more, but it stopped, after Josh(Milo V.) gets into an altercation with them suits outside and flees back into the shelter. The soldiers/scientists weld the door shut, escape through that door is no option anymore. The inhabitants continue to fight over food, go mad, use Patricia Arquette`s character as a sex slave and do some other ugly things to each other. End of story is one lone survivour getting out, standing in the ruins of the city…no hope, nobody there…and the film ends. No explanation what the scientists wanted with the girl. Why introduce such an interesting side-plot and just leave me hanging …the whole thing wasn`t that bad, but this made the film irrelevant to me. Kudos for making a great-looking film at 3 million $, but this side plot was unnecessary and made me angry for being teased and left dumbstruck  as the credits rolled. If you need something to make you angry-watch this film.


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