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PIRANHA 3DD (2012)

Directed by John Gulager (possible spoilers ahead)

 “I am not afraid of some punk-ass water”

After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.

I really enjoyed Piranha 3D, and now-part 2 –DOUBLE D.

The title lives up to it`s name, as there is plenty of nudity on display here.

The first scene features Garey Busey, a guy I always love to see on screen.

But his appearance is all too short.

Something has survived in a lake, near the WET SPOT, a water park just ready for the summer season. Beyond the normal pool areas, the 51 percent owner of the place, Chet( David Koechner) has set up an adult pool, where girls are all nude, and a cooch-cam gives you a close up of their best parts when exiting the water. This upsets the 49 percent owner, his daughter Maddy( Danielle Panabaker). Money-hungry dad, upset daughter…yeah, yeah….ok.

Of course we have a bunch of teens, a gang of friends, who wanna enjoy their time there, a corrupt cop, who turns a blind eye to Chet`s business practices, the “crazy” scientist, played again by Christopher Lloyd(back to the future doc). When Chet decides to use the lake`s water to fill up his pools with, despite warnings from his daughter, the catastrophe is immininet.

At the end of part one –Piranha 3D, there was that parent fish, huge–ass piranha, that served the last joke before the credits. Somehow I expected those big ones in this sequel.

But the piranhas aren`t as big as the one seen in that last scene of Piranha 3D. Bigger, dunno…but not as huge as expected. The appearance of David Hasselhoff as himself, I enjoyed that and I could laugh at it, too. Some may find it less funny than I did, but at least he can laugh at himself. Btw, you should really sit til the end credits are all done, some funny stuff there, too.

What I enjoyed most was the re-appearace of Ving Rhames, as deputy Fallon, you may have seen him in the trailer with the line “bring me my legs”. I had no high expectations watching this, and it isn`t better than part one, but I still liked it, despite the fact that there isn`t anything all too special here. The gore was less than in part one, and often looked quite cheap. But somehow that didn`t matter too much, it was still ok. Some jokes were pretty dark, they didn´t shy away from killing at least one kid. It was 80 minutes of fun. I expected a few nude girls and some funny kills, and that`s what I got. Actors like Busey, Rhames and the Hoff, plus Christopher Lloyd made it watchable. But the first one is still way better. Gulager hasn`t done much more than 3 parts of Feast( I liked the first one-haven`t seen the other two..) and despite a similar budget to PIRANHA 3D, he couldn`t deliver something comparable. Alexandre Aja

looks to be the more talented director here. Yet it was fun…


2 responses

  1. Man, I loved the remake, so there’s just no doubt that I have to see this one too. Great review buddy!

    June 8, 2012 at 12:51 AM

  2. The first one wasn’t a classic by any means, but at least it tried to have some fun with itself. This one just seemed like it was trying to cash in on the name and didn’t do much except give us a lackluster amount of blood, boobs, and piranhas. Boooo! Good review.

    June 9, 2012 at 1:30 AM

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