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IRON SKY (2012)


 This film had a lot of online buzz, and it was almost impossible not to stumble upon it in the last year or two.

I understood it was financed by the fans, but reading more about it, it was just a million out of 7, 5 million Euros in total. Still impressive , and the fans also could participate by naming characters from the film or add ideas to the  story. Merchandise was available, long before the film came to theatres. They are asking quite much for the stuff, but if it helped finance the movie, hell. The budget of 7,5 million euros (roughly 10 million dollars) has been put on the screen, and it looks great!

It is a dark comedy, spiked with satire and myths about the Nazis.

Made by the same guys from Energia Productions,  who brought us STAR WRECK, a successful indie parody of Star Trek. Financed by finnish, german and australian film production companies.  Made by people with a clear vision and love for what they are doing, Iron Sky didn`t disappoint me. It exceeded my expectations.  It is not the greatest thing ever, but it shows, that with a somewhat small budget, a good idea and love for the project, something more than mediocre can be achieved.

In 2018, an American moon mission stumbles upon the Moon Nazis, who fled to the dark side of the moon in 1945. By now , they have a gigantic moonbase,  lots of ships and the Götterdämmerung, a super-destroyer, that has yet to be finished. The Nazis version of the death star, you could say. They capture one of the astronauts and suspect him of being part of an  advanced mission  from earth to attack them. . Alarmed by this encounter, they prepare to attack earth….

 But I really don`t wanna spoil it for you too much.

I can tell you, the moonbase and the ships, all scenes in space look great, especially if you consider the budget. The sets look great and convincing, nothing looks really cheap.

Udo Kier makes an appearance as the moonbase”Führer”, Götz Otto is his right hand with aspirations of becoming the next Führer, Christopher Kirby is funny as the American astronaut , pretty much everybody fits their roles well. A crazy scientist is also on board.

The American  president is a Sarah Palin-look-alike, fitting very well into this thing, that is comedy, parody, exploitation and maybe a little social commentary, all rolled into one.

Simply a good ride. There is no gore or nudity, if you are looking for that, move on.

But jokes there are plenty, in every direction, but mostly towards the Nazis, of course.

If you go into it without high expectations, or the wrong ones, you will find plenty to like and to laugh here. For once, we have actual germans playing the germans, too often the Nazis are played by non-germans, resulting in terribly delivered german lines.

I had a great time with this-I say: Check it out!!!! It had or has a limited theatrical release in several countries, and the DVD and BlueRay  is set to come out later this fall.

Leave the popcorn on the shelves, grab some Bratwurst with Sauerkraut instead and enjoy IRON SKY!!!!


2 responses

  1. DAMN! This looks awesome! Great review and like the new look of your blog!

    May 30, 2012 at 6:26 PM

  2. curtis maloy

    as a fan investor i am dieing to see it in the USA! hurry up!

    July 1, 2012 at 10:35 PM

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