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The Taint (2010)

Directed by Drew Bolduc & Dan G Nelson

Wow, just wow!!!

I expected a lot, and then not much at all from The Taint.

I read a good review about it, before I watched it. And honestly, at first watch, it was a bit too much and I didn`t grasp the whole thing. It needed a second and a third viewing to fully realize what this is. In my humble opinion, it`s utterly brilliant, especially for such a low-budget thing. And it kinda made me wanna meet the guys who made it. It seems to me, we would get along just great.  I won`t give you a rundown of the whole film,I´ll just try to mention a few things and hopefully , make you wanna see this thing.

The story is simple, the water gets tainted(by whom or why I`ll let the film explain) with a

substance that makes men, and only men go wild. Soon almost every man around is a sex-crazed zombie, looking for women to kill. So besides being uncontrollably horny, they also seem to hate women to the extreme, killing them in unspeakable ways.

The hero of the film is one of the few who aren`t yet tainted .

Out of nowhere, he finds himself  surrounded by insanity. But hell, watch it…I shouldn`t spoil it. I´ll add a trailer, to help you get an idea of it.

The acting is not the greatest and then again in parts just right, most of it feels like they wanted it that way  exactly, which sure isn`t the case, but it all adds to the fun of it.

If you take this seriously, you cannot be helped. Also, from the very beginning, the soundtrack elevates the film greatly, from synth score to rockin guitar riffs, a soundtrack that can stand on it`s own. I am actually planning to buy that thing. Again, for a student film, with little money, this feels extremely well-made, the intro reminded me of the Laser Paradise intro( german-and I believe austrian film distributor).

Very 80`s, with a little tronesque sequence. Then it´s a bunch of boobs..and….insanity…

The beginning shows how the water gets tainted, with the help of reworked stock footage. Later in the film there is also an animated little cartoon . I like that when they switch styles in a movie…like in NBK or  Kill Bill.  Just saying…

This film contains more crazy, weird, insane , ballsy scenes than a lot of the movies that surely influenced it, like BAD TASTE, Italian Horror, zombie movies or rape-revenge flicks. From now on, this is the movie I would watch with a bunch of friends..and I did, just three of us, but still…It would be the perfect film to put in, just when your party starts to slow down…this motherfxxxxer of a film will surely kick the party back into gear.

Let the yelling and beer-spilling begin!!!

You are in for a treat..and be reminded, multiple viewing may be necessary to appreciate it.

So give it another spin, even if you don`t get it the first time around. I fell in “love “ with it after the third watch… Now-go see it already!!!

I really hope these guys keep making movies..

seems like the film since then has been picked up by troma? The trailer I picked seems to suggest that…and I hope they can keep it fresh, after this awesome debut. And forgive me for not mentioning all the great scenes in this..You can discover it all for yourself, almost unprepared.

You can order it here: DVD, T-shirt, soundtrack and even VHS,  it`s all covered.


2 responses

  1. Holy shit! If that trailer doesn’t do it for anybody, I don’t know what will! That’s insane!

    May 25, 2012 at 12:25 AM

  2. Id love to read your review on this one…

    May 26, 2012 at 12:24 AM

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