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BATTLESHIP (2012) mini-review-contains eventual spoilers

I enjoyed this, I really did. Although the build-up took half an hour or more, patience paid off later on.

They always try to cram some story in there, don`t they? A fuck up, who gets a chance to prove himself in a battle against aliens.

Speaking of Aliens, I really liked them. Until one of them gets beaten up by a black vet without (real)legs. Then they stopped beeing a threat , to me. It was just too silly, the way that scene played out.

There are plenty of clichés in this, and frankly I am tired of them sometimes. Why not try to avoid some of them at least?

But it`s a summer blockbuster, I know. There is no dialogue from the aliens, sadly. I would have appreciated a tiny bit of that.

And will they send more, despite the fact they couldn`t phone home?  The story is pretty weak, but again, its a summer blockbuster, not meant to make you think too hard…. Whenever the hero had his moments of doubt and pain, I tried not to pay attention, it`s always the same…it`s boooring.

As I said, I liked the aliens and their crafts, especially the critter-like blade-balls of destruction…Although a bit dissapointed in the general weapons they used, way too human for my taste.

Still a lot here to keep me entertained. The best scene, apart from the action itself, to me-were the old veterans emerging, when the question is put on the table who  should operate the battleship?

That was a nice scene somehow….

Still, in the end it played out too easy and left me wanting more, more depths, or more background info….but I guess it was the wrong film to expect anything like that… Prometheus should give me the satisfaction of  that kind…not too long before that opens..yeahh.. It was a good time, a no-brain-needed timewaster…wasted 2 good hours of my time.

And I didn`t mind.


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