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REQUEST: Looking for Force :Five 1981

Maybe you can help me-I am looking for a copy of the Robert Clouse -directed movie FORCE: FIVE ,

it has a great cast, and from the scenes on youtube it looks like a fun watch.

If you are in possession of a copy, a vhsrip or anything like that, please let me know.

Of course I am willing to pay for eventual shipping costs, or maybe I have something to trade?

It is not a matter of life or death, I just would like to see it and maybe do a review on it, too.

Here are some details:

Joe Lewis … Jim Martin

Bong Soo Han … Rev. Rhee (as Master Bong Soo Han)

Sonny Barnes … Lockjaw

Richard Norton … Ezekiel

Benny Urquidez … Billy Ortega

Ron Hayden … Willard

Bob Schott … Carl

Pam Huntington … Laurie

Michael Prince … William Tark

Peter MacLean … Se. Forrester

Amanda Wyss … Cindy Lester (as Mandy Wyss)

Tom Villard … Disciple

Matthew Tobin … Becker

Mel Novak … The Assassin

Dennis Mancini … John


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