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MOON 44 (1990)

Directed by Roland Emmerich

In 2038, the resources of earth are drained and mankind has moved into space, to mine on different moons. Two of the biggest mining corporations are at war with each other. The Galactic Mining Corporation has lost all but one moon to their rival Pyrite (sounds a lot like pirate-doesn`t it?). As if that is not enough, a few of the mining robots go missing(complete with the mined materials). Security agent Felix Stone (Pare) is sent to investigate and to form a defense force  out of prison inmates.

This was one of the first tapes I watched since forever…just got back into collecting VHS tapes and my brother had a spare VCR, so put in the tape….

I got this from a big film flee market recently, and it`s one of those I always passed on in the video store, for unknown reasons. This was Emmerich´s last film made in Germany. After it kinda bombed( compared to his earlier effort JOEY), he moved on to direct Hollywood movies and landed a hit with Universal Soldier. The rest is history…For such a small budget , he created a believable world and great set pieces. It definitely looks great.

He also produced this and was one of the screenplay writers.

I liked this film. It wasn`t an all-out action film, rather a good mix of drama , suspense and action. A lot of the film deals with the persons and their problems, the action gets more and more towards the end, but it`s not an action piece per se. I would call it well-rounded, there are jokes and fights, helicopter  battles, human drama..a bit of everything.

For the estimated 7 million german marks budget, you get a film that looks way more expensive, with great sets and a bunch of decent actors. I especially  enjoyed seeing Brian Thompson and Leon Rippy here, the rest of the supporting cast  wasn`t that bad as well- Malcolm McDowell shouldn`t be forgotten,Michael Pare, well…he is just a bit too boring for my taste. Don`t remember one film with him that made me think otherwise. But he was ok as the lead.  I remember nothing about the score, to be honest.

It was a surprisingly entertaining film, nothing special, but well worth a look. If nothing else, it showed that Emmerich was able to  make  the best out of the  limited budget and keep it watchable in the process.


2 responses

  1. Jason Elizondo

    Good one man! I always remember liking this one, if anything than for the style alone with Emmerich’s trademark visuals on full display here. Also important is how he has the remarkable ability to make cheap effects and models look so damn good. I’ve been wanting to see this one forever, but it’s very rare here in the states “and” it’s never been released in widescreen. Knowing it’s an Emmerich film, I don’t think I want to see it again until it’s available in it’s proper aspect ratio. That is a great poster too. I’ve never seen that one before. The U.S. cover was so lame!

    May 13, 2012 at 9:27 PM

  2. The german DVD has english audio and is in widescreen….sound is just 2.0 , though…and they didnt keep the great poster for the dvd, which is a shame…why fix what isn`t broken…I could rant about stuff like that for hours…

    May 14, 2012 at 12:37 AM

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