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THE AVENGERS are making good money…

Ok, that ain`t no surprise, I guess.

The movie opened here already(Germany), and in many other countries as well.

I will see it in the next few days, a screening around 2 pm,maybe. I don`t want the theatre to be packed, I`m getting pissed at people easily, so the less visitors, the better.  Normally, I wouldn`t go to the theatre for something like Captain America or Hulk, or Iron Man. But with free tickets, I am easily to convince. And this time, it`s more than just one, it`s a full army of super heroes, and everyone must like at least one of the characters, right?I expect to have a good time!!!

The only thing that bothers me is Hulk, again a new actor for that character. But that´s just a  minor complaint.

In the US, you have to wait til May 4th.

Expect a review soon.



One response

  1. If you like take alook at y review 🙂 saw it few weeks ago and I had a lot of laughs

    May 1, 2012 at 12:12 AM

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