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Directed by Robert Kurtzman

A female cop gets ressurected as THE DEMOLITIONIST in a near future setting, where crime is rampant…what a surprise..


Alyssa Lloyd  (Nicole Eggert)
Mad Dog Burne  (Richard Grieco)
Prof  ( Jack Crowley  (Bruce Abbott)
Mayor Eleanor Grimbaum  (Susan Tyrrell)
Police Chief Higgins  (Peter Jason)
Daniel Dupre  (Andras Jones)
Christy Carruthers  (Heather Langenkamp)
Little Henry Burne  (Randy Vasquez)
One Eye  (David AnthonyMarshall)
Hammerhead  (Nils Allen Stewart)
Roland  (Tom Savini)
Father McKenzie  (Jack Nance)
Surgeon  (Sarah Douglas)
Boxer  (Joseph Pilato)
Warden Thomas  (Reggie Bannister)
Raffle Winner  (Bruce Campbell)
Krutchfield  (Dan Hicks)
I remember liking this quite a bit back then. I was watching lots of movies( I still do) , and sometimes my taste-meter failed me in hindsight. Sometimes you are very forgiving when watching a movie, and in my memory the film was better than it actually is. Nicole Eggert ain`t ugly, and the supporting cast is pretty impressive. You have Richard Grieco, Tom Savini, Bruce Campbell, Heather Langenkamp and a few other b-movie faces that are welcome on the screen.

It steals ideas from various films, nothing very original. But I don`t mind, if done well.

But now, when I am honest, it fails on a lot of levels. I liked the visuals in general,

but the action is poorly choreographed, the gunshot wounds are nothing but red powder clouds( are blood squibs really that expensive?) After all, they had Greg Nicotero and Savini on set, but it wasn`t KNB EFX, if I´m reading correctly.., are these FX really that expensive?  All the talent   needed was on set. I would`ve expected that Kurtzman would  want to shine with FX in his directorial debut…well. Not the best circumstances , I guess. Money and time issues, dunno.

Ok, the budget was pretty low, one million$, but still.

The emotinal drama took way too much space and time in the film, which hurt the pace immensely.

The female robocop variation is interesting, but instead of setting up some awesome scenes to make use of Eggert`s looks and body, they decided to go all drama on us. And there was way too much talking from everybody, which also hurt the pace and makes you wish to fast-forward very often.

Still I liked a few things about it, but it wasn`t enough to save it.  It was a good concept wasted . A cool suit alone is not enough.

As I said, I liked it back in the late 90`s when I saw it first, but now, having watched it again, it`s evident that I was very forgiving. I correct my old opinion, and say: ” Nope, sorry…good concept, badly executed. In Robocop, the drama was kept to a minimum, and rightly so . But Robocop is a totally different level, impossible to compare, really.

I wonder, if anybody will pick up this scenario of a female  robocop ever again. Done right, it could be a really good thing. You could make her a stripper, gunned down in a bar, during a gang turf war or something, And make sure to include a Cyborg strip/sex scene. Or somethin…In closing, this was a dissapointing rewatch, that showed that memories can fail you.


3 responses

  1. Wow! I can’t believe the supporting cast on this one! Crazy! I might “need” to see this someday just to see that cast in a Robocop ripoff. Great review man!

    April 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM

  2. animemanXLK

    Am I the only one who really loves that mask she wears?

    October 31, 2012 at 5:03 PM

  3. No, I like that mask, too. Although it doesnt really hide her face all that well.

    October 31, 2012 at 8:07 PM

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