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D4 (2010) Review

Directed by Darrin Dickerson ( also starring)

D4 follows a team of special ops mercenaries on a mission to rescue a kidnapped kid believed to be held in an abandoned government facility. Hired by the boy’s mother, a wealthy doctor with high reaching influence, all seems to be an easy job. But as things unfold, what was meant to be a simple search and rescue turns into a fight for survival.

I enjoyed this, despite a few flaws and the evident low budget. It says 35.000 $, that`s hardly a budget these days.

This is the first feature for the director, and it surely has the amateurish mistakes in it, one could expect, eventhough there are some directors, who are able to not make them. Those are normally the ones, who end up beeing big names.

This isn`t something you must see, and I`m  not sure why I am writing a review about it.

I chose it for the military cheapo film aspect, to watch something without expectations and maybe be pleasantly surprised.

I was pleasantly surprised, but that doesn`t mean its awesome or anything. I dug the cheapness of it, and the laughable story. Sometimes I just like that. I like a lot of cheap movies, each for something different, cuz sometimes they offer something completely nonexistent in “normal, better-budgeted films. In short, I was entertained. Despite some flaws  and riciculous moments in here.

There are scenes in god…at one point in the film, they are fighting this “monster”, and each of the team sneaks up on him from behind, veeery close. Too close!!! Damn, how stupid must one be to get so close to that damn monster, you can shoot him from a distance and not be shot, disarmed or beaten to a pulp. That deserves a big WTF in my book. I am far away from beeing a director, but even I would`ve avoided that kind of stupidity . The team itself is a good mix of characters, I could have done without the woman, though.

I am not sure sure how much I wanna write about this…on one hand I want this to be full of good info and all, on the other hand I`m a lazy bastard.

Let`s just go on and see where it leads….

I liked the actor Ted LeGarde, who played the grandfather to another child , which was taken from him , promising treatment for his epilepsy. He eventually tracks his kid down to that gouvernment facility , which is also the destination for the special ops. As a former Vietnam vet, he gets to be of help later on.

He was the only one with real acting talent, in my opinion. The others are ok, but he displayed real emotion, that made me feel for him. His last role before this was a tiny , uncredited role in Star Trek on TV,in 1967,lol. He surely took his time to make a comeback to the screen. The most evident thing budget-wise were the ultra-cheap bloody bullet impact scenes. That must be seen to be believed,lol. But as I said, I enjoyed it, despite some major flaws. And the end was unexpected and pretty dark. If you are trained in cheap films, and if you, like me ,can like a film despite a lot of flaws, then I`d like you to watch it and let me know what you took away from it. It is far from perfect, but I didn`t lose interest in it the whole time.


2 responses

  1. I might actually enjoy this one too. I need to give it a shot someday.

    By the way, I love your line “This isn`t something you must see, and I`m not sure why I am writing a review about it.”. Love it! lol.

    March 31, 2012 at 7:25 PM

  2. amir

    not a can’t miss movie.well tried but some faults in the story.anyways we can say it a good movie and we can’t forget to appreciate the old actor.

    July 22, 2012 at 10:51 AM

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