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GHOST RIDER 2-Spirit of Vengeance-directed by Neveldine /Taylor

Well, I didn`t expect this to be as dissapointing as it was. I really was excited for this, simply cuz the trailer led me to believe,that there was a more kickass version of Ghost Rider coming my way. But that wasn`t the case. The trailer is deceiving. Pretty easy, happens a lot. Bad movies can have awesome trailers, and still suck really, really bad.

Sadly, this was the case here.

While I was kinda dissapointed with the first one already, now I must say..the first one was better.

Who would`ve thought? Not me.

Johnny Blaze hides somewhere in Eastern Europe, to do as little harm as possible as his alter ego Ghost Rider.

Somehow that appears stupid to me….

Then he gets visited by some french black dude(Elba), and he tells him he can lift his curse, but he has to save a boy from the devil. Duh…what a stupid, overly simple plot!!!  Haven`t we seen that kinda thing a hundred times in other variations?

Ok, that aside….the somewhat new look of the Ghost Rider didn`t really bother me, but if compared, I must say, that the look of the first film may have been better. But it`s ok, not my real problem here.

The plot was really, really simple, and the film suffered from that. Then the acting…also no revelation,

even Cage wasn`t able to make something out of the bad script. The one-liners weren`t funny,

the dialogue in general bad.

The action scenes? Well…. nothing there that impressed me. I felt , they should`ve chosen other scenarios, that would be impressive or fun, but instead it felt like ..”That`s it?” Is it really so hard to write scenes that make me laugh or go “WOW”? Apparently, yes.  Johnny Blaze has the chance to get rid of his Ghost Rider alter ego, and when presented with the idea, he jumps right at it,,,no doubts about giving up the power. And the “exorcism” was waay to fast and easily done.Why give up the power before the job is done? The whole film felt  like a rush job.  I expected a lot more from Neveldine/Taylor, who brought us the awesome CRANK movies. But I saw nothing of the crazy ideas that made those work in  Ghost Rider 2.

There should have been more Ghost Rider and less Johnny Blaze, especially when the scenes with Blaze are so weak.

The devil is now a guy named Roarke? And why a new actor in the first place, was Fonda not able or willing?( I like the actor Ciaran Hinds , though-he looks great!) Dunno…or Sam Elliot, also not there. Did he die in the first one? It`s been so long since I´ve seen the first one. I should watch it soon. I know for sure that it`s better than this one. They really blew a great opportunity here.

And some of the developments with Blaze`s character..they should`ve saved that for a third film, but they ruined the second, so there might be no third. And why didn`t they keep the design of the bike? It looked so badass!! Why would he change his bike? Makes no sense… the end, meaningless action sequences, a thin story, and they even rushed thru this thin story…Christopher Lambert is in this, for a few…but didn`t get the time to do anything worthwhile.

This wasn`t the fun ride I was expecting. It was a rather forgettable “ride”, sad, but true.

I didn`t care for anyone in this, not the boy, the mother or the Ghost Rider himself.

I don`t like writing negative reviews, but I cannot defend this film. It was dissapointing.

The best thing was the intro, with Cage rehashing his origin story…there I was still excited and hopeful.

Not anymore.


2 responses

  1. Ty

    Good write-up. Totally agree, this was disappointing and very lazy. This should have been an R-rated sequel with Neveldine\Taylor on board.

    March 24, 2012 at 3:53 PM

  2. I still can’t believe it! I’m still in shock! The guys that turned out the Crank films finally have an opportunity to give everyone the badass ultra violent Ghostrider film we’ve all been waiting for after the extremely mediocre original and “this” is what we get? From everything I’ve read from critics, reviewers and filmgeeks alike, a very lame and weak film with little action. Such a sad turn of events.

    Great review buddy!

    March 31, 2012 at 12:37 AM

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