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DOLLMAN (1991) Directed by Albert Pyun

Wow, this was fun!! Finally a good Pyun again, after watching quite a few bad ones.

Pyun is really a hit and miss kinda director. I know, I know..his budgets are small, almost all of the time.

But he has proven  often enough that he can deliver despite budget shortcomings.

Intended or not, he has given us a good little number of film gems.

And now I wanna add Dollman to that list.  If you had fun with a movie, and it is likely that you will see it again soon, if only to show your friends, does it really matter how big the budget was? I have seen Transformers, each movie once, and I have no desire to watch them ever again…why do you think that is? Cuz they have no heart, that`s why….

And one of my , no my favourite comedy of all time is CLERKS, and we all know that wasn`t exactly expensive. Or  a movie like Timecrimes, a small movie about time travel, a real genius little piece of work, which my buddy Jason over at RobotGEEKS Cult Cinema  is recommending  , cuz its available on Netflix now…..take the chance and see it , if you are a Netflix customer.

Ok, back to Dollman:

It stars Tim Thomerson, a regular with Pyun…he plays Brick Bardo( a name Pyun is using in a lot, maybe  even all of his films?) as a Cop from another planet, who, while still on his own planet, clashes with a villain who is merely a head in a hovering device. After a great shootout, the villain escapes into space,packing some dangerous WMD, pursued by Bardo. They end up flying into some kind of  wormhole, or whatever that was….and both crashland on earth, more precisely-the Bronx. While the evil head gets picked up by some gang members, Bardo saves a girl from the assault of another gang member. She takes him and his spaceship home, since he and his ship are now tiny, compared to humans.

He is like 11 or so inches “tall”. But he still has his “Ruger”, a really powerful handgun, that on his home planet had the effects of a bazooka. I would call it a splatter gun,lol. On earth , it is powerful enough to blast big holes into humans, so he is still well equipped to defend himself. Vincent Klyn(Cyborg) plays one of the gang members. Another Pyun regular.And one more, Michael Halsey, also no stranger to the Pyuniverse, has a small role in the beginning.

I don`t wanna spoil the whole film, but he ends up helping the young woman and her neighbourhood to get rid of the scumbag gang members. The boss of the gang is none other than Jackie Earle  Haley, now better known as Rohrschach from the movie WATCHMEN. Pyun either gets the good actors early in their careers, or later, when their star has somewhat fallen. It`s amazing.  Pyun shoots the scenes with Bardo on earth very well, there are certain techniques that can make it look convincing. The scenes in space…ok, those are pretty cheap but only last a few seconds anyway…that I can stomach. Thomerson looks like he does in the Trancer movies, coat and sunglasses.

This is a  fun flick, with lots of shootouts, splatter n blood and plenty of laughs. Sadly, the sequels are more on the silly side than this first one already is. I will check them out, regardless.

As far as Pyun goes, this is very entertaining, seemingly made with a little more time and love than a lot of his other projects later on. Not always his fault, that should be noted, too. But then again, who says I must like every Pyun film.

He`s done a lot, and I liked quite a bunch of them. Im not really interested in his latest films, but I am eager to see what he will do with the Cyborg prequel. Hope it stays simple and down to earth. But he is crazy, so you never know.

(Sorry , Albert, I meant it in a good way)

Check out Dollman-it`s a lot of fun.


3 responses

  1. Absolutely, this film is a lot of fun. Thomerson basically plays the exact same character as Jack Deth from Trancers.

    Love all the effects work too. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but it’s all thrown at the screen with such energy it’s hard not to enjoy it.

    March 8, 2012 at 9:58 AM

  2. Direct to Video Connoisseur

    I loved this one too. A great combination of Pyun, Band, and Thomerson. Good stuff.

    March 10, 2012 at 6:10 PM

  3. You sold me!!! It’s funny, this has been on my list forever, but was always weary for some reason. But I do love me a good Pyun flick so this will be next on my list for sure! Great review buddy!

    March 10, 2012 at 8:33 PM

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