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MARKED FOR DEATH (1990) Dwight H. Little

Haven`t seen this in ages.

Probably cuz I have seen it a number of times back in the 90s, when I was merely starting my collecting habit and started sucking up action cinema. It kinda started with Van Damme, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, the biggest and best known actionstars at the time. Expanding further into the martial arts world and the Cyborg genre, that became popular in the 80s.

Steven Segal came onto the scene, just shortly after Van Damme, both found their audience. Who was better, Van Damme or Segal..that was the question back then, and it sure spawned one or two heated arguments. I really don`t wanna get into that,lol. As I said, they both found their audience and in both cases, their earlier films are the better ones.

So today I gave it a spin again..the mood just fit for a balls to the wall action movie. The fact that I have just purchased a beautiful VHS of it may have triggered that idea, too.

In Above the Law, he got tough; In Hard to Kill, he got even; Now the man with the short fuse is… Marked For Death

The plot is just as simple and straight as in his earlier movies…basically he crosses paths with some Jamaican druglord and he and his family get MARKED FOR DEATH. Here the Voodoo part comes in…something , that I felt, played out to little effect after all.

As the tough guy that he is, he won`t just sit there crying, he goes after Screwface and his gang. The fights are all great, he gets to knock and choke out a lot of Jamaican thugs. The first guy he is putting down, though…nobody else but Danny Trejo. Now he is a hero of his own, with Machete part 2 around the corner…

Well, what can I say about this film…its straight, the fights are plenty and brutal, the film has a few great co-stars like Keith David, Joanna Pacula, Danielle Harris and Kevin Dunn. A perfect 90 minutes actioner. I guess after 20 years its allowed to give away the spoiler that Screwface has got a double or brother…that way you get two showdowns in one movie. I also liked Segals car,a 1973 Ford Mustang..beautiful car…when it got crushed, it kinda hurt.

I m not a big fan of the Jamaican accent, but Segal shut them up quickly, so its all good.

This is the Segal I like..

Dwight H. Little also made Halloween 4 and RAPID FIRE with Brandon Lee.






One response

  1. Ty

    Great write-up! The cover art is really cool. Wish the U.S. had that art

    Always enjoyed Marked For Death. Will have to re-watch it soon.

    February 14, 2012 at 11:46 PM

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