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New Collection entries…PYUN and SWEDISH NINJAS

Here is some of the stuff I have taken the liberty to buy for myself recently…

A Film by Albert-WTF-Pyun…one of his more normal films, one that actually  resembles a coherent actionflick one can watch . I salute him for his crazy-ass choices and next to no budget filmmaking, but I actually prefer it, when the final result is a decent, sometimes awesome flick that doesn`t cheat the viewer. As far as I know, this doesn`t exist on   DVD, there is a Laserdisc, though. But a VHS is fine with me. Catched this on TV some fine day, and I remember liking it.

A 2 DVd pack, including THE NINJA MISSION, THE NINJA  MISSION part 2 /russian terminator, and WARDOG…..

Bad Ninja movies made in Sweden….especially WARDOG is said to feature a crazy amount of blood, here in  its uncut glory.


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