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Deadly Surveillance TV (1991)

Directed by Paul Ziller

With: Michael Ironside, Christopher Bondy, Vlasta Vrana, Susan Almgren and David Carradine

I recently bought this on VHS,  it is a real beauty…20 years old, but still looking almost new. I remember this from watching it on TV, some late night in the nineties.

It isn`t exactly breathtaking or anything, but Michael Ironside is in it, and I like watching him. He is a cool-looking fella, ain`t he? A blend of Van Damme and Bruce Willis, if you think about it….lol. I also watched NEON CITY a while back, I may do a review on that one as well at some point. He is just cool as hell.

Ironside plays Fender, a detective, who comes across a load of heroine, after beeing called to a burglary in progress. They restore the apartment back to  the state it was in before the burglary , in order to stake out the apartment without the knowledge of its inhabitants, in this case a young and beautiful woman,

who happens to be the girlfriend of  Nickels, a former friend of Fender, also a police detective.

The Lieutenant (Carradine) makes them work together, eventhough they aren`t best friends anymore, since they fell out over a woman.

The Apartment is owned by a wellknown drug dealer suspect by the name of Carlos.  He is suspected of killing undercover cops and trying to control  the drugflow on the streets. Is Nickels girlfriend  involved , or just an innocent subtenant?

I really like this film, for what it is… sometimes it doesn`t need to be all guns blazing, high octane action. It`s a  kind of relaxed cop thriller, which contains humour, some action and a little nudity. The main selling point for me here is Ironside, which as I said , I like to watch.

What I didn`t like was the character of Nickels, who of course  tries to defend his girlfriend, and still hates Fender, for supposedly sleeping with his wife, a few years back. He just acts so dumb in more than one situation, endangering the stakeout and everybody involved. I really wanted to slap him, hard.

But the film picks up speed a little later on and ends rather satisfying.

If they would`ve changed the story a bit and instead of Nickels would`ve focused more on Vrana`s character Palatzo, this would`ve been even better.

But I am pleased, that my memory served me well, and made me revisit this pleasant, made for TV cop movie.

Ironside, the overall atmosphere of this and a decent score by Marty Simon, that reminded me of Jan Hammer and certain martial arts films ( kickboxer-like flutes and Hardboiled -like  jazz-saxophone) made this worth my time and money.


One response

  1. Ty

    Good review! Will have to track this down. Big Ironside fan.

    February 4, 2012 at 1:21 PM

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