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Gettin` Any? Review – Kitano Slapstick 1994

Directed by Takeshi Kitano

A slapstick comedy, about a goofy middle-aged man who is obsessed with the idea of having car sex. While pursuing his ‘dream’, he makes all the wrong moves possible, and ends up enrolling in a number of crazy escapades.

If you know Kitano, you know that there is more to him than just the Yakuza-gangster roles.  In Japan, they know him first and foremost for his comedic talents and his TV shows. He is not just an actor, but also a writer , producer and director.

I know I enjoyed his tv-show, Takeshi`s Castle…and I knew that he was more than the cold-blooded killer or cop he`s played over the years.

But what he puts on display in this film is so over the top silly, that I can`t say  I would`ve expected that from Kitano…I haven`t seen much more of Kitano`s work than what the mainstream washed into our video stores , I have to admit that. After BROTHER, I believe I haven`t seen any more Kitano stuff, be it as an actor or director. There is still plenty to be seen, that`s for sure.

Back to Gettin`Any….It starts out with this guy Asao , who desperately wants to have sex in a  car…CAR SEX-U…right?….first he tries to get the best car possible to achieve his goal,  which doesn`t really work out….after he failed with that plan numerous times, the story changes, he tries to think of other ways to attract women, with certain jobs or even the help of science…with this, the original idea gets lost more and more, it gets from sex in a car to simply sex, or peeping on women in general. His  quest for sex lands Asao in a series of absurd situations, involving robbery schemes, big movie productions, yakuza gang rivalry wars and scientific experiments. During all this, Kitano makes fun of famous japanese figures and culture.If you know a bit about Japan and its heroes and culture, its certainly helpful to get certain jokes…if not, it`s still funny. I know, I laughed my ass off, even if some of the characters are yet unknown to me…it still works.Towards the end, it gets more and more off track, but I guess one doesn`t care anymore by then. There is no solution to his quest for sex, it ends in total nonsense…It is a bit long, running 110 minutes.

This kind of slapstick can be exhausting, and I had to force myself to watch it in one sitting. But since the plot gets lost over time, you could choose to watch it in episodes, since that`s it in the end, a bunch of episodes. But that doesn`t mean I didnt laugh out loud  all through the movie. The parts I enjoyed the most were the beginning and the gangster part, but it is all funny, I guarantee you. There is enough material for two movies in here, and a collection of WTF, as I have rarely seen. I would like to point out certain scenes, but there is so much material, I couldn`t possibly choose just  a few, and the trailer could only hint at what you`re going to get. I am glad I came across this film.

Kitano also plays a part in here, as one of the scientists in the invisible man episode.

The DVD is available on, with english  subtitles.

one scene from Gettin Any?


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