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MOTHER ( Madeo) 2009

Directed by Joon-ho Bong

This was a total suckerpunch of a movie…it really was…

Maybe because I haven`t seen a film that truly impressed me for some time.

(Last one of this category was DRIVE).

Don`t get me wrong, I am watching lots of films, and most of them are pretty good, in one way or another.

But when it comes to films like this-truly great films, that you won`t be able to forget easily, that case is rare…maybe i`m watching the wrong films, or not enough? I am truly picky these days, I need some sort of good reason to watch something. I know, some of you stay with certain genres, or certain themes.

I try to pick films that have something special, to me at least.

Be it an actor, director or the poster….the film needs to speak to me, before it is allowed to grace my player. Ok, sometimes it`s just”fuck it-I´m watching this now!”…but most of the time , there is  something that made me do it.

I don`t know what makes me so picky…I am truly afraid to pick a movie that bores me, one that I have to turn off ten minutes in…

And with this film, I can`t possibly write something in depths about this movie.

I still feel I am ill equipt to write, the way certain people write in depth and detail. Part is psychology, I`m fast to belittle my abilities(proof here).

Most of my critique stays within my head-for myself. I hate how long that would take, too,lol.  If I´d do that, it would mean you`d get only one review a week. The motivation simply is lacking.

But before I derail totally, back to the film.

From the director of  THE HOST and MEMORIES OF MURDER, comes a tale about a mother and her mentally slow son.

He basically gets acused of  a girl`s murder, and is stupid enough to sign a confession.

His mother then tries everything and more, to find the real killer.

Thats the basics. But it is much more sinister and complex than it sounds.

I can`t go further, without spoiling everything.

I can only command you to see this film. I just looked up the meaning of Madeo, the other title for MOTHER. It means soaking wet with cold sweat..something like that…I really would like to give more details, but i am sure its even better to go in without too much foreknowledge.

South Korea really puts out some awesome films, as does Asia in general.

And i am not talking about Kung-Fu or martial arts. Ever seen

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War =? That one puts Saving Private Ryan to shame. The only good thing about that was the insane amount of blood n guts.

But it didn`t move me, ok, maybe a little…but all this american hurray shit makes you puke after a while. The view , the US has of itself..or is constantly trying to reminds us of, is making me puke. A little less of that”greatest nation on earth” would go a long way with me…. The Roman Empire had the same attitude..look where it led them….but I guess I am derailing yet again.

Go see MOTHER!!!






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  1. Hell yea man! I’m all over this! Great review!

    January 17, 2012 at 11:20 PM

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