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NEMESIS 2.0 coming soon…

Albert Pyun just announced the impending release of his Director`s Cut of Nemesis (1992) on his Facebook Account.

“Next Director’s Cut release will be NEMESIS (1992) and it will have a new beginning to the film that sets up how it was originally going to be done and a new ending. But the beginning is very telling and sets up the internal identity struggles that Alex Rain has throughout the movie. It’s quite shocking and when you see it it, you’ll better understand the story and why it was not permitted in the final shooting script. It breaks down a few major taboo barriers.”

Sounds interesting, it really does. But he is really biased and praises his stuff all the time. And God knows, I am not liking all of his work, far from it. There are just too many turds among his movies.

I am pretty ok with the normal version of Nemesis. The way I look at it, it doesn`t need no update. Just give me the correct aspect ratio and i`m happy. You are not George Lucas, that kind of tinkering with movies is the last thing the world needs. If you are so unhappy, make a new movie.  That concerns the FX mostly, because there is nothing to say against digging up old material, as he did with Cyborg and Captain America. To me, adding futuristic aircrafts and stuff destroys a bit of the experience I enjoyed with the theatrical or whatever versions that are out there. Just like Star Wars 4 to 6.

I would love a Star Wars movie that runs 30 minutes longer, but just polishing FX , and since this year even changing or adding dialogue(NOOOOOOOOooooh…) misses my approval.

I smell that kind of thing coming…cuz..what else is left for Lucas, than to find a reel or two and making the extended Star Wars?

I guess , 3D…is he planning a 3D version? I am not up to speed Wouldn`t surprise me, at all.

But this post was originally about Nemesis.

I am not sure if I wanna spend 30 bucks on that new Nemesis. If I find work in the meantime, I might.  Just to celebrate the new job.

He also released a Director`s Cut Widescreen version of Mean Guns, which I applaud.

The whole aspect ratio thing is really pissing me off.

It is incomprehensible to me , as to why so many movies aren`t available in a correct widescreen format.

Must be about money, I guess. Funny, often TV stations   have superior versions showing on their channels , compared to what`s available to buy.Anyway…here is the teaser promo again:

And also the promo for Mean Guns:

If you want either one of these, you can write to:

Nemesis 2.0 is said to be released in late January.


3 responses

  1. I have to agree with you on some points. He has made some pretty badass films, mostly dealing in the sci-fi genre, but a “lot” of them are not very good for one reason or another. Budget, acting, lost footage, etc…
    But I’m holding out hope that he will and can blow me away again, though it’s been a long time since he’s made a complete film like that. I’ve never seen Mean Guns, but have always wanted to. This would be just as good a time as any I suppose.

    Nemesis is one of my favorite films. I loved the balls to the wall ridiculous action. But what I liked most about it was how it was all practical. I hope the effects he adds to it doesn’t dilute the material so much that you can’t help but think it looks fake. That would be a bummer. But I’m optimistic. Do you know if Nemesis will be in Widescreen?

    December 28, 2011 at 7:31 PM

    • I am not sure, he kinda avoided answering that….I asked him just now on his facebook, maybe he will answer…

      December 28, 2011 at 8:19 PM

  2. Really looking forward to Nemesis 2.0. Will be interesting to see how many shots they’ve added effects to. Liked what I saw on the promo teaser. Though I will admit it’s not really that necessary.

    As much as I hate George Lucas for continually ruining his films with new CGI, this could be really interesting. I always felt that Nemesis could have done with a bit more budget to show the futuristic world in which it is set.

    January 1, 2012 at 7:45 PM

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