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unexpected early X-mas present!

I just went to a church , where I used to work in 2008, to get my x-mas package I got for the last few years, as I am pretty broke and unemployed (though I was doing an education for the last 2 years, so I am not a lazy bastard). But times are tough and since I have that connection, I get my extra share of social benefit. Its a nice package full of food, surely appreciated , as this month was filled with unexpected  expenses.

But its also a place that sells books for cheap, and DVDs and VHS, when they are donated.

My eyes fell on a DVD boxset of STAR WARS from 2004. Thanks to the connections I have, plus them knowing I am broke all the time,I got it for a small donation. I never owned Star Wars on DVD, mostly cuz I didnt like the alterations they did. But for almost nothing, I am happy to grab`em.

The box is a little banged up, as it`s only cardboard, but the DVDs and the inner case is totally ok. It is the american boxset, RC 1, but thats no problem , really.

Now my fridge is stacked and I guess I will watch me some Star Wars the coming days.


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  1. Jason Elizondo

    I love that! Congratulations buddy! I’m actually watching Return of the Jedi as we speak! They show the original trilogy over and over again on one of our channels over here, usually around any type of holiday, so Star Wars is practically always on in my home. lol.

    December 19, 2011 at 11:23 PM

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