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Oblivion 2: Backlash (1996)

That cover is a bit misleading, but that wouldn`t be a first, would it?

Starring: Richard Joseph Paul, Musetta Vander, Maxwell Caulfield, Julie Newmar, Jackie Swanson, Andrew Divoff, Meg Foster, Isaac Hayes, George Takei,  Carel Struycken, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Irwin Keyes, Jeff Celentano and Maxwell Caulfield as Sweeny.

Directed by Sam Irwin

Well, after I enjoyed the first one so much, it didn`t take me long to seek out this one, too. Everybody from the first one is back, even Andrew Divoff, who now plays Red Eye`s brother. The first 5 or so minutes are a rundown of the first film, which felt a bit unnecessary. Felt a bit like a move, I am familiar with from Albert Pyun. only he does it even more annoyingly.

This time, there is no real baddy here, but a bounty hunter, who is after a high-profile spy and terrorist, who sabotaged the business of Galacty-Corp(excuse me , if  I  spelled that wrong). As later revealed, that person had a good reason to do so….

Sweeney, a legendary bounty hunter, is the only real new  addition to the cast.

But more about him later.

We get introduced to the overall situation, the characters are finding them in, after the threat of Red Eye has been removed in the first film.

Marshal Zack is still trying to get closer to his love interest, Lash is still up to no good…well, we spend  some time here to set up the stage for the next menace , Oblivion has to face.

This time, it is the bounty hunter Sweeney, a legend, as is revealed..a man you should fear, at least as a fugitive.

This time,if you have seen the first one, you know the characters and if you liked the first one, you are probably happy there is a second one.

It may not be as good as the first, as a few jokes are rehashed, but recognition must not always be a bad thing…

Lash ends up the target of the bounty hunter, but Zack finds out that she is innocent and tries to protect her from Sweeney, even if he is aware that Lash is no angel. The law is there for everyone, even for evil dominatrixes as her.

Lash has a great scene, pretty much at the beginning, and if I had any doubts about the second Ovlivion movie,here  it went right outta the window .

It is about a treasure map, which is kinda encrypted, you must suck it or jerk it , in order to be able to read it….yeah…:)

With the second one, the genre mix didn`t really matter so much to me anymore, it`s a comedy. Again with  great lines and jokes, that make me forgive eventual shortcomings. Must it always be perfect? I say, no! Sometimes, the overall charme of it makes you forgiving. The best stuff comes in the second half, when all the story build up is done and the story moves towards conclusion. Not without a few nice FX and a giant tortoise monster…but I cannot spoil it all… These two movies really charmed  me, and I really could put up with  a third one, but that never happend.

I could write much more, go into detail..I could. But I am quite impatient, even with my reviews. Maybe I should do less and make  em longer…we`ll see…

Both movies are made in Romania, which is interesting, as not much studios went there in the nineties. Now it is common practice to shoot in Romania or Bulgaria, even high profile movies like THE EXPENDABLES 2 can`t help but cheapen the production this way. The US should really think about tax breaks for their movies, I am tired of seeing eastern europes ugliest places in action movies, old Dacia cars and russian hitmen. Romania has more to offer, which didn`t go unnoticed, either, but the beautiful parts of that country are reserved for epic  dark ages movies. I`ve been to Romania eleven times from 1991-2008, I know my way around there. But even with that background I am tired of Segal, Van Damme and Lundgren, running around in the ugly parts of the country. Kinda gives a very one-sided view of that area of the world.

Luckily, here we have studio settings,it doesn`t play on the streets of Bucharest, although  we get some of the romanian mountain  outdoor scenery, if only a little.

But I am sure the same thing applies to my perception of the USA. Some things they just don`t show you, it is all wrapped in cliches at the end of the day.

Before you haven`t been there yourself, you don`t know shit…

Ok, so where was I? I liked the second one…I am sure I will pop those movies into my player in the future again, and try to make my friends see them, too.

Full Moon Entertainment was responsible for these movies, and I know another series of movies, I enjoyed made by them, which would be Subspecies…I never have seen any of the Trancer movies, but maybe I close that gap shortly…


2 responses

  1. Your take on these Oblivian films want me to forget watching Red Scorpion this weekend and check these out. lol. Another great review buddy! Also loved the rant about shooting in Romania. lol. Good stuff!

    December 17, 2011 at 6:29 PM

  2. Yeah, forgive the few grammar hick-ups, I correct my reviews sometimes a full day after writing them..patience isnt my kinda thing. So decrypted was meant to say encrypted and so on…

    December 17, 2011 at 7:11 PM

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