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PIRANHA 2-the spawning

Directed by James Cameron ( more or less)

A scuba diving instructor, her biochemist boyfriend, and her police chief ex-husband try to link a series of bizarre deaths to a mutant strain of piranha fish whose lair is a sunken freighter ship off a Caribbean island resort.

Maybe cuz I just finished reading Lance Henriksens Bio, I came to think that I never have seen this, only a few short scenes on tv, maybe…

Somehow I was in the mood to take it on, eventhough most people would tell you it`s a horrible film. I went for it, just so I can say I have seen it, plus-it`s  got Lance in it! The normal version runs 90 minutes in PAL, the Cameron cut about 5 minutes less.

James Cameron`s first step in the director`s chair was shortlived.

He got side-lined  two and a half weeks into it, I am not sure who eventually directed the rest or additional material. Cameron said, the nude stuff in there wasn`t really his kinda thing, so maybe that was someone else shooting those scenes? Couldn`t  find out, really. But I don`t mind nudity, I kinda expect it in a movie like this, to be honest. The gore FX were pretty good I must say, not in action, but when the Piranhas had their say, the mutilated bodys looked very good. Lance Henriksen was the strongest actor in this, and I don`t say this only because I like him so much. Nobody else really stands out here. Not expecting much, I must say I kinda enjoyed it.

                                (Go shopping, and let me do my work!)

Yes, it has unnecessary stuff in there, some scenes could have been shorter , or even completely left out, in order to make it move faster. But the movie doesn`t have much to move to, really. What I mean is-the scenes with the Piranhas and the gore are too few to really look forward to it. The budget, the very small budget, wasn`t able to deliver the scenes this would`ve needed to be called a good horror film.  That beeing sad, I haven`t seen the first one, which is said to be better…have to check that out, too.

The film, in my opinion, wastes a lot of time with the hotel guests and their hunt for the next lay…and I am not only talking about the guys, but rather dated women, too. Which is ok, but too much of it, if this should qualify as horror.

                               (I`d hit that)

A little less comedy would`ve helped,maybe.

I dunno, I somehow can`t bring myself to give this a serious “thumbs down”.

I was entertained, eventhough I constantly observed the shortcomings of the movie…and since I read NOT BAD FOR A HUMAN , I have some background info, which played into it, as well.

The production had no money for wardrobe, so Henriksen bought his wardrobe off a waiter, says Henriksen” The guy was my size, so I  bought my character`s wardrobe right off the waiter for $75. I was supposed to be a harbour cop, so I turned a “Save the Whales” pin upside down and used that as my badge. And I carved a gun out of wood to put in my holster, because we weren`t allowed to use real guns. The next day we started shooting”  On that first day, he broke his hand  in a  40 foot jump from a helicopter. The hospital was so bad, he didn`t treat his hand there, finishing the whole shoot with a broken hand. And if that wasn`t enought, he almost got killed  at another shot of the very same scene with the helicopter, where a fatal crash was avoided only by the skills of the pilot. Henriksen speaks very highly of Cameron, who went as far as making rubber piranhas himself in his hotel room, because the production didn`t provide enough….”He never gave up”, says Henriksen. They developed a friendship, and later Lance helped Cameron with getting Terminator off the ground. You see, my newly found infos all come from reading Lances Bio, so do yourself a favour and buy it,lol. It`s a great book!

So, yes..Piranhas 2 isn`t THAT great. But I never felt like I wanted to reach for the STOP button on my remote, either. With a bit more money, this really could`ve been something.

Camerons cut, which he released later on Laserdisc (by now  , there is a DVD of it, as well), is 5 minutes shorter..the differences aren`t huge, I guess he cut out the stuff he knew didn`t come from him, plus some cuts to fasten the pace. It seems to have different music as well, but the music isn`t noteworthy in either version. I´m ok with the normal version. And as for quality…the Cameron Cut doesn`t have the quality of the normal DVD version. In this case, Camerons cut is only for the hardcore fans, who feel the need to see it.


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  1. I gotta check this out, just to see what pre-Terminator James Cameron films look like, even though he didn’t end up doing much of it. And hey, if Lance is the lead, then I’m already sold!
    Great review!

    December 14, 2011 at 11:43 PM

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