Cult-Trash-Badass-Cinema -and more…

I have no idea for a headline….

I always liked tinkering with photos and designing my own vhs covers (or DVD).

Back then, before the scanners and photoshops, I used to go over to the next copy shop across the street to copy the shit out of my Van Damme stuff. Sadly, nothing of it survived.

I would cut out Van Damme articles and pictures in order to make new covers , be it for some uncut vhs copy I just scored, or  my action cuts, or a best of van damme kickin ass…when I think about it…i`m sad I got rid of all of that at one point….little advice: Just keep any of your shit, as long as you`re not turning into a messie(the ppl who keep trash and pile it up at home).

You might be happy to have kept it, ten or fifteen years later.

These days, the net is full of custom covers, and easy to access.

I still have to dive deeper into the world of photo manipulation, yet I didn`t cuz my PC doesn`t have a lot of RAM, and it might spoil the experience to work with insufficient power behind it.

Once I have the money to buy certain tools,  watch out…there are certain drawing tablets I`d love to work with…that could very well revive my career as a comic artist…something that I stopped doing a while ago…which is sad , in a way…but the day has only 24 hours and  my priorities are just all over the place.


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  1. Jason Elizondo

    Nice buddy!

    November 20, 2011 at 12:59 AM

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