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Directed by  Gregg Champion



In a recent review of my buddy  in crime , Jason, over at, the actor Dabney Coleman was mentioned.

That brought me to think of this, a  really, really good comedy.


Taken from imd:

Nearing retirement, Dabney Coleman finds that he has a disease that will kill him within days. He then finds that his life insurance only pays off if he is killed in the line of duty. In order to leave something to his wife and children, Coleman becomes supercop, ignoring danger and trying his best to get killed.


That`s funny, right? RIGHT! It totally is!

Thanks to Coleman, who is just the right character to make this a ROFL movie at it`s best.

I totally suggest to see it, if you haven`t already.



One response

  1. Jason Elizondo

    I love this movie! I thought it was also hilarious and really well done. Thanks for the mention!

    November 6, 2011 at 10:15 PM

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