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Directed by Richard Pepin

Storyline from imdb:

Captain Saxon, and agent for the top secret Omega agency, has been given the assignment of tracking down and either capturing or killing the crew members of a secret space mission who returned to Earth against orders. It seems that they were all infected with an alien parasite, and they were trying to bring its eggs back to Earth. The eggs were lost in an accident, and both Saxon and the astronauts are trying to locate them. What could the government want them for?


I first saw this as an english VHS screener, when I was working at an english video store. I had access to all the promo vhs tapes they got, awesome to be first in line . And most press tapes are uncut, so there is a special bonus !!!I liked this one, it` s full of action, explosions, gory stuff and lots of car wrecks.

I came to like Jack Scalia, when  even more of his films came in on those VHS screeners, I had a chance to see a bit of his then recent work. I just watched it again, and eventhough it doesn`t have the impact it had on me then, its still entertaining. Sure, it has its flaws, but its a damn cheap movie, so thats to expect. Some rather stupid scenes towards the end, and the monsters look like a marriage of Predator and Alien,  everything is stolen from other movies. You don`t really expect them to re-invent the wheel, do you. It is funny, how perception changes over time. Now, as a jaded movie maniac, the experience is a different one, as it was ten or fifteen years ago.  But I still think this movie delievers pretty good action, even if there isn`t anything all too special about it.


One response

  1. Jason Elizondo

    Never heard of this one. I now Scalia came out with a ton of DTV stuff, most of which I’ve never heard of. I enjoy a good action film though, even if it’s cheap. So I’ll have to remember this one.

    November 6, 2011 at 10:20 PM

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