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Halloween badass finds…

I went out today , to look for movie-related stuff. Maybe some cheap DVD s or something.

And I was lucky, after I didn`t find anything all too interesting at my first stop, I got lucky at the next place:

German DVD of ” Never too young to die”, fullframe, but it has both german and english audio.

Just 3 Euros, on amazon they ask 15 or so…. had to pick that up!

Then, even more….

Cleopatra 3 disc collectors edition for just 4 Euros

Southern Comfort Steelcase 4 Euros, Mad Mission Steelcase , part 1 to 4-9 Euros.

I have never seen Cleopatra in full, just bits n pieces here n there on TV. For just 4 bucks I had to get it.

(american region 1)

Walter Hill`s Southern Comfort is well worth 4 bucks, even more so in a steelcase.

And that Mad Mission 4-movies  steelcase ain´t bad , either. There is a part 5, but 9 bucks for this is a good price to me.


One response

  1. Jason Elizondo

    never too young to die on dvd?! you lucky bastard! lol. i’m super jealous right now. super great find man!

    October 31, 2011 at 6:20 PM

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