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recently seen..short mentions

Captain Corellis`s Mandolin

Well, I had this lying around, purchased for almost nothing, ehemm, actually really nothing,lol.

It was an american DVD, and my bro just recently brought over his DVd recorder, so I would record something for a friend on TV. This thing is also code-free, so I was finally able to watch some DVDs in Region1.

It was a long night, and I decided to give this one a chance. But it is a love story, hmm…I´m not always in the mood for stuff like that. But I was pleasantly surprised, it was great entertainment. There was even a little tear working its way up my eye, but lets say I was tired, and that makes it easier for my emotions to boil up.

Didn`t know that Christian Bale had a big role in this as well, and he fit the part .

Nicolas Cage can do no wrong in my eyes, I love almost everything with him. That`s almost!

Actually I had absolutely no complaints about anybody in this film. I can recommend it, if you are tired from too much DTV or horror or whatever you watch most. It is drama and feelgood movie in a wonderful package.

The Grand(2007)

A friend came by , with a few movies, one beeing this.

Starring Woody Harrelson and some other fine actors.

This was fun. It is about Woody`s character, who is about to lose his Casino, if he doesn`t win 10 million dollars in

a Poker Tournament, held in his own Casino. Besides a few great funny actors,

it features some famous Poker players  as well.

A fun time, surely helps if one knows and enjoys Poker.

Bunraku (2010)

This was better than I expected.

And it got better every minute. At least that`s what I felt.

It is a sort of Samurai-western revenge story, set in a colorful surrounding. A mix of  theatre feel, mixed with CGI and animation. If you can accept this mix( and I had my doubts at first), it is a fun ride. It is a weird one, but why not?This is just the second feature of the director , who made a  pretty serious drama before this.´Looks like he knows what he`s doing.


Directed by Albert Pyun

This has been given a new DVd release in Germany, under the simple title “SERIAL KILLER”.

It was on my to-watch-list for a few months.

It is a thriller , starring Charlie Sheen as former FBI profiler-turned novelist, who seeks refuge from his nightmares.

But he is forced back into the game by a serial killer, who sends him a  mysterious fax and leaves a murder victim on his doorstep. First he is a suspect, but can eventually clear his name and help the scottish police force to catch the maniac.

Fairly uncommon ground for Pyun(at least until that date), but he delivers a good crime thriller.

If you are familiar with some of Pyun`s work, here his crazy style  is toned down, but still recognizable, especially with the use of color-filters, which result in blurred reds n blues. Sheen is not bad as the tortured profiler, and Michael Halsey seems familiar from somwhere…

Its not a big smash, but if you`re in the mood for a decent , slow crime thriller, this might be worth a watch.

A funny moment sticks out, as the police quarrels with Windows 95 and  its rather slow working computers.


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