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Directed by : William Dear


  • Fred Ward … Lyle Swann
  • Belinda Bauer … Claire Cygne
  • Peter Coyote … Porter Reese
  • Richard Masur … Claude Dorsett
  • Tracey Walter … Carl Dorsett
  • Ed Lauter … Padre

Plot –right off wikipeadia

-life is short, you gotta save time wherever possible.

Lyle Swan (Fred Ward) is a well-known dirt bike racer who is in the desert competing in the Baja1000, a multiclass vehicle cross-country race. Swann has a reputation for being a great rider, but plagued by technical problems from the high-tech gadgetry he incorporates into his Yamaha XT5000 motorcycle thumper. When Swann accidentally goes miles off course he stumbles across a time travel experiment that utilizes “maser velocity acceleration” to send objects (in this case, a simian subject by the name of Ester G) back in time. Swann rides through the field and gets sent back to November 5, 1877 but rides off moments before the system can return him to the present. Unaware of what has really happened to him, Swann rides off towards what he thinks is civilization. He soon comes across the small California village of San Marcos, but his red suit and dirt bike scare the local Mexicans, who think he is the Devil.

Swann meets a beautiful woman, Claire Cygne (Belinda Bauer), and sleeps with her, but she is later kidnapped by a ruthless outlaw, Porter Reese (Peter Coyote) and his gang of rapists, thieves, and murderers. They also manage to capture Lyle Swann’s dirt bike, leading to a series of hijinks, while Swann gets help from a posse trying to capture or kill the gang.

In a final showdown, Reese and Swann face each other atop a plateau. Just as a helicopter shows up (sent by the builders of the time travel experiment) to take Swann home, his dirt bike falls off the side of the plateau, distracting Reese, who gets mangled by the helicopter’s tail rotor, leaving only a pair of bloody boots behind. Just as the helicopter pulls away, Claire snatches from Swann’s neck a pendant handed down from his great-great-grandfather…and he realizes that he is his own great-great-grandfather.

I`ve seen this in the cinema , almost 30 years ago,

I loved it back then, it sure doesn`t have the same feel to it now, but I love rewatching movies that had an impact on me as a kid. The silly time-travel rules have to be ignored, just as in most movies that deal with it. And pretty weird , he got to bang his great-great–grandmother, yahooo. I loved how the cowboys reacted towards the bike, that alone is worth watching the movie.

It would be nice, but there is no german DVD available. The VHs is the way to go, since the DVD`s that are available( I don`t mind getting US or UK DVD`s) have a different cut, that totally spoils the movie for me: The scene at the end, as described above, was altered. The bad guy doesn`t get chopped , at all. He lives happily everafter in the DVD version. That totally sucks!!!

So, I am pretty sure that the german VHS( maybe the US and UK tapes as well) have the theatrical cut with that scene still intact. Can someone please tell me what the hell this was done for? Was it to get the lowest rating possible ?  I hate alterations of movies, be it  this or Star Wars, to me that is a total rape of the original. I don`t care what reason one has to alter anything . It is just wrong.  I`ll make sure to get the VHS and transfer it nicely to DVD, so they can lick my balls til eternity. I just watched the dvd version, and i am 100 percent sure , they cut even more, or it wasn`t in the US version to begin with: When Swann arrives in 1877, he meets an old cowboy, and asks him something, thinking he just got lost. The old cowboys dies of fright, as he looks like an alien to that dude, for sure. That wasn`t in there, at all.  Well, as I said, i will get the damn VHS and will be happy to ignore the raped DVD version of this. I also make sure to get E.T. in original form, another Classic that got raped by Spielberg, for reasons , only a Billionaire can come up with.

TRAILER: (here you can see the scene with the old cowboy dying of fright…i knew it!! Again, how I hate these alterations.




2 responses

  1. Jason Elizondo

    OMG I haven’t seen this since it came out. I love Fred Ward, the guy rules. Remember “Remo Williams”? I remember loving Timerider though. 🙂 I can get you a copy of the unaltered version of E.T. if you like.

    October 21, 2011 at 5:08 AM

  2. davey

    Man oMan This show when i watched as a kid ….was da shit …i don’t mean that in bad way either. This Movie i enjoyed so much as a kid Lyle Swan cool the bike he rode in that movie or one of them ..was a 1977 Yamaha XT 500 man that was the cat’s ass i was into dirt bikes and old style western – new mexico shows . Brings back some good memories the Hot Lady in the movie Fred ward was gd for this part. want to put this movie in my saved movies / 80’s movies

    movie rocks!!

    January 3, 2012 at 4:49 AM

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